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Feb 19 – Mar 20

If you're bored with the dating scene, or maybe losing interest in new people, it could be time to hire a dating coach. Try a good friend or sibling, maybe – just pick someone who can motivate you and drag you out when you'd rather stay home!

Luck in love is a matter of being in the right place at the right time at the beginning of the week, so stay in motion and keep those eyes peeled. An unexpected Cupid could launch an arrow in your direction around Wednesday, making you ready for romance. This state of the heart looks terrific on you! Friday and Saturday bring daydreams about the future, but when it comes to your romantic path, try to keep the flights of fancy at least somewhat down-to-earth. Sunday's all about you – and whomever you want to share it with. Lucky them!

Neptune, your dreamy guiding planet, is retrograde all month, so it won’t be as easy for you to avoid reality. Like, for example, during the sun-Neptune retrograde opposition on September 7. It will be virtually impossible to ignore what this aspect uncovers. The last thing you want right now is confrontation of any kind because your confusion will make it hard to make a coherent argument.

The new Virgo moon on the ninth brings some much-needed order even if the earthy energy is a bit practical and dry for your tastes. This is a good time to tune in to the details and get down to business because your love life can benefit from some practicality after the confusion earlier in the month.

A Mercury-Neptune retrograde opposition on the thirteenth puts a lot of doubt in your mind about a current relationship, and your partner is bound to feel the tension. If you’re single and looking, rejection could be a real bummer right now. Wait until you’re more confident that you’ll get a yes before you make your move.

The sun enters beauty-loving Libra on September 22, and you identify with this airy sign’s charming approach to love. Life isn’t always like a romance novel, but right now you feel like you’re in one.