Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

You're ready to change tacks. The only problem is that it's impossible to pick a new course. No one else is any more knowledgeable than you are, either, so don't bother asking for advice. Ask yourself instead if you're ready to enter uncharted territory.

Plan your next trip on Monday, whether it's business-related or pleasure. Block out time and lock down dates – you'll be glad you did. You may be enthused about your latest hobby or adventure midweek, but beware of the eyes of coworkers or clients glazing over while you go on about it. Ask what they're into, and they'll find you fascinating. Toward the end of the workweek, the best solution may not be one of the options on the table at all – get outside the box. As for the weekend, avoid heavy financial stuff and concentrate on fresh, creative concepts.

Relationships seem to lift you up or weigh you down, making working with people or maintaining boundaries key in April.

On April 2, the conjunction between thinking Mercury and inventive Neptune stimulates your imagination. The ideas go places in the 30 days following the new Aries moon on the fifth.

On April 10, a Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius and your creative and risk-taking sign recommends roundabout routes and patience. Things take time, but time is on your side.

The thirteenth and fourteenth are lucky days. Doors open when you search and send out resumes if job hunting.

On April 16, Aries Mercury is of the higher mind and higher dreams. Lucky Aries Venus joins the thinking planet on Saturday in the land where your originality dwells through the end of the month.

The sun conjoining Taurus Uranus on the twenty-second brings four days of golden career moments. You are spot-on if you think something important is about to occur.

The time between April 24 and April 29 shines light on the Pluto and Saturn retrogrades in earthy signs. Consolidate and stabilize. It’s time to take responsibility. You could recapture something you lost, but is finding it a good career move? Stay tuned next month.