Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Plan some alone time today. You need to relax and recharge. There will be plenty of days to hit the social scene, so make today about regaining your center.

If a friend, family member or coworker seeks out your opinion on a romantic matter at the week's outset, use your power of perception to divine what they're really asking for. A listening ear or a little sympathy may be all that's required. Then, around Thursday or Friday, it's time for some action of your own. The stars favor making a move. Do it – you can only think things through so much, and you never know what the reaction will be until you give it a whirl. The weekend's all about finding balance – don't forget that your life path encompasses many aspects. Give them all their due.

The happy sextile between Venus in dedicated Taurus and your ruler in your own sensual sign on May 2 helps you get your month off to a great start by encouraging you to indulge in your dreams and fantasies. And if you’re finally ready to turn one of them into reality, you have plenty of volunteers willing to help!