Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Love's full of contradictions, more now than usual. Can you look seriously at things romance-related while also keeping them light? Don't get ahead of yourself—or of a certain someone.

This week is crammed with romance. On Monday, the romantic business you have to attend to is less of the skipping-through-puddles-together variety and more of the let's-sit-down-and-talk-this-through variety, but that's okay. You don't mind talking things through. Tuesday and Wednesday are pure beauty – suddenly, talking things through just seems to belabor everything. Thursday and Friday, words come easily again. Find someplace with a view and wander down whatever conversational alley presents itself. This weekend, emotions are high.

What is your partner up to? Or, if you’ve been chatting with someone online or through social media, do you really know the person behind the username? People aren’t always who they appear to be during the Venus-Neptune opposition on September 4, so proceed with caution.

The full moon in creative Pisces gives you some excellent romantic ideas on the thirteenth, but do you have the confidence to pull them off? Let go of inhibitions and be your seductive self, Libra. There’s no reason your advances shouldn’t be well received.

You’re the first one to suggest a compromise when the sun enters your sign on September 23, and fairness and balance will be your main romantic objectives for the next month. Don’t let your quest for justice veer over into vengeance, Libra. Keep things impartial and be the bigger person when need be.

The new moon also spends time in your beauty-loving sign on the twenty-eighth, giving you a chance to start something new with a very attractive stranger. If you’re already in a relationship, your partner might appear more attractive to you and vice versa. Whispering compliments to each other is great foreplay.