Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment you realized you didn't need anything else to be happy, but the fact is clear as day to you now. All the money you make from now on is gravy. It's time to find new incentive or leadership to keep you moving forward.

Knowledge and numbers are useful to a point, but on Monday and Tuesday they're nearly worthless. You are functioning on a highly intuitive level in every area of your life – and work is no different. Wednesday and Thursday are particularly confusing days (work is both overwhelming and uninteresting), and instead of going out in the evening you may want to hole up at home with a book of poetry and a home-cooked meal. That's the mood you'll be in. All of that changes Friday – an expansive, rewarding day both at work and in your personal life. Saturday will be the same.

It’s all about experience, and the more the better. Expertise makes you a specialist in November. Venus returns to Libra and you begin the month focused on sharing resources.

On November 6, the trine between the sun and Neptune restores creative juices over the next few days. On the eighth, Jupiter begins a once-every-twelve-years transit in your career sign, bringing fortunate events.

Welcome motivating and energetic Mars to Pisces on November 15. The sixteenth and seventeenth are lucky days. On Friday, search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. This is the opportune time to schedule interviews and meetings.

On November 16, The direct turn of Venus in your sector of shared resources offers opportunities to deal with financial issues. Mercury’s retrograde turn offers the chance to make alternate plans with luck on your side. Saturday is just as fortunate.

Your ruling planet Neptune’s direct turn on the twenty-fourth stimulates flights of imagination. Note the ideas. On November 26, it’s futile to argue points when thinking Mercury squares sensitive Pisces Mars. (Bear in mind that while it takes two to argue, often one imaginative Pisces can solve the problem). Next month’s focus is on solutions and the evidence to back them up.