Pisces | Horoscope Expert


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Every day offers a bounty of new experiences, but you usually don't have the time or energy to explore them all. Luckily, you'll have both today! Pick a new adventure to go on and go at it with everything you can. Do whatever fits your mood—if you're feeling mellow, start an ambitious book that's been on your list for way too long. If you're feeling active, take a jog through a park you don't visit often enough. Act on whatever's been in the back of your mind for a long while.

Monday is your lucky day. So is Tuesday, in fact. Don't rush out and buy a lottery ticket – it's not that kind of luck – but notice how the small things seem to be going your way? This is partly unrelated to you and it's partly a reflection of all the positive energy you've been putting out there lately. If someone needs your help on Wednesday, you're happy to give back. Drop whatever you're doing. On Thursday and Friday, even the toughest tasks are a snap. This weekend, you'd like to work magic for as many people as possible, but you can only fit so many tricks up your sleeve.

The Mars-Pluto square on February 1 gets your month off to a more aggressive start than you’d like, especially since it brings uncomfortable confrontations. If you feel threatened, retreat.

The moon moves into your gentle and compassionate sign on the fifth, giving you permission to drift and dream. It’s nice to forget about your worries for the hours you’re asleep. Just lie back and enjoy the vivid movies that your subconscious provides.

Mercury moves into your sign on February 10, so your first thought is often the most accurate one. Why do you second-guess yourself so much when you’re one of the most intuitive signs around? Trust your inner voice to show you the way.

A Mercury-Neptune conjunction in your sign on the nineteenth could be quite confusing, depending on what you choose to believe. Your mind has a way of playing tricks on you now, so ask someone you trust to help you find the truth among the illusions.

The moon spends time in jealousy-prone Scorpio on February 23 and February 24, so you might not be as happy as you seem for someone who gets what you wanted. You put up a good front, but why can’t you have what they have? You’ll get your turn eventually, Pisces.