Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

When others look to you for answers, you have none. But when they come to you for advice, you're overflowing. Don't let yourself get creative with it, though. Stick to cold, hard reality.

A nagging voice in your head distracts you from what you really need to focus on at the beginning of the week. Try not to become overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility on your plate these days. Everyone else is feeling the same stresses. And besides, by Wednesday, those stresses are going to evaporate for you. You will feel more energized and balanced than you have in a while. Toward the end of the workweek, your eyes are on the bottom line. You're constantly thinking of ways to improve revenue. You'll be dreaming of moneymaking schemes all weekend.

This month you find what from the past has use and value, and you will profit from the experiences. The important parts of the present and future are made up of the past, you know. On July 5, a fortunate trine between the sun and retrograde Jupiter is apropos as far as helping you glean positive little capsules of experience that you need now.

On the ninth, ruling planet Venus moves to Virgo, and imagination and intuition are in high gear. This is prep time for the planet’s Libra transit in August.

On July 10, Jupiter turns direct in your sector of money and how you earn it. The luck and timing couldn’t be better. Two days later, the solar eclipse in your career sector stimulates upward mobility.

The seventeenth and eighteenth are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are on your side.

On July 25, Mercury turns retrograde (because everyone deserves a second chance). This is an optimum opportunity to reignite sources of support and friendship. The Aquarius lunar eclipse two days later goes along with the Venus-Pluto trine to deepen and regenerate connections.

Rewards (note the plural) are wrapped and waiting with your name on them next month.