Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Giving yourself a break is an important part of getting ahead. The daydreams of the future you'll indulge in will inspire you to work that much harder. Don't wait until it gets impossible to focus.

As much as you enjoy being a free agent, what you need at the start of the week is a leader. Someone to help you align your priorities and resources. On Tuesday, a sage individual encourages you to relax a bit, take a step back, daydream. On Wednesday, it's hard for you to focus, but this is a blessing in disguise: It keeps you open-minded and open to change. Thursday and Friday, in fact, are entirely about change, along the lines of self-transformation. You are rediscovering yourself – seeing your talents in a new, more meaningful light. Bask in this.

You’re in the midst of a very enlightening retrograde cycle in the house of your secret dreams. If you’re looking for a new job or business proposition, now is the time for your courageous sign to strike. The best way to direct your energy seems to be taking offers that seem unconventional.

This holds true especially as the full moon in the earth sign of Virgo brings many opportunities for you on February 27. You definitely need to be cautious and keep it moving! Trusting your instincts is the name of the game. If there is any sign meant to diverge from the beaten path, it is most definitely you.

A financial transaction could benefit you as Mercury goes direct in the airy sign of Aquarius and your house of visions on the twentieth. Your drive for success will be like none other this month, and it can open many doors with the connection of Jupiter in Aquarius and the north node in Gemini on February 26. This will take you back to the visions you began to implement and manifest in early 2020. Now it's time to let these major decisions emerge and take you to a whole other level along your career path.