Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Recent hopes for a fun date could be thwarted by a jealous friend. Instead of choosing sides, make time for both parties involved. There's enough of you to go around.

If you've got a sweetie, they're likely seeking some of your excellent advice at the beginning of the week – throw in a little extra TLC along with any pearls of wisdom you provide. Singletons who get out and about in an active way could meet some interesting people now. On Wednesday or Thursday, life's various details could overwhelm you, leaving scant energy for the love department. Lay low and rest up – you'll want to be in top form starting Friday and all the way through a fabulous weekend. Talk about attractive – you're the magnet, and everyone else is the steel.

Things get experimental and maybe even a little kinky when Venus trines Uranus on February 2. If you have something you want to try, do it now. You might only get this one chance, Libra!

Sexually motivated Mars moves into stick-to-the-basics Taurus on the fourteenth, so you might not see the fireworks you’re hoping for on Valentine’s Day. Romantic activities could be somewhat predictable for attached Libras and slow to start for singles. If you don’t expect perfection, you probably won’t be disappointed.

Mysteries are attractive during the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on February 19, as are strangers who seem like they have something to hide. There’s a fine line between mysterious and secretive, though. Try not to play games with someone who has no intention of being honest with you.

There’s stress surrounding the Mercury-Jupiter square on the twenty-second, but you might want to save yourself the time trying to explain why it’s happening. Sometimes there’s just tension in the air for no reason, and trying to figure out why only makes it worse.

The moon in casual Sagittarius on February 25 closes out the month on a light and maybe humorous note. Awkward or embarrassing moments between you and a date or partner aren’t as bad as they seem, and after they’re over you’ll both have a really funny story to tell.