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Feb 19 – Mar 20

Is someone guiding the ship through the storm? Pay attention to your boss. They have information that you don't have. So if you think you know best, think again. In fact, don't say anything.

Creative work is favored on Monday, so brainstorm and think of concepts rather than getting into detail-oriented matters. Around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, leading meetings, giving presentations and teaching others new skills gives you a chance to truly shine. Your interpersonal skills are highlighted, too; if you've got something to ask your boss, now's the time. However, around Friday and Saturday, it's best to keep to yourself (and keep your opinions to yourself, too). Avoid gossip in particular. Make time to foster a work relationship a bit on Sunday – it'll be well worth it.

Over the past year, Jupiter, your ruler and the ruler of your career sector, has been transiting your career sector and bringing professional expansion and opportunities. You’ve achieved goals, and your ambitions have grown. In December, you’re setting your sights on new peaks.

On December 2, Jupiter enters Capricorn, ushering in a whole new phase of personal and professional expansion and freedom, expanding your community, networks, and reach. Also, if you’ve held a big vision or wish, especially regarding a professional ambition, hold on to your faith. This is a year in which you can manifest a small miracle. The sun is in your professional sector for the first three weeks of December, and you’re in a new professional cycle, asking that you clarify your goals. Set your sights high, but keep one foot on the ground.

As the Gemini full moon aligns on the eleventh, there are new doors and professional opportunities arising, but it will mean closing the door on a chapter of the past so you can expand. Consciously rise above childhood insecurities as you reach for your greatest potential. A guaranteed way to fail is to never try. If you try, there’s no telling what you can achieve!

The sun enters Capricorn on December 21, marking the solstice and shining a light on your aspirations and a situation within your professional community and networks that has been evolving since 2008 (especially since December 2017). At the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, you get a clean slate, opening new doors and expanding your world, community, and prospects. This is an ideal time to network, connect with peers, collaborate, and work on a social media campaign or presence. But it’s crucial that you are clear on your values and vision and you don’t follow the herd or join the rat race.

You’re being called to give back to the world in a meaningful way that unites and brings communities together rather than divides. Have faith in your vision and you can inspire the support you need from your community and the universe.