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Sep 23 – Oct 22

Current projects are a nice balance between sensibility and excitement. Your practical side gets indulged while your wilder side is thrilled with the bottom line. Enjoy the new normal.

Past mistakes in your career are on your mind on Monday. The problem may be that there isn't enough happening in the present to keep you occupied, thus, you're dwelling on old stuff. It isn't until Tuesday or Wednesday that you're able to shake it off, have a good time with your current colleagues and feel comfortable trying something new. Thursday and Friday you are unexpectedly buried with urgent tasks, which, in a way, you welcome. This weekend is consumed by one relationship, possibly related to your business life – but just as likely related to your personal life.

August is for opening up and changing minds as you make words count regarding issues you’re deeply passionate about.

On August 2, a square between ruling Venus and Uranus motivates solving problems that get in the way before the eleventh.

August 4 is a lucky weekend day. The fifth is also a lucky day to search, send out resumes, and schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

There’s a lot in store on August 11. First, direct Mercury returns to your sign of hopes and wishes. With it is Jupiter turning direct in your communication sign and Uranus turning retrograde in your sign of shared resources. All suggest pausing and taking a closer look to ensure you understand the big picture. You have more support than you realize, but prioritize your goals, not “theirs,” now.

On the seventeenth, helpful Virgo Mars is the surgeon cutting out the inefficient and unnecessary to let your life force flow. Use the energy to your advantage over the next few weeks.

The helpful Venus Virgo transit, beginning August 21, highlights contacts you need to deal with before you tackle the Virgo sunlight on the twenty-third on new missions.

The August 30 Virgo new moon announces the need for caution about giving power away next month.