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Jul 23 – Aug 22

Some of your friends have good advice you should pay attention to, but some of your friends are full of baloney, or at least full of insight that has no relevance to your life. Beware of people who try to force their agendas on you. You have to maintain your position as listener, but don't adopt the position of follower. Doing what other people tell you to do is fruitless. If it works, you don't have a sense of accomplishment. If it doesn't work, it could cause tension.

You’ll do well to join forces with friends, colleagues, or your significant other to make strides on a group effort on July 6 the intuitive moon in your seventh house of partnership forms a harmonizing trine to romantic Venus in your eleventh house of networking. You might be wearing your heart on your sleeve at the moment, but this sensitivity can also lend itself to being especially self-expressive and effective in sharing what’s in your heart—as well as the stage with others!

And from July 12 to August 4, communicator Mercury ends its retrograde and moves forward through your twelfth house of spirituality for the second time this year, giving you fertile ground on which to dream and meditate, gathering information that could inform your progress on personal goal-hitting in the weeks and months ahead.

The moon is full in responsible Capricorn on July 4, and the corresponding lunar eclipse is an indication not to schedule things too far in advance right now. This is a time when endings are inevitable, and there’s no telling where you’ll be a month from now. It’s best to accept the things you can’t change and hold steady despite your desire to move ahead.

There’s a lot of potential for healing during the Chiron retrograde period starting on the eleventh, especially if you’re willing to dig deep and unearth some painful memories. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to rehash some things that aren’t very pleasant, but coming out stronger is a price you’re willing to pay.

There’s a new moon in nurturing Cancer on July 20, putting you in the mood to make your loved ones feel safe and protected. Your strong urge to nurture and care for others makes you an excellent parent and/or friend.

The sun finally enters your dramatic sign on the twenty-second, and you’re so happy to let your true personality shine for the upcoming month. Your warmth and friendliness are two of your better qualities, and you make almost everyone you come into contact with feel loved and appreciated.