Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

You've got a great chance to regain your balance today. Take care of your spirit and body and get the basics squared away. You need to be completely available for the upcoming romantic energy!

Friendship is in the stars for the first few days of the week. If you're coupled up, cultivate the pal part of your relationship, and if you're single, a friendship forms a solid foundation for all sorts of possibilities. Around Thursday and Friday, socializing is favored, and everyone wants to talk to you – maybe because you combine charm with genuine interest in those around you. By the time the weekend comes, you're getting even more attention, very likely of the romantic variety. Your personal attraction factor is tremendous now – work your magic!

Lovely Venus, your ruler, is traveling with Taurus, the other sign she rules, at the beginning of the month, which puts you in a comfortable position concerning love. Whether you’re with your soul mate or have eyes on your next great love, this pair can help you wait patiently for good (or better) things to come.