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Sep 23 – Oct 22

Your relationship with money is in vital need of something, but what? You certainly love it as much as ever. But romance isn't the only issue involved. This time it's more about business than emotions. Be practical.

As the week begins, you've got plenty to do – and plenty of energy to do it! Take advantage of this burst of enthusiasm and mental acuity to finish old projects and start new ones. Coworkers will naturally gravitate to your can-do attitude. Midweek, expect your routine to get disrupted, but don't get upset. Schedules sometimes slip and projects almost never stick to the original plan, so be philosophical instead of getting frustrated. Lead by example. On Friday, you'll feel that leadership pay off as others look to you for answers. Enjoy the admiration and remind coworkers of the big picture.

May is a time for unexpected benefits to emerge and shower you with rewards.

On May 1, fortunate Venus aspects business-oriented Saturn, highlighting opportunities to recoup something you missed the first time around. Lucky Venus says that you won’t miss it this time.

From May 7 to May 9, ruling Venus aspects nebulous Neptune and bizarre thoughts and opinions turn out to be lucky (Jupiter is part of the planetary good fortune).

There are three significant planetary changes on the fifteenth. First, unpredictable Uranus brings surprises and the fruits of associations to your shared resources sector. Second, the Taurus new moon is an excellent time to start something new. Third, Mars begins a transit in Aquarius, in your house of creative undertakings, something that happens once every two and a half years. Either new fields open for things to occur or you make them happen.

On May 19, fortuitous Venus begins a transit in your career sector. Expand connections and friendships.

The twenty-fourth is a lucky day for searching and sending out resumes if you are job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

You get that déjà vu feeling next month when you discover that nothing was lost. It was simply part of a cycle.