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Sep 23 – Oct 22

When someone asks for money, they're asking for much more than small change. You'll either have to say no or dig into your deepest pocket. That puts both you and your conscience between a rock and hard place.

These are sensitive times for you at the start of the week. There are things going down at home and relations with the boss are strained. Plus, you keep thinking about the past. Don't overanalyze anything. Resign yourself to the idea that Monday and Tuesday will be awkward. But Wednesday and Thursday? Now we're talking. Fun, romance, creativity – you name it. Work will be better than it's been in a while. The office will be buzzing with activity on Friday. Pitch in, but leave at a reasonable hour. You want to enjoy as much of this weekend as possible.

Get creative and invest in your talent and be the center of attention in September. Personal PR works especially well when Mercury sextiles Libra Venus on September 3. The tenth is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if job hunting. It’s an auspicious time to schedule interviews and meetings.

On the twelfth, Venus, planet of luck, sextiles Saturn, planet of business, accenting restabilizing network connections. Saturn is a planet of advisers and mentors. Don’t forget them (again)!

On September 21, a transit amplifying high-profile communication is Mercury in Libra – for all things intellectual. Preparation is an important part of negotiation, and Mercury in your sign is golden in that regard.

The next day, Mercury aspects Aquarius Uranus under the Libra sun. Extraordinary things happen that affect your future in the next four days leading up to the sun squaring Capricorn Saturn on the twenty-fifth, symbolizing a turning point. Heads up, it might involve a decision on your part. This is when feeling secure in your goals is important. It’s a solar return period for you. Think ahead.

September 27 is the time to take advantage of a sun-Aquarius Mars trine and make courageous choices about future goals. Reap a harvest from your past efforts next month.