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Sep 23 – Oct 22

You have no use for sentimentality. Unfortunately, it has some use for you. In fact, it's dogging you today. If you can't shake it off, you might as well dive right in and try to enjoy it. Just watch out for any weird feelings.

It's interesting to notice the way the office divides naturally into smaller groups and alliances. Certain personalities simply gravitate toward one another. Knowing this is crucial to being as effective as you can be around the workplace, and it's also crucial in a business sense: Customers prefer to do business with people they feel they relate to. Harmony, gratitude and ease are big themes midweek (and it's a great week, by the way). Thursday and Friday, you find a very supportive someone with whom you can share your goals. It's the beginning of what will be a rewarding and ongoing conversation.

Enter the worthy cause that inspires you to make an admirable effort in July. You feel pumped and ready to do something as early as July 1, when daring Mars transits your sign of dreams and friendships.

The Cancer solar eclipse occurs in your career sign on the second for six months of success. Ruling planet Venus, also in the eclipse sign, favors material success through the month. Venus brings benevolent people with lucky opportunities in hand. The transit often calls attention to mentors and good advisers - one and the same or two different people.

Lucky July 8 is the time to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On the sixteenth, the Capricorn lunar eclipse is an “aha” moment relevant to your intuition and information about long-term goals, among other things. Venus opposing Saturn advises you to love the world but be cautious. Trust yourself to select worthy causes.

On July 27, fortunate Venus begins a nice transit in Leo and your sign of wishes and dreams. Again, make them your own.

The Leo new moon on the thirty-first sparks lots of activity in the 30 days following the phase. Mercury turns direct. Make your words count next month.