Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Have fun today with a friend in dire need of an exciting adventure. Distract yourselves from life's little problems by doing something stimulating like spending the day at the amusement park!

Doing something healthy on Monday makes you feel all-around sexier, boosting that confidence. It's the kind of excellent energy you can use from Tuesday through Thursday, when the best romantic agenda is no agenda at all – other than being yourself and letting your soul shine. Plenty of time to analyze it all later – like this weekend, when you'll be given choices and the opportunity to point your love life in a lovely direction. Don't just stand there – pick your path, and who you want with you on it.

Your love life could get turned upside down with Mercury going retrograde on March 5. You don’t like confrontations and problems, which are exactly what Mercury retrograde can cause. It’s okay to escape into a daydream when reality gets too overwhelming.

The Mars-Neptune sextile on the tenth gives single Pisces a good idea about where to find love, but you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Pisces who are in committed relationships have a chance to do something new, but will you take the leap? Change is easier with your partner by your side.

The sun enters confident Aries on March 20, but you might be uncomfortable trying to manage the Ram’s virile power. You aren’t the pushy type, so you’re more likely to walk away from rejection than try again. And that’s okay.

Loving Venus moves into your imaginative sign on the twenty-sixth, when you’re easily able to dream up some very steamy romantic scenarios. Just because you can write a fabulous romance novel doesn’t mean you want to be the main character in it, though. Or do you?!

Mercury finally goes direct on March 28, leaving the romantic drama behind. It will be a while before things get completely back to normal, but at least you get a little relief.