Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

You are projecting your inner thoughts, fears or desires onto someone else, but there's no need to change a thing. Reality won't get you as far as this particular motivator will. Use it for all it's worth.

As much as you enjoy being a free agent, what you need at the start of the week is a leader. Someone to help you align your priorities and resources. On Tuesday, a sage individual encourages you to relax a bit, take a step back, daydream. On Wednesday, it's hard for you to focus, but this is a blessing in disguise: It keeps you open-minded and open to change. Thursday and Friday, in fact, are entirely about change, along the lines of self-transformation. You are rediscovering yourself – seeing your talents in a new, more meaningful light. Bask in this.

Ideas you had last month serve you well, but consider expanding them in October. Here’s a hint: Go beyond old boundaries because things have changed.

On October 5, favorable Venus retrogrades in Scorpio (through mid-November) and your sector associated with a spirit of adventure as you again look for something to conquer – something to tackle passionately. This time you find it.

The sun aspects Neptune, dissolving any snags, on October 7 and October 8. On the ninth, Scorpio Mercury is an attractor with an accent on communication and expansion in the next few weeks. Take advantage of this transit and reach ahead of lucky Jupiter’s transit that occurs once every 12 years next month.

Friday, October 19, is a lucky late afternoon and evening with the moon in Pisces, when you should search and send out resumes if job hunting (after two in the afternoon, Pacific time) and schedule interviews and meetings. Saturday and Sunday are two more lucky days.

The sextile between fortunate Venus and business-oriented Saturn on the twenty-fourth draws the attention of helpful mentors and friends. Venus returns to Libra a week later, and surprisingly, the transit speeds the narrative when it comes to shared resources, helping you to make up your mind in light of changes.

Next month is fortunate because you can apply your experience to solidify your future.