Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

If your life is like a baseball game, then today you should consider yourself in the running to win the World Series. There may be a lot at stake, but your team could end up voting you the most valuable player – if you can keep your eye on the ball. Phone calls, personal dramas, juicy gossip –- all of these things should be put on the back burner today. A social engagement may even need to be canceled or postponed. Keep your priorities in the right order.

As much as you'd like to be spending the day in the park, Monday is all about work: your career, your standing – stuff like that. Your reputation is on the up-and-up, in fact, and on Tuesday you feel like something of a celebrity. The circle of people around you is constantly lavishing you with praise, so put that circle of people to good use. Creative brainstorming figures into your day on Wednesday, and there's plenty of time for socializing on Thursday and Friday. This weekend has you feeling sensitive and being particularly honest. A bubble bath on Sunday would end the week beautifully.

The sun is in fair-minded, relationship-focused Libra as the month opens, which means compromise, negotiation and meeting other people halfway will be your number one priority. Decision-making can be challenging, but your ability to weigh the positives against the negatives helps you make the right choice eventually.

The Libra sun squares intense Pluto on October 12, at which point you might look to uncover some deep, dark mysteries. Here’s the thing though, Leo, don’t look for something if you’re unsure of what you might find. Some things are just better undiscovered.

The mood gets a lot more intense when the sun enters Scorpio’s emotional turf on the twenty-third, so people might get the “death stare” if they approach you the wrong way. To say you’re sensitive is an understatement.

The sun-Uranus opposition that same day could bring unexpected and/or unwanted changes, and your first instinct might be to reject them without even finding out what they’re all about. Looking at things from a different perspective will help if you can find a way to step outside of how they personally affect you.

Venus enters friendly Libra on October 31, so making new friends and networking is easy. You tend to be a bit idealistic right now, but that’s better than being pessimistic!