Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Some nesting may be in order today. Put romance on the back burner (except for the mandatory browsing of the online personals) while you get your house in order and give yourself a little rest.

Monday and Tuesday are days when the gentle beauty of love is all around you – you've just got to use your special powers, namely communication and intuition, to tap into it. Midweek, everything's changeable, and a romantic situation that seemed solid could be shifting. Stay busy and don't commit to anything in particular. On Friday and Saturday, the chance for romance is back and even stronger than earlier in the week. Doing a little entertaining isn't a bad idea. Be sure you're aware of what's fantasy and what's reality on Sunday – it could be difficult to tell.

When Neptune, your ruling planet, forms an inopportune square to romantic Venus on May 7, it throws you for a loop. Nothing is certain, and you doubt yourself even more than normal. Are you doing the right thing? Are you making the right decisions? Wait until another time to put your final stamp of approval on anything love related.

A more favorable Jupiter-Neptune trine on the twenty-fifth highlights hope and compassion, and you feel comfortable taking a supporting role in current relationships. A perfect date for you and your current partner (or even a first date) is volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or charity of your choice. Watching each other perform acts of kindness is inspiring, and it reassures you that you’re with a kind and compassionate person (the kind with long-term potential).

Verbal Mercury leaves cautious Taurus for lively Gemini on May 29, changing the way you interact with current and potential partners. You can chat about almost anything, and you prefer to discuss trivial topics if they’re the only alternative to a dreaded uncomfortable silence. Despite all the words being exchanged, Pisces, is anything important really being said? Steer the conversation away from the inconsequential toward something more meaningful whenever possible.