Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Are you the last of your group to join a new dating site? What are you waiting for? If it's working for them, it could work for you, too. Try it out. There's nothing to lose.

You're fabulous on Monday. Give the world plenty of opportunities to admire you, and watch for extra adoration from certain quarters. Stay tuned in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, too, lest you miss some interesting stuff in the real world while you're lost in your dreamy one. At the same time, watch out for an excess of romantic drama. End your hesitation in the love department on Friday and Saturday and just do it, whatever it is. Forward motion is the important thing now. Sunday brings an opportunity for romantic improvement. Grab it!

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 doesn’t exactly produce the most exciting energy, but love isn’t always passion and fireworks. It’s time to get serious about a certain aspect of your love life, Pisces, and this lunation provides you with the practical energy you need to set some long-term goals.

If you’ve had trouble getting the closure you need from a past relationship, Chiron going retrograde while in powerful Aries on the eleventh is your chance to face your fears and put an end to something once and for all. This transit gives you the confidence to stand up to whatever it is you’ve been so scared of lately.

Your shyness diminishes somewhat when the sun visits outgoing Leo, the sign it rules, starting on July 22, which can give your love life a great boost. When you’re able to lose some of your inhibitions, you can have a lot of fun!

There’s a trine between talkative Mercury and your dreamy home planet Neptune on July 30, supplying you with the imagination and creativity that you need to give your sex life a boost. If talking dirty or sexting isn’t your thing, play coy. Sometimes hinting at something is sexier than spelling it out.