Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Someone wants to take you for a ride today, and you should let him or her! Even if you have no idea where this person is going to take you, it's going to be an enlightening journey. Brace yourself for an unfamiliar location — the foreign aspects of where you end up will stimulate you and your partner. Your conversation will veer all over the place, from personal ideas to what you think of the weather, but the tone will always be pleasant. By the end of the day, your thoughts will turn inward.

A bunch of questioning faces turn toward you on Monday, as if you have the answers. (You have many of the answers, but you don't have all of them – make sure everyone knows that. Still, they see you as a leader, and that's totally flattering.) Tuesday and Wednesday, do the best you can do with the resources you have, and make sure everyone's getting along. Relationships are key right now – and relationships of another kind, the love kind, figure in on Thursday and Friday. This weekend, a business-related question occupies your mental energy. Selfish? A bit. Unhealthily so? Not at all.

Offbeat Uranus goes direct in powerful Aries on January 6, putting you in the mood to make some major changes in your life. You’re in charge of what happens next, Libra, and you’re ready to make some interesting and different choices.

A Mercury-Saturn conjunction in organized Capricorn on the thirteenth enhances critical thinking, making it easier for you to formulate crucial decisions. Negative thinking can be a hindrance to forward progress. Look on the bright side as much as possible.

The Venus-Mars trine on January 18 makes it possible for you to be direct without coming on too strong, which is a helpful and clever skill to have. Reaching the perfect balance between aggressiveness and tactfulness improves your personal life and career beyond what you might have thought possible.

A Mercury-Uranus square on the twenty-third might cause you to say some uncharacteristic things, and putting your foot in your mouth could result in awkwardness, embarrassment, and regret. You’re only human, though, so your verbal faux pas should be forgiven in time.

A Saturn-Neptune sextile on January 31 shows you what’s possible when you dream big, so don’t lose sight of your hopes and wishes. What will it take to turn a fantasy into reality? You’ll get where you want to be by combining determination and imagination.