Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Someone who is relatively new to your life has more admiration for you than you might have thought. Have you noticed any lingering glances – or any coincidental meetings that might not be so coincidental? Play this situation however you wish. If you want to drag out the drama and act like you have no idea about what's going on, feel free! But if you are ready to explore things a bit more, today is the day to meet that lingering glance and see what happens.

Say what you mean – no one will be offended. And if they are offended, well, they'll get over it. Communication is good on Monday, and it's good on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. This is a busy, no-nonsense week. If things aren't clicking on Thursday, it has more to do with mismatched energy than with a failing on anyone's part. No matter what, your relationships are the key to success and happiness – don't let them go by the wayside just so you can achieve a silly goal or two. This weekend, the sun is smiling down on you, even if it's cloudy out.

When your ruler Venus starts spending time in passionate Scorpio on December 2, your love life intensifies. Your commitment level is higher than usual, and if you’re single, you might be thinking of settling down. Your observational skills are on point, allowing you to gather important information about whatever (or whomever) you’re pursuing.

The new moon in your free-spirited sign on the seventh allows room for expansion and growth, and it’s important not to limit yourself in any way. If you don’t fully immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing, you’re missing the point of the entire experience.

A Venus-Saturn sextile on December 16 brings out your desire for platonic companionship. Spending time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or a relative you’ve been missing fills a void that romantic love can’t.

The Mercury-Neptune square on the twenty-fourth reminds you to stick to the basics when communicating because anything you try to do to go above and beyond could backfire. This isn’t the time to go to extremes, Sagittarius. Say what’s on your mind, but let your actions do most of the talking for you.