Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

A hot date tonight should involve art, music or anything that your senses can really respond to. If you don't have a date, you could meet someone amazing at that museum, concert or whatever else you dig up!

Don't let the nitty-gritty get in your way on Monday; your knack right now is for the big picture. Tuesday or Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to either be nice to someone or continue to hold a grudge against them; obviously the grudge should be tossed over your shoulder and out a high window. Thursday and Friday, grudges will seem as far from your mind as Mars – you will be incredibly preoccupied by all the making out you're going to be doing. Lucky you! Things between you and you-know-who achieve unprecedented depth this weekend.

Venus is the planet of romance, but love is serious as she moves into Virgo’s practical territory on July 9. No more outwardly mushy demonstrations, Libra. If you want someone to know you care, offer them a ride to the airport or do their grocery shopping.

A harmonious Venus-Uranus trine on the eleventh urges you to think outside the box, resulting in some very interesting romantic situations. You’re turned off by the same old boring routine, so Libras with long-term partners will want to experiment a lot!

The trine between Venus and Saturn retrograde on July 13 puts respect and trust at the top of your list of desired traits. If you’re already with someone, you’re extremely committed to working things out (even if you’re going through very hard times). You have a rare sense of commitment that won’t let you give up, and you choose long-term promises over short-term flings.

You might allow yourself to be kept in the dark about certain situations during the Venus-Neptune opposition on the twenty-fourth, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s taking advantage of you. You can probably see what’s going on, but you may not want to admit it for whatever reason, which is totally your choice.