Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Your partner thinks he or she knows best about a certain project today, but you know better—or at least you think you do. Before you raise your hand and cry foul, weigh the pros and cons of putting your neck out. Could it get chopped off? Things are a bit tense right now, and you might want to play it safe for a little while. Unless you know for sure that they'll buy your suggestions, you should work hard to keep their ego happy.

You’ll be driven to create exciting, important change on the job on October 14 when the emotional moon and game-changer Uranus pair up in your tenth house of career. Your main focus is getting out of a rut you’ve been in for a while now and enjoying more freedom. Make sure to check in with your gut, and follow your heart, as you navigate this eye-opening, pivotal moment.

Then, on October 17, the moon in your eleventh house of friendship forms a harmonizing angle to go-getter Mars in your third house of communication, inspiring you to get together with your social circle and bat around your most heartfelt ideas. Vibrant conversation and intellectual stimulation make you feel even more alive and connected to your friends and your goals.

Pluto makes a big move into a direct position in steady Capricorn on October 3, giving you the chance to make a major transformation. If you’ve felt like you’ve been stuck these last couple of months, this regenerative energy should feel like a big weight has been lifted off you.

A sun-Pluto square on the fourteenth increases your desire to be in control, but there are too many outside factors influencing the events in your life for that to happen. You won’t want to listen to authority figures, but guess what? Following orders from a boss or parent is just a part of life now.

Things get intense when the sun enters focused Scorpio on October 23, especially for your close personal relationships. You might try to keep something a secret for the next month, but those closest to you can tell when something’s up. Don’t lie to the people who love and trust you.

Frustration sets in during the Mars-Saturn square on the twenty-seventh, and you might take a defensive stand even when no one is accusing you of anything. Why are you so wary, Leo? Chances are good that the people in your life are only trying to help. Don’t shut them out.