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Jul 23 – Aug 22

New Year's isn't the only time of year appropriate for making resolutions; you are allowed to make a change in your life whenever you want to. So if you are itching to turn over a new leaf, today is a good day to start. You shouldn't wait any longer if you feel the urge. This is a time of extreme clarity—what you are feeling or sensing is completely accurate. Your worries have substance, and you should do what you feel like you need to.

You are bounding down the street on Monday and Tuesday. Or perhaps down the highway. You have a passion for travel at the start of the week. Then again, what don't you have a passion for at the start of the week? It helps that your romantic life is going well. On Wednesday and Thursday you make a good impression without even trying, and Friday you do something healthy. (Just don't regale anyone with the details of your health regimen; oddly, it might come across as showing off.) This weekend, you have the answers; when someone hands you a problem, you have fun seeing how quickly you can solve it.

Your ruler sun is in humanitarian Aquarius to start the month, giving off a charitable vibe from the get-go. How can you help other people while keeping the focus on yourself? This is the question most Leos struggle with!

The sun-Jupiter sextile on February 7 brings upbeat, optimistic energy, and thinking positively should bring a lot of good things your way. How successful do you want to be? With luck on your side, there are endless possibilities.

Your chance to be successful continues as powerful Mars enters determined Taurus on the fourteenth, but getting what you want is much more about hard work and dedication than luck. Use the Bull’s stubbornness to dig in your heels until you finish what you started.

The sun enters romantic Pisces on February 18, giving your world a dreamy glow. It’s okay that you aren’t seeing everything 100 percent clearly right now. Quite frankly, you could use the break from reality!

The month ends with a sun-Mars sextile on the twenty-seventh, making all your good qualities that much better. What do you like most about yourself? Expect to get compliments about that and much, much more!