Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

If the past few days have been emotionally overcast and full of clouds, you can turn that all around today—if you want to. Sometimes, staying in a blue mood can help you process your feelings more effectively. You don't always need to run away from sadness. But if you are done with being in the doldrums, call up a friend and see what's up with them. They have a great plan for the two of you, so say 'yes' and jump right back into socializing.

Sitting down with higher-ups to go over your goals—both short- and long-term—might be your main goal while communicator Mercury moves through your tenth house of career from December 9 to 28. You can use language and self-expression to drive home any powerful message you want them to hear, whether that’s related to taking on more responsibility or doing what you must to earn additional recognition.

Then, you’ll feel driven to express yourself creatively and expand your horizons on December 13 when go-getter Mars in your ninth house of adventure forms a harmonizing trine to spiritual Neptune in your sign. Letting your imagination run wild and then actually acting on your daydreams might very well feel like the right way to make the most of this moment. If your intuition says yes, go for it!

When Jupiter moves into serious Capricorn on December 2, you’ll be looking for more concrete results than you expected during its turn through easygoing Sagittarius. You might be able to rely on a sprinkling of good luck here and there, Pisces, but it comes connected to hard work and effort rather than on its own, out of the blue.

You could develop a case of the lazies during the sun-Neptune square on the eighth, and you might have a hard time getting motivated. Hypochondria is another issue that might come up now, leaving you to wonder what else could possibly happen. The good news is that most of it is probably in your head.

The shining sun enters persistent Capricorn on December 21, encouraging you to keep moving forward toward an important personal or professional goal. If you’ve felt like giving up lately, this transit should renew your drive.

A fortunate sun-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh enhances your sense of destiny and renews your belief in “meant to be.” Were you just thinking about someone before they texted? Were you having a hard time making a decision when you found out that one of the options was suddenly off the table? There are no coincidences now, Pisces.