Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Your opinions have extra weight right now, so vocalize them loudly and proudly if you really want to make some changes in your world. Get involved, and when someone says something that you don't agree with, speak up! You should not be surprised when others join you in battle. After all, you're right, aren't you?! This is the start of a new and exciting phase in your life when you're finally realizing how much power you have to create the world you want!

While the confident sun moves through your seventh house of partnership from January 20 to February 18, time spent one-on-one with your closest friend, a favorite colleague, or a significant other feels more satisfying than solo time or group activities. Together, you’ll have the wind in your sails when it comes to making progress on a project or shared goal. So, you’ll do well to get clear on what you both want to achieve—and then dive in! 

And around January 24, when the new moon is in your seventh house of partnership as well, you’ll get the green light to set a powerful intention related to this joint aspiration or building an intimate bond in general. Because the new moon pairs up with communicator Mercury, speaking from the heart is a crucial part of making headway now.  

When talkative Mercury conjoins unrestrained Jupiter on January 2, the possibilities are endless. You can’t help but feel optimistic when you think about all the potential new connections you’ll be able to make. If you’re like most Leos, you already have an outgoing personality, and this transit only increases your willingness to be social.

The emotional moon moves into your demonstrative sign on the eleventh, creating drama and intrigue. You love being the center of attention, and during this transit you might overreact or exaggerate to get more of it. People are drawn to your magnetic personality and fascinated by your talents now, and you welcome the applause!

A powerful sun-Pluto conjunction in ambitious Capricorn on January 13 highlights the many outstanding things on your to-do list and reminds you that you have plenty of responsibilities to take care of before you have fun. Good thing you have the motivated Goat’s energy to help you push through.

A new moon in quirky Aquarius helps put some fun back in your life on the twenty-fourth, and the more open-minded you are the better. You have a lot of great ideas, so try to find someone who can help you turn them into reality. You’re much better in a leadership or supervisory role than a hands-on one right now.