Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

You may not be rich or famous, but what you have is pretty darned special. Take stock of all the wonderful things you have in your life right now — gratitude is a great way to let the Universe know that you don't take anything for granted. Wanting more is not a bad thing (after all, the desire for material goods drives your ambition from time to time), but treasuring what you have is a much better thing. Plus, it will put you in a great mood!

Check you out! You are on top of the world. The magnificence and warmth of Monday are evidence that you're on the right track. Use this positive reinforcement to propel you to still greater heights. Tuesday and Wednesday, put your mind on money matters, as some reassessment may be in order. Thursday and Friday, shove that stack of bills aside and go out and do something with friends. Or have them over for an impromptu party. Romance rears its unpredictable head Friday – a happy, welcome surprise. Let your intuition guide you into the weekend.

There’s a new Capricorn moon on January 5 that improves your logical thinking and urges you to take a common-sense approach to problems. This practical energy is a great boost when mapping out new projects and procedures.

A Mercury-Mars square on the eighth could cause rushed thinking, and moving too quickly could lead to ruined plans, disappointing results, and unintended outcomes. You know how they say if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? That’s perfect advice for this aspect.

The full moon in your sign and lunar eclipse on January 20 help motivate you to be your best self, but you may be particularly influenced by what others think of you. Does their approval really matter that much, Leo? You’re fabulous and that’s all that matters!

The sun-Mercury conjunction on the twenty-ninth is the first of many in the year, and its fast, adaptable energy helps you stay on target and have in-depth conversations about the topics that interest you most. Talking to people is easy when your thoughts are this clear. If you have anything to sell, this is a great time to get the best price for it.