Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

The people you choose to associate with say a lot about who you are, so be aware of the company you keep. If you're growing attached to a person who's relatively new to your life, that connection will grow stronger today—either through a shared experience or a shared interest. To encourage this growth, make all of your conversations with this person sort of investigative. Ask a lot of questions, and you'll learn more about their life and your feelings about them.

An authority figure (most likely a boss) is a big part of your life at the start of the week. Do the right thing. Give them the respect they deserve. And when a blabbermouth starts in about something inconsequential, put your foot down. You're not a goody-goody; you're a person who cares about relationships. Relationships with friends in high places are crucial on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, kick off your shoes and give yourself a break after what will have most likely been a grueling week. Then spoil yourself this weekend.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, which isn’t the best news for you, Pisces. You love for things to just roll along smoothly, which is not what Mercury retrograde is all about. Use your famous imagination to retreat when reality gets too tough to deal with.

A Mars-Neptune sextile on the tenth points you in the right direction, but you must take the first step. Initiative isn’t always your thing, but if you want something (or someone) bad enough, you’ll figure out how to make the first move.

The bright sun enters Aries on March 20, but you don’t always vibe with the Ram’s driven, sometimes pushy attitude. You will benefit from some of the newfound courage you feel, but don’t overdo it. Venture out a little bit, but stay within your comfort zone.

Lovely Venus moves into your dreamy sign on the twenty-sixth, opening the door for romance. You’re tender, affectionate, and trusting, and you need someone who respects and adores you. If you’re not with that person or haven’t found them yet, know in your heart that’s what you deserve.

Mercury finally goes direct on March 28, giving you back the peace that you crave. Everything might not go back to normal right away, but you’ll settle for even the smallest relief it gives.