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Sep 23 – Oct 22

You're ordinarily far more concerned with home and family matters than with anything that involves your outer life. But right about now, you really will be thinking about only one thing: how to let the powers that be know you're entirely capable of getting the job done. Fortunately, you've been working so hard lately that even without knowing what you're doing at the moment, the higher-ups can't help but see your efforts. Give yourself a break – and soon.

What with all the rubber balls flying through the air on Monday, you'd best keep your head down. You have work to do, anyway. You can join in on the excitement – the party, the dodgeball game, whatever it is – on Tuesday. Wednesday is almost exclusively about you and you-know-who (either a romantic partner or a work partner) but Thursday is about your extended group of friends. On Friday, the gains you'll make materially will pale in comparison to the gains you'll make socially. The weekend finds you and your comrades talking almost nonstop.

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