Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Someone is going to fall hard, and it may be you. Be glad the only thing to take a big hit is your ego, not your wallet. On the other hand, you may be an innocent bystander to someone else's egotistical folly, in which case extra compassion is called for.

Broaden your horizons at the beginning of the week – attend a lecture or seminar, whether it's in your field or just peripherally related. You have intensified intellectual abilities right now, which means you could come away with an innovation that is very relevant to work. From Wednesday through Friday, you're even more of a people-person than usual, so it's a good time to interface with clients or collaborate with coworkers. You may even get some sort of bonus out of it. Any work you do this weekend will yield results beyond expectations and inspire others – including higher-ups.

January’s transits ignite your spirit of adventure and love of contests. A conjunction between your ruling sun and careful Saturn empowers you in the first four days of the year by bringing adventures in creativity and following through on ideas.

The January 5 solar eclipse shines a light on your work and routine sector and says to promote yourself and your interests. The next day, Uranus turns direct in your sector of expansive, far-reaching plans prior to that planet’s March move to your career sign. Contemplate the last seven years in light of the direction in which you’re going.

On the seventh, Sagittarius Venus is a fortunate connective (read: networking) transit.

Lucky Jupiter squares imaginative Neptune on January 13, another motivational transit going along with this month’s adventure theme. On the eighteenth, the sun-Uranus square enhances surprising expansive experiences for four days. The lunar eclipse on January 20 brings more excitement and corresponds to a lucky day on Monday.

On the twenty-third, brainstorm when Aquarius Mercury liberates communications and thoughts over the next few weeks. On January 29, your ruling sun conjoins Mercury in your partnership sign, encouraging work with and through others.

The opportunity aspect between Saturn and Neptune on the month’s last day is a window to reconstructing dreams and making them more viable. Take advantage of this next month.