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Sep 23 – Oct 22

Your most important relationships aren't all focused on romance. Friendships actually serve you better in the long run. Giving up time with friends to search for love could backfire today. Shower your posse with affection!

Are you giving as much as you're getting, love wise? While you're usually right in balance, consider this question seriously at the beginning of the week. (Or maybe you're giving too much?) Then both romantic exploration and expression are in the stars on Wednesday and Thursday; you're like a silver-tongued devil now – but angelic, too, just to keep 'em enticed and guessing. Beware of the blues around Friday; plan to head them off with fun with friends, perhaps, rather than putting any pressure on romance. Speaking of which, Sunday looks fabulous for it – brunch, anyone?

With the start of August comes asteroid Juno going direct in fiery, outgoing Sagittarius on the second, urging you to find that perfect balance between your love life and the rest of the things that really matter. If you’ve been focusing on making a relationship work, ease off a bit now and see what happens. If you haven’t put in enough effort, start now.

Loving Venus leaves practical Virgo for your airy, easygoing sign on August 16, allowing you to reach compromises and other fair agreements in your love life. This is a good time to sign legal documents (prenups, divorce/custody papers, etc.) or offer advice to anyone who needs a second opinion about a romantic decision.

You get permission to get a little wild when the moon is full in fellow air sign Aquarius on the twenty-second, and truly being yourself now is just what the love doctor ordered. If you’ve been feeling pressure lately to be someone you’re not, this can be a very revealing and freeing lunation.

Information-seeking Mercury moves out of critical Virgo and into your easygoing sign on August 30, welcoming in a couple weeks of free-flowing conversations and equal verbal exchanges. Getting your point across is easier now than ever.