Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

If a certain situation's getting heavy, consider whether it might be a bit premature. In all likelihood, it's too soon to tell. Hold on loosely, show respect for the mysteries of timing and let it evolve.

The less food you eat on Monday and Tuesday, the more you'll feel like dancing. And dancing – or at least doing some kind of physical activity – is in the stars. It could be as simple as a slow dance in your apartment after dinner (like a scene from a movie). Wednesday and Thursday you two are talking about things you haven't talked about before. There are a million faraway places you want to see together. To make that happen, you have a lot to do, and it's no coincidence that you spend Friday through Sunday trying to get ahead at work. You're a goal-driven person.

The normally aggressive energy of Mars is tamed slightly when it meets up with your gentle sign on October 3. Your actions are still very decisive end forward-thinking, but your charm and grace mask your powerful underlying motivations. No one needs to know your master plan!

Lovely Venus enters intensely emotional Scorpio on the eighth, making all your romantic interactions deep and meaningful. If you approach love with this much confidence and determination, you’re probably going to get your way!

There are some unexpected challenges to deal with during the Venus-Uranus opposition on October 12, and getting caught off guard can be unsettling. Did you have an idea that this might happen, or is it coming completely out of nowhere? Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t see the signs, Libra.

Luckily a Venus-Pluto sextile arrives on the twenty-fifth, making you feel a lot more optimistic about the future of your love life. Even if things aren’t perfect now, you never know what might happen in an hour, a week, or a year. Hang on to your high hopes even if they seem far-fetched.