Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

A coupled-up pal wants to complain about their relationship. Let them. You can be simultaneously sympathetic and appreciative of how the grass isn't always greener on the other side of that fence.

Keep things light at the beginning of the week. You're especially lovely now, and harmony reigns. If you've got something deeper on your romantic agenda, find the right time to communicate it on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The stars are very much on your side. Much of the weekend could have some interesting ups and downs. Remember that one always follows the other! By Sunday, matters of the heart stabilize very nicely. Plan something active with someone wonderful. You'll be feeling fabulous.

There’s a sensitive energy surrounding the Pisces full moon on September 1 that has real healing potential. As another sign who desires peace at all costs, you can use this compassionate lunation to mend a broken heart (your own or someone else’s). Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

Power struggles during a stressful Venus-Mars square on the fourth show you someone’s true colors, but you aren’t sure where to go from here. If there’s no salvaging a certain relationship, it might be best to give up and move on. If you’re honest, how much love will really be lost?

The Mercury-Pluto square on September 20 gives you a sharp, sarcastic tone that others aren’t used to hearing from you. Try to think about what you’re going to say and how it might hurt someone you care about before you say it. Once a mean comment is out of your mouth, there’s no taking it back.

The sun moves into your sign on the twenty-second, so happy birthday month to you, Libra! As you celebrate your solar return along with the fall equinox, you welcome a much more balanced time into your life. Love is a top priority, and you’ll do what it takes to make it work.