Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

A relationship that you thought was broken beyond all repair still has some life in it. Figure out how you can put it on the road to recovery. There are two people involved in this messy situation, and each of you has your own apologies to make. Be a hero and be the first one to extend an olive branch. Call or e-mail them today. Let them know you're thinking about them and be honest about how you feel. Let down your guard and speak from the heart.

You might do well to hold your tongue or, at the very least, consider a far more diplomatic approach to communication on September 24 when messenger Mercury in your eighth house of emotional bonds and joint resources opposes go-getter Mars in your second house of income. That’s because money issues, especially those in which love ones are involved, could pave the way for a tense conflict. But striking a softer, more patient tone can help you keep the peace. 

And then while communicator Mercury moves forward through your ninth house of higher learning from September 27 to October 13, before going retrograde there, you’ll do well to research interesting ways to hone your professional skill set, as it could ultimately lead to advancing your career. 

The full moon in your compassionate sign on September 1 is a sign for you to be more empathetic and caring toward your fellow humans. If pets are on your mind, consider volunteering at a shelter or giving your time or money to an animal welfare organization whose views align with yours. No matter how you help, your efforts matter.

Loving Venus enters outgoing Leo on the sixth, giving you a bigger voice and allowing you to take the initiative regarding love and money. Big moves aren’t usually your style, but right now you feel confident and empowered. Go for it, Pisces!

When driven Mars goes retrograde in equally powerful Aries on the ninth, it has the opposite effect. A dip in your energy could have you questioning whether or not you can finish a project you just started, and a lack of motivation hurts your confidence. You’ll pull out of this slump, but it might be a while.

Success-driven Saturn goes direct in hardworking Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, pulling you out of your tailspin and setting you back on track in both personal and business pursuits. Your goals are crisp and precise, leaving you little wiggle room, which is just what you need to reach the success you’re looking for.