Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Spread the wealth, in whatever form it manifests itself. You have too much energy to focus only on yourself. You can assist others and treat yourself well all at the same time.

If there's some way you can be artistic at work on Monday, go for it. Creating and communicating figure strongly at the start of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday, however, are much more nuts-and-bolts, just-the-basics, nose-to-the-grindstone workdays. And you're entirely capable of handling them. Thursday and Friday your job takes on the nature of a performance. The reaction you inspire in others can only be described as a standing ovation. You're a celebrity at the end of the week. You're a star this weekend, too.

Ready, set, adapt and fix a flawed situation this month. Step one is to investigate. Find out what it really is and then determine whether you need to remove yourself from it. The August 30 Virgo new moon in your partnership sign was a clue. Is someone offering solutions or are they the (or a major part of the) problem?

On September 4, be careful with choices as responsive Venus opposes surreptitious Neptune. Contemplate and settle—don't patch—issues between the fifth and the eighth.

The solar opposition with ruling Neptune on the tenth pumps you up. Enjoy gifts of lucky days on September 12 and September 13. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Meet with people and play a leading role.

Saturn boosts concentration after a direct turn in your goals, wishes, and important connections sign on the eighteenth. On September 21, did you decide to make a break? Lucky Jupiter squaring ruling Neptune in your career sign promises a fortunate parting of the ways.

The aspect between lucky Venus and Neptune on the twenty-seventh heralds a new cycle. The Libra new moon the next day activates your shared resources sign. The latter being next month’s focus of your attention.