Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Your life has been delightfully calm lately, but it turns out that's not exactly what you wanted, after all! A growing part of you is longing for some adventure, some conflict, some drama—something you can really sink your teeth into. Make it happen today by mixing up your regular routine and getting together with some fresh faces. Change your surroundings, and you'll increase your chances for excitement. Foreign travel is highly advisable, although even a trip to the park could yield some fun.

You’ll feel like you have the green light to act on your deepest emotions on October 17 when the emotional moon in your ninth house of higher learning forms a harmonizing trine to go-getter Mars in your sign. This can be not only incredibly empowering but fertile ground for making horizon-broadening moves that will have a resounding effect, like taking a class that could lead to an exciting job opportunity or signing up for a training related to a bold new wellness plan. You’ve got this!

Then, on October 20, the moon in your tenth house of career squares off against Mars in your sign, setting the stage for conflict with a higher-up. It’s possible that you simply aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on your visions, and clashing is an inevitable step along the way to figuring out the best way to proceed.

Power player Mars enters your subtle sign on October 3, creating indecisive energy. Don’t spend too long weighing the pros and cons of an opportunity, Libra, or you might miss out on it altogether.

Loving Venus enters intense Scorpio on the eighth, making you extremely determined when it comes to love and money. When you want something now, it’s difficult to stop you, so be sure you have clear-set goals before you start something that’s about to gain momentum.

Unexpected news concerning your love life can be challenging to deal with during the Venus-Uranus opposition on October 12, especially if it comes from out of the blue. Is it possible you’ve been wrong about someone or something this whole time? Staying busy dealing with the drama of it all might help delay the pain.

An uplifting Venus-Pluto sextile arrives on the twenty-fifth, giving you very strong persuasive skills. If you need to convince your boss you need a raise, or you want to win an argument against a friend or partner, you can do it now. Let your intuition guide you.