Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

The time to start fresh is now. That means tossing some old, unprofitable ideas out the window. As long as you cut out only the ones that don't work for you, you're making a big improvement. It's when you start doing too much pruning that you have a problem.

Keep the gossip about the weekend to a minimum on Monday. There's some drama developing that you'll be glad not to be a part of. Offering your expertise is advantageous from Tuesday through Thursday, especially if you can do it without seeming overly critical. Your positive attitude and involvement come right back to you – call it workplace karma. Finances demand your attention on Friday and may even occupy you this weekend. Balance the books and do some additional budget forecasting to avoid an unexpected crunch later.

The month starts with you discussing ways to elevate your career when Mercury enters Gemini on May 3. Five days later, Venus enters Gemini, elevating your financial well-being. And the good professional vibes don’t stop there!