Libra | Horoscope Expert


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Take a break from all the activity around you today, and try to find a quiet place to contemplate the things that have been happening. Time spent reflecting on your life is hardly ever time wasted. Things are going to be changing soon, and it's important for you to understand what you may be leaving behind. Appreciate it while you still have it in your life, because it won't be there forever. Good things are coming your way and you're understandably excited, but first you must be grateful.

You're not in the mood for anything superficial on Monday. What you need is an intellectual conversation. Find someone you like talking to – someone smarter than you – and let yourselves go. Wednesday and Thursday, you're more interested in getting things done than in dwelling on emotions, but that's not to say you should ignore the peripheral beauty that surrounds you – it can be inspiring. Friday and Saturday you long to be around creative people, and Sunday brings you more big-picture clarity than you've had in a while. The details will strike you as insignificant.

Up, Up, and Away