Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Someone swoops in and saves the day. And you, you romantic creature, could easily mistake feelings of gratitude for feelings of romance if you're not careful. Weaving daydreams around this could be dangerous.

Make sure you speak your mind early this week – any delay could make a big difference! You ought to be able to find just the right words to express your heart's feelings, and you should get a really good response, no matter what you request. Though unexpected tasks and activities pop up all through Wednesday and Thursday, you still should find time to hang out with the right person. The weekend is the perfect romantic time for you, so make sure you've got at least one date or session of quiet time scheduled.

You know exactly what you’re looking for when destiny-driven Jupiter moves into determined Capricorn on December 2. You don’t always have the guts to go after what you want, but seeing it so clearly gives you the incentive to try a little harder now.

You’re more content to sit back and relax during the sun-Neptune square on the eighth, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship that’s fallen into a bit of a rut. Your tendency to see the glass as half empty can give you a sense of hopelessness that’s hard to break out of. Try to ignore the harsh realities enough to move past this unfortunate blip on your romantic radar, Pisces.

You have a lot of self-discipline as the sun moves into logical Capricorn on December 21, so why not use it to get your love life moving in a more positive direction? Even if things are okay now, they could always be better. Harness the Ram’s ability to climb to the top to take that next step, whatever it may be.

A lucky sun-Jupiter conjunction in determined Capricorn on the twenty-seventh reminds you that there really isn’t anything you can’t accomplish when you set your mind to it. Happy endings, “meant to be,” and storybook love all exist. You just have to believe in them.