Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Expect to feel a conflict now between the instinct to mind your own business and the desire to really get involved – with someone else's business, or in a deep discussion, or in some impromptu drama (maybe work-related). There's a lot going on, and you could be about to add to it in a big way. This may or may not be a good thing; you might want to tune into your instincts about whether to proceed and how much to spill.

Some controversy will start the week; stand up for what you believe, even if those in power may disagree. Luck will be in your side. Just make sure to be diplomatic and tactful – you'll need to form your words carefully. Some of your seldomly used skills will come in handy in the middle of the week when you answer an unexpected cry for help from a friend. Their gratitude will give you a nice, warm feeling. Why not pop out this weekend and buy yourself something lavish and unnecessary? You deserve it.

Things are not all right with your world when your home planet, compassionate Neptune, squares loving Venus on May 7. This difficult transit puts these two gentle planets at odds with each other, the result being poor self-image and distorted reality. At the same time, you have a heightened need for affection, which can be a disappointing mix. Wait a while before starting anything serious with someone new, and don’t expect an existing friend or partner to tell you the whole truth.

A Jupiter-Neptune trine on the twenty-fifth brings out your compassionate, charitable side, enhances spiritual experiences, and heightens social interactions, especially when they’re centered around doing good for others. You can make a lasting impression on someone with your incredibly giving actions during this transit, but you don’t do what you do for recognition (but you do enjoy the feeling you get from knowing you make the world a slightly better place).

Communicative Mercury spends time in agile Gemini on May 29, making you a bit more assertive when it comes to standing up for what you want (and deserve). It might be surprising how the right words just pop into your head exactly when you need them. You could get used to this newfound eloquence!