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Jul 23 – Aug 22

Making money feels like one big party. It's not just that you do it with ease, it's that you're friends with everyone along the way. It's your attitude that is unique, not the actual circumstance. People attend lectures and pay consultants to learn to do what comes naturally to you. Be sure to tip your hat to it all.

You're shining the full beam of your attention on an important project at the week's outset, exposing its flaws so they can be remedied before rollout and also highlighting its particular genius. Expect praise for this one, if not a bonus. If there's PR to deal with on Wednesday or Thursday, you're all over it. You might even find yourself in the limelight (and you love that). From Friday through the weekend, slow and steady analysis wins the race. It may not be the most exciting work mode, but the payoff's well worth it.

February is for making dreams more viable, and here to help as early as February 1 is the square between dynamic Mars and Pluto to set you in the right direction. Fill in the rest through your imagination, especially in the 30 days following the Aquarius new moon on the fourth (in other words, brainstorm with indomitable force).

The sextile between the sun and Jupiter on February 7 enhances partnerships over the next four days. And starting on Valentine’s Day, still-competitive Taurus Mars moves at a slower pace than you may hope over the next few weeks. Do you remember how this transit worked for you the last time, two and a half years ago? Repeat the successes.

The seventeenth and eighteenth are lucky days to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule meetings and interviews on Monday, a beneficial day. Also on Monday, the sun-Uranus sextile could send you in an unexpected direction. And Mercury conjoins Neptune, illustrating how to dissolve obstacles.

Just an ordinary day for insight is made even better with the full Virgo supermoon on February 19. Then the sun sextiles Mars to end February with an intensity of purpose that sets the tone for March. You have chances to go back and try again, too.