Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Numbers don't lend themselves to poetry, but that's where you come in. Ply your trade, work your magic – describe it any way you need to, as long as you bring some art to the bottom line.

Be proactive about getting some emotional catharsis outside of work as the week begins. Exercise in particular calms and centers you and you'll be much more confident of appropriate actions and reactions. Speaking of which, around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, work's likely a less-said-the-better situation. Ask questions and draw various parties out – they'll be impressed by your intelligence (after all, you're listening to them) while you're gathering information. Then this weekend's perfect for forming more coherent, comprehensive ideas and plans.

Happy New Year! As you enter the year, Jupiter, your ruling planet and the planet that rules your career, is newly in Capricorn, marking a year of expansion in your ambitions and manifesting your dreams. With Mars in your professional sector, your career is likely on fire or heating up. Also, you’re in a Capricorn new moon and eclipse cycle, in a whole new phase liberating you to live the life you’ve dreamed of. Your community and social networks are highlighted. Make the effort to network, reach out to your community, and connect with others who can help you expand your vision.

Over the past 18 months, you’ve been in a longer phase of breaking down limitations in what you think is possible, questioning the need for validation from community and peers, and diving deeper into your authenticity. On January 10, the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse mark the culmination of this phase. There are new doors and opportunities opening, perhaps some that were previously shut. This is extremely creative energy, drawing you to take a few risks and asking for authenticity. Be clear on your goals, ambitions, and greater vision. Then you can make wise choices that take you closer to manifesting your dreams.

Also, Venus is currently in Aquarius, so there may be a sense of wondering where the resources or finances for something will come from. But you’re a visionary. Follow the muse and have confidence in your vision. You have the universe and silent benefactors working behind the scenes to bring you what you need. Just have a little faith and patience.