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Feb 19 – Mar 20

Daydreaming can help you visualize a better future for yourself, so today going off to fantasyland could be a very effective use of your free time. Focusing only on your day-to-day routine offers no stimulation whatsoever, no matter how interesting your days have been lately. Your mind needs to escape to a worry-free place where anything is possible and the world can be whatever you want it to be. You will find that escape through your vivid imagination.

You are swimming in cloudy waters on Monday and Tuesday, and some of the fish nearby are starting to appear suspiciously more like sharks. Are they sharks? Do they have your best interests at heart? No sense in getting paranoid but pay attention this week – especially on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday has you so surrounded by friends that there's very little chance anyone would be able to sneak up on you, and Saturday (an easy day) and Sunday (an intellectually stimulating day) offer a lot in the way of pleasure.

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