Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Positive thinking can do a lot to make your life move in a better direction, but you cannot deny reality. If you're sure that luck will be on your side, then it probably will be—but keep in mind that luck doesn't always look the way you thought it would. Just be cautious, and know that while you can hope for the best, you also have to plan for the worst—and you have to be able to accept an outcome that's somewhere in the middle.

Even holding a lantern out in front of you won't help you see better right now – it'll illuminate the fog and make the glare brighter. If you can stand to sit in the dark on Monday and Tuesday, do it. Hey, maybe you'll get some good thinking done. Consider keeping the lights dim on Wednesday, too – a candlelit dinner is exactly your speed. Flowers, poetry, and clever stationery figure on Thursday, but Friday and Saturday are less floral and more frantic. Try not to become overwhelmed. And if you do feel overwhelmed, take solace in the knowledge that Sunday will be fun and regenerative.

Talkative Mercury spends time in patient Taurus starting on May 6, so your words are slow and steady. Be on the lookout for more conservative or traditional thinking than usual. You run the risk of becoming dangerously closed-minded now.

A sun-Neptune sextile on the ninth raises your sensitivity level and makes you susceptible to harsh words from people you thought you were close to. Is it possible you’re taking things too personally?

Authoritative Mars enters sensitive Cancer on May 15, so a lot of your decisions will be based on moods. Don’t announce you’ve made a final decision until you are 100 percent sure. And even then, wait a few more minutes!

The Gemini sun will be in the sky for a month starting on the twenty-first, furthering your somewhat flaky reputation. When the Twins are in the picture, you have an even harder time making up your mind.

The last day of the month brings a harmonious Venus-Saturn retrograde trine that makes you seek out people you can respect and trust. If you’re going to work with someone on a long-term project or pursue a long-term relationship with them, you want to be sure it starts out on solid ground.