Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

When it comes to love, it's time to decide what it is that you want instead of always worrying about the other person. After all, if they're a grown-up, they can learn to voice their needs. Shouldn't you do the same?

You're more attentive than usual on Monday and Tuesday, and that should work to your advantage in a big way. Stay on the lookout, and let people know what you see. If you do you'll be rewarded. The middle of the week is all about your big brain, and it's a great time to share ideas and intellectual passions with your sweetheart or date. You never know what's going to spawn the next big connection! Little stresses might add up over the weekend, but you can help the right person – and yourself – find small ways to cope.

Enjoy a Venus-Mars sextile on December 3 to start your month! Your confidence level is high as you navigate the romantic scene. If you’re in a relationship. You get to call the shots, and your partner supports your decisions (mostly). For single Libras, your charm gets you where you want to be, but your determination helps you stay there.

The Gemini full moon on the eleventh has a flirty, chatty vibe that lets you talk to just about anyone about anything. If you’re with a long-term partner, this is a good time to have fun and not be so serious. If you’re single, enjoy breaking the ice with a cute stranger. Conversations can lead to some interesting places now.

Romantic Venus spends time in inventive Aquarius start on December 20, so you have some very interesting ideas about love and romance. If you’re single, your perfect partner is someone who likes to explore and experiment with new romantic horizons. Attached Libras can look forward to breaking your romantic routine.

Communications expert Mercury enters practical Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, helping you get your point across in an effective and efficient manner. You’ve had some fun recently, but right now you’re all business when it comes to love.