Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Your high energy can make or break a casual flirtation. Keep yourself from being too overly jittery when chatting with that special hottie. In your excitement, you may scare them off! Stay calm.

The beginning of the week serves up lots of opportunities to expand your mind, values and ideals – and if you get a certain someone in on the exploration, your heart might just grow a few sizes too. Don't hesitate to express yourself. Around Thursday, you may be occupied with home, and the past may be on your mind. Enjoy the memories, but live in the present. It's got plenty to offer, including the chance for romance all weekend long. Connections, both existing and brand-spanking new, are favored, so reach out and touch someone, both literally and figuratively!

The fiery Aries new moon on April 5 gets your month off to an exciting start. You have a lot of ideas about how to improve your love life, and you set them in motion enthusiastically. It won’t be long before everyone wants to know your secret to happiness.

A potential new romance blossoms during the gentle Venus-Neptune conjunction on the tenth. Pay close attention to your dreams for answers to love-related questions. Your subconscious might even manifest a glimpse of your soul mate while you sleep!

The full moon visits your sign on April 19, bringing a sense of fairness to your romantic relationships. You want everyone to get along even if it takes enormous compromise on your part to make it happen. You give excellent advice to your heartbroken friends. Maybe it’s time to listen to your own words of wisdom.

Restrictive Saturn lets up a little during its retrograde period starting on the twenty-ninth, so use this break to loosen up a bit. This lack of motivation is only temporary.