Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

If you've been feeling a little shyer and retiring than usual recently, prepare for that feeling to vanish. The cosmos is definitely sending you some additional firepower, and you'll be garnering attention now – the positive kind, maybe even the romantic kind – whether you want to or not (knowing you, of course you want to). Get ready to gracefully accept a heap of compliments, return a flotilla of flirtation and generally have a great time.

Romantic memories will stick with you all week long, giving you an energy boost when things get boring, and encouragement when your workload piles up. Expect some travel in the early part of the week – nothing major, but it will reignite your old wanderlust. You'll know exactly where you want to go next! People with small minds will irk you; of course, you'll still make a good impression on them. As the week ends, watch that your pride doesn't get in the way of your relationship. It's best for you to listen, be calm and not fly off the handle.

The sun, your ruler, opposes retrograde Jupiter on May 8, bringing a lot of opportunities for you to succeed, Leo. But the more you feel the need to brag, the less effect your achievements have. Wait for other people to comment or compliment you before you brag about your own great accomplishments.

The sun’s trine with retrograde Pluto is notable for its deep intensity on the eleventh, and you have greater influence over your own life as well as those of the people you care about. You come off as a wise scholar in many fields right now, but saying you know something about topics you’re unfamiliar with can get you into trouble. Stick with what you know or do the in-depth research it takes to declare yourself an expert.

The sun drifts into Gemini’s quick-witted and alert presence for a month starting on May 20, making you intensely curious to learn new things. Expand upon the knowledge base you tapped earlier in the month or learn something totally new. You’re a quick study.

A Jupiter-Neptune trine is a beacon of hope on the twenty-fifth, at which point enlightenment can be obtained through visions and dreams. Your subconscious is an untapped tool, so developing it is endlessly advantageous.