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Feb 19 – Mar 20

Don't let the day be spent lost in dreams. People around you are having fun and there are plenty of ways to join in. Most of them don't require a penny, but if money becomes an issue, move on to another activity. As long as it's ethereal, it's worth participating in.

Brainstorming and blue-sky meetings are much more your speed than plugging away at mundane tasks early this week. Free up some time to find a brilliant, creative solution to a lingering issue. From Wednesday through Friday, you're a great performer and the world of work is your stage; entertaining clients or networking is a breeze. Schedule your work-related social engagements accordingly. This weekend, minding your own business is a far better idea than getting drawn into office politics. Politely disengage from any gossip that finds its way to you.

January’s transits empower when planets lend cosmic hands to help you accomplish things, if you let them. On January 4, the sun sextiles Pisces-ruling Neptune. It’s time to shine, especially since you also have the help of the Capricorn solar eclipse to enhance your sector of wishes, dreams, and friends on the fifth. It is “we” energy (mentors, too). One message is to not lose sight of your priorities in the 30 days following this key phase by zoning in on your main concerns.

Synchronously, on January 7, fortunate Venus transits Sagittarius and your career sector, bringing an admiring audience with her. The ninth and tenth are lucky days to schedule meetings and interviews. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

On January 13, optimistic Jupiter squares ruling Neptune, two more auspicious planets motivating you over the next ten days.

The lunar eclipse on the twentieth joins a square between fortunate Venus and Neptune, the dissolver, in case there are any barriers in your way.

On January 31, serious Saturn sextiles intuitive Neptune and they introduce opportunities for important connections if you invest the energy. It’s a start to the first of February when you should be aware of signs of future direction and then advance the action