Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

You're going to have to learn the delicate art of multitasking over the next couple of days, but you're as flexible as a person could possibly be, so that won't be much of a problem for you. The good news is that all the lovely things you'll be juggling may include arranging to spend time with a certain lovely someone you encounter under coincidental circumstances. But then, there's really no such thing as coincidence, is there?

Love and beauty abound at the beginning of the week: romantic notes, poetry, artwork, delicious dinners – you get the picture. If you're single, this energy may manifest itself in a few days of incredible creativity. Creativity will carry you through the week, actually, although Wednesday and Thursday are days of business and mutability. The moment you finish building a house of cards, someone breezes into the room and it topples. Alas... life. Don't be too specific in your hopes for Friday, and you won't be disappointed by what comes your way. This weekend will be barrels of fun.

When Venus enters Aquarius on February 1, she encourages you to embrace your individuality, especially when it comes to money and matters of the heart. You don’t always have a ton of confidence in these areas, but when you let your unique personality shine, you’ll be surprised by how capable you actually are.

When Mars sextiles your ruler Neptune on the thirteenth, romance is in the air. Are you with your ideal partner? If you are, spoil them rotten. If you’re not, do you have an idea of what they look like or what their personality is like? Your dreams and visions are incredibly helpful tools now, Pisces. Don’t ignore signs that will lead you to happiness.

The sun leaves quirky air sign Aquarius and partners with your gentle, introverted sign on February 18, giving you a month of quiet introspection and alone time. Use your free time to curl up with a good book, bake some bread, give yourself a pedicure, or take ridiculously long bubble baths. Give yourself permission to stop taking care of others long enough to pamper yourself.

Venus enters your peaceful sign on the twenty-fifth, so you’ll do just about anything to avoid confrontation of any kind. When it comes to love and money, you might have to address some issues, but for the next three weeks you prefer to look at the positives instead of the negatives.