Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

If you look at the bright side, it shouldn't be too hard to put a positive spin on this point in time. Life is giving you a little break, so spend it daydreaming about the future, not to mention resting up for it.

Expect a change in leadership early in the week. It might not be dramatic, just a shift in power toward someone different. You might be able to guide the process subtly. Midweek it will seem hard to focus on the mundane tasks at hand, but if you can get to work on a creative project or a free-form brainstorming session, you'll be in your element. By Friday you'll feel right at home wherever you are and able to devote your full attention to anything you like. Odds are you'll be in demand as people realize how on top of things you are.

Since December of last year, you’ve been in a phase of expanding your networks and furthering your ambitions. A situation that was peaking in January culminated last month, opening up the playing field and widening your audience. This month brings major opportunities to reach for your dreams, but it will require that you consciously let go of aspirations you’ve outgrown if you want to take this next step.

A financial situation is being highlighted, as are issues surrounding your self-esteem and self-worth. If you’re wondering where the resources for something will come from, become aware of your subconscious relationship with money. Financially, you’re in a safe position and have a support system from those near and far as you take a bold next step.

Midmonth brings a powerful turning point in a social situation. You’re known for the company you keep, so it’s important that you choose your associations wisely. It might call for making difficult choices, but avoid letting subconscious limitations dictate your decisions. Keep an open mind—there’s a lot more for you to learn. Then, armed with that information, you can make conscious choices. Something is not as impossible as you think, but you have to dare to dream.