Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

If you want to prepare, try getting in shape. Check yourself into a boot camp. Think cheap. In fact, it can be one of your own design. You'll want to deserve the feast you'll be getting and there's no better way than to be fit.

You are most likely at odds with your boss at the beginning of the week. As much as you feel you're in the right, letting the tension escalate into a battle might not be the best move. A better move? Disengage. You're constantly lavished with praise and recognition these days – no need to be greedy. A concession here or there won't do you any harm in the long run. But for your own sake get out of work soon as you can on Thursday and spend the evening with friends. Friday too. And this weekend. Glory and celebrity figure this weekend. You are at the top of your powers.

Envision big goals in November. If you don’t feel motivated, they aren’t significant enough. On November 1, the Leo moon is void-of-course, giving you an exit route that you navigate with speed and grace. When the Scorpio sun trines receptive Neptune on the fifth, you’re in the loop when information is revealed.

Uranus returns to Aries in your expansive sign on November 6. What stands out from the last seven years that you’d like to have another go at? On the eighth, benevolent Jupiter becomes extremely helpful in your creativity and risk sector for the next year. As of November 15, Pisces Mars says unite with others and share resources and profits through the end of the year.

On the twenty-second, the full Gemini moon is in your goals and wishes sector. Pay attention to flashes of insight. Fulfill your creative spirit in the 30 days that your ruling sun transits Sagittarius.

Take a strategic risk when the sun conjoins lucky Jupiter on November 26. The next two days are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings. The sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction suggests that you try again, ask again, and/or follow up. And if this month wasn’t enough, you shine like gold next month, too.