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Jul 23 – Aug 22

Being self-centered is actually rarely in your best interest, but never less so than now. Limber up your compassion and interest in others while there's still a bit of time to make it matter. If you just can't make yourself do it, then fake it.

Your ability to think outside the box saves the day on Monday, when the same old same old strategies just won't cut it. Could a cooperative approach be the best one now? It's something to mull over. Go into research and development mode on Tuesday and Wednesday. Additional info you uncover now helps with an impending decision. Attending a seminar or consulting an expert at the end of the week augments your game even more. Learning definitely puts you ahead of the curve. You may get a call from your boss this weekend; answer it.

You shine like gold this month and are a vital force, a mover and shaker during a lively time. Note that there is also the potential for mining fool’s gold in the four days when the sun squares illusory Neptune, starting December 5.

On the sixth, the new Sagittarius moon is the seed moment for a new cycle over the 30 days following the phase. Scorpio Mercury simultaneously turns direct, and the energy stimulates productive research and organization, besides stimulating a different way of thinking. Sagittarius Mercury accents your vivid imagination on December 12. Create!

Be prepared for excitement when your ruling sun trines unpredictable Uranus on the twentieth - change is in the air. Now is the time to check to see if everything is solidly rooted.

December 24 and December 25 are lucky days. There may be a shortage of jobs available, but you should make some fortunate resolutions for the new year ahead. Set your sights high.

Aries Mars begins a transit that happens only once every two and one-half years in a very expansive sign for you on the thirty-first. Think to where enthusiasm took you and then transfer some of that same spirit of adventure and love of contest into next month.