Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Pressure creates diamonds, they say — and if that's true, then you will be rolling in precious gems by the end of today! The good news is that you are totally prepared for the stress. All your ideas will work perfectly. There will be a few obstacles here and there, but nothing you can't handle with your usual humor, grace and wit. Be sure to take time in the middle of the day to pat yourself on the back!

Your imagination tends toward the fantasy realm on Monday, but there are some very real (and no less fascinating) storylines unfolding right before your eyes. Rather than being critical of a friend on Tuesday or Wednesday, consider how you might be able to help them. You have a yen to clean on Thursday, and tidying up the house gets you in the mood to tidy up other aspects of your life as well. If someone owes you some money, remind them on Friday. Saturday and Sunday – although you're feeling practical – aren't good days to sign paperwork.

It’s time to get down to business when chatty Mercury spends time in sensible Capricorn starting on January 4. Take advantage of your organized thought patterns to communicate detailed procedures to co-workers and bosses and verbalize final decisions to friends and family members.

You can’t (and shouldn’t) deny your feelings when the sensitive moon spends time in your emotional sign between the ninth and twelfth, but telling someone how you really feel might not go as planned. Drama could ensue, but it’s better to lighten your emotional load despite the potential fallout.

A Jupiter-Neptune square on January 13 could cause confusion if you let it, and indecision seems to follow you wherever you go. Is it wrong to be overly optimistic about a situation that hasn’t worked out in the past? Not necessarily. But ignoring potential negative outcomes doesn’t help either, Pisces.

A Saturn-Neptune sextile on the thirty-first ends the month with a self-reflecting vibe, and doing some soul searching helps you accept the things you haven’t been able to change. The future is hopeful despite what you’ve been through lately. Tomorrow is a new (and hopefully better) day.