Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Life is working out just fine at the moment, and you're ready to celebrate. Now, when things go along this well, it's usually because two particular areas are as close to perfect as possible, and those areas are love and money. If that's the case, how about letting everyone else in on your secret? The rest of the planet would just love to know how to get both those departments working smoothly at the same time.

Just because you start a new project doesn't mean you have to see it through. Don't be so concerned about the end product on Monday. Just dive in. You'll figure out where you're going later – and, again, you can always switch gears. Tuesday and Wednesday you'll be at a loss on the where-am-I-heading front – bewilderment, fog and camouflage all figure strongly – but Thursday or Friday a sweet note from someone you love brings you back to solid ground. This weekend, fill the bath with bubbles and turn off the phone.

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