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Jul 23 – Aug 22

For the very sensitive, like you, all arrows point to disaster. But that doesn't mean you're onto something. In fact, your radar is simply malfunctioning. Keep your responses to it under tight control.

Monday or Tuesday is a good day to review a budget and figure out new ways to trim expenses. You're feeling unusually thrifty, and your eagle eyes will zero in on wasteful spending. Wednesday afternoon, you'll have a chance to strengthen your rapport with a coworker. Don't worry if idle chat by the water cooler has a tinge of gossip, and if your schedule permits, an informal meeting after work might not be a bad idea. Friday before you leave work, you should take the time to reevaluate your approach to a particularly challenging task.

“When birds fly too high, none can hear them sing.” This is another way to say keep a lower profile in May.

The sun sextiles creative Neptune from your career sector on May 6. Take advantage of your ruling planet at the apex of achievement (yes, you can be low-key about progress).

The sun trines transformational Pluto on the eleventh. The timing is right to throw off deadwood and/or past disappointments.

May 15 is a benchmark time with three major planetary changes, two in your career sector. First, the new Taurus moon heralds a time to initiate goals for the next 30 days. What you do is a first step toward building something secure, something you’ll want. Second, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, begins transiting your career sector. Examine all options carefully. Third, Mars begins to stimulate partnerships in Aquarius.

The nineteenth is a lucky day to send out resumes and search if job hunting.

From May 23 to May 25, the Gemini sun trines progressive Mars, and Jupiter trines Neptune on Friday, adding another ten days of good fortune.

Next month, get ready for lots of resourceful thinking, talking, and planning.