Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

You feel like you know what's up, but the odds are you really don't. Assumptions are truly dangerous (emotionally speaking) right now. Toss out your first reactions and wait for the wisdom to come. It's there if you're listening.

Do some romance-related communicating on Monday, whether you're whispering sweet nothings to a sweetie or emailing some online prospects. Then, rather than keeping your usual balance, you may have to do the 'all work and no play' thing for a couple days. Don't fret: Thursday and Friday will more than make up for any lost fun, not to mention opportunities to turn up the heat. These are super date nights; you and a certain someone can really click now, with little in jokes and surprises to boot. This weekend, stop and smell the roses – the little things count most now.

What’s working in your love life, and what would you like to change? You get the opportunity to really think things through during the Venus retrograde period beginning on October 5, especially issues that you’ve been dealing with in the past few months that have yet to be resolved.

There’s an optimistic new moon in your sign on the eighth, giving you the chance to make a fresh start with someone new. Talk to that cutie on the bus or finally ask out the neighbor you’ve been flirting with for weeks. All is fair in love right now.

A Venus-Saturn sextile on the twenty-fourth suggests that you have some more work to do if you want to be happy romantically, but you might not know what to try next. Is there someone who has more experience than you with this kind of thing? Ask for advice whenever you need to.

Venus enters your sign on October 31, just in time for you to have some Halloween tricks and treats. You love a good party, and dressing up as your favorite sexy character gives you license to drop your inhibitions and be someone else for the night. Have fun!