Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

If your love life has hit a rough patch, it could help to ring up a friend who's gone through something similar. You ought to get through this with ease, but in the meantime, lean on your pal.

Your balancing skills are required at the week's outset, as you'll be teetering between excited feelings for the future and uncertain emotions about the past. Midweek, try to resist the urge to read all your old love letters, and write a new one instead. Friday is time to do something new – see a new film, try a new restaurant, or communicate with someone in a new way. It'll pay off. Saturday is a great day for spending time one-on-one time, and Sunday you'll be in tune with your senses: a good, strong coffee, a cool breeze in the air, a warm touch.

Your love life is about to get a whole lot more interesting as Venus pairs up with variety-loving Gemini on April 3. If you’re single, plan as many dates as you can with as many different types of people as possible. If you’re in a committed relationship, explore new things together. The keyword for this transit is “flexible.”

A full moon in your relationship-centric sign occurs on the seventh, allowing you to approach love with fairness and equality. You’re more willing to compromise now than ever, so if you can’t work out a romantic situation now, it might not ever happen.

A sun-Jupiter square on April 15 can make you feel like your love life is under a rain cloud, because how unlucky can you get? Just when you thought things were good, something happens to change your mind. Here’s what you don’t know, though, Libra: How you react to a certain situation can totally affect how it turns out. In other words, positive thinking can turn it all around.

You’re very aware of the changes taking place around you during the sun-Uranus conjunction on the twenty-sixth, but you aren’t hating them. Change leads to growth and growth leads to evolution. Bring it on!