Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Your analytical side is more prominent than your compassionate side, but even being strictly analytical, you can see why giving to others is a beneficial thing for you to do. You have to have all the facts before signing the check, though, so start digging into them.

Why everything seems so tough for your coworkers is really beyond you – all you have to do is snap and your work is done. At least, that's how you feel on Monday and Tuesday. Be humble. Recognize that everyone has a different set of talents. On Wednesday, if you have some extra time in the afternoon, stop by a colleague's office and see if there's any way you can lighten their load. Thursday's perfect for thinking up a grand plan for the future of the business. On Friday, you get to put your feet up on the desk and think about something more important: yourself.

Life is an adventure, and you create a few of your own in June. Think daring moves on June 3. It’s literally the dawning of light under the inventive Gemini new moon that inspires you throughout the 30 days following the phase.

On the seventh, Cancer Mercury sextiles Uranus to activate your creativity, risk-taking, and communication signs. Lucky Venus enters Gemini the next day in your sign of core strength (stability).

Mars trines Neptune on June 13 and June 14, which could not be better as far as stimulating the essence of dreams and channeling energy (with help from career-oriented Saturn).

Jupiter in your career sign squaring Neptune on the sixteenth is positive if you itch to make changes in light of all of the above. You have even more opportunities.

The sextile between Saturn and ruler Neptune on June 18 adds clarity, translating the stuff between the lines and helping you make a simple and direct effort. Neptune retrogrades on the twenty-first. Go back and try again.

June 22 through June 24 are lucky. Any field is the right one in which to run free. On the twenty-sixth, Mercury is theatrical in your sign of work routine. In this light, things change dramatically and continue to do so next month.