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Feb 19 – Mar 20

Everyone thinks they know best, but when the boss speaks, you're supposed to play right along with them. If, however, by some chance you find yourself letting your opinions be known, don't kick yourself for being a blabbermouth. Your honesty will be rewarded.

Call up an old mentor on Monday and explain your situation to them. If you need advice, you shouldn't be shy about asking for their time – if anything, they'll be thrilled you thought of them. Tuesday and Wednesday, in turn, you're in the mood to advise others, but try to give your wisdom to colleagues who actually want advice. Thursday and Friday, if you have more energy than you know what to do with, which you likely will, spend it on yourself. Take walks on your lunch breaks. And if someone wants to hear an idea of yours in a meeting, do the whole song and dance. Dazzle them.

This month’s events propel you forward. All paths are open after the July 31 Leo new moon sparks your curiosity and ideas.

On August 7 and August 8, you have opportunities to utilize your diplomatic skills. Efforts are worthwhile when the sun and Venus trine auspicious Jupiter.

The Aquarius full moon on the fifteenth is in your sign of self-limiting patterns. Step back and look at where you are after the new phase. The question is, did you stall yourself getting distracted by the wrong things?

August 16 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On the seventeenth, Mars strives for perfection in Virgo now. The last transit was two and one-half years ago in your partnership sign. How did it work for you then?

That said, Virgo Venus attracts others who help you on August 21. Don’t forget that Venus is also the planet of money.

On the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth, Mars and the sun tap in to the originality and strength of Uranus in trine aspect. Also on Thursday, Virgo Mercury rarely thinks outside the box. However, if you dare, you are spot-on.

The Virgo new moon on August 30 turns the tide in your partnership sign. Next month, you might need to remove yourself from a flawed situation.