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Sep 23 – Oct 22

Letting yourself get upset over old issues is letting someone else get the upper hand. Again. The best defense is no defense. In fact, your best bet is no response at all. Stay silent and stay present, and you'll be golden.

Doughnuts? Not a bad idea on Monday. Bringing a box of them into work would certainly brighten up the office. Just be careful you don't overindulge yourself. On Tuesday, no amount of powdered sugar is going to cover up all the unusual interpersonal conflict in the office, but Wednesday and Thursday the energy is returned to something more like normal and you'll find you get a lot done. The only way to get anything done on Friday, though, is to be extra disciplined. Give your all and then you won't feel guilty about having a strolling-through-a-snowy-park kind of weekend.

There’s no end to surprises in November, including creative opportunities. Perhaps you can escape from a creative block? But first, Sunday, November 4, is lucky day. Search and prepare resumes if you’re job hunting. Be sure to schedule interviews and meetings on Monday, another auspicious day.

Aries, your partnership “friend zone,” gets a return visit from Uranus. Someone (or something) pulls you back between the sixth through early March next year.

On November 7, the new Scorpio moon radiates energy in your sector of money and how you earn it. Creatively design a course of action that results in outcomes you want in the 30 days following the lunar phase. The next day, Sagittarius Jupiter tunes in to your favorable communication sign and is perfect for promoting innovative ideas that offer lucrative benefits over the next twelve months.

On the fifteenth, Mars is sensitive and soft-spoken in Pisces and your sign of work routine and co-workers. You’re in good company through the end of the year. Also, a few lucrative benefits could surface within two weeks of the November 22 Gemini full moon.

On the month’s last day, ruling Venus opposes Uranus and something new looks more attractive than something old. Next month comes quickly and passes quickly, but things won’t be the same.