Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

The travel bug just bit you again, and bit you hard. Scratching that itch in a big way may feel like the only option, but before you quit your job, sublet your place and buy that one-way ticket, you might want to try a smaller-scale solution. A really fun, really random day trip might help – one where you leave right now, with or without an adventurous friend, and go in a random direction. Why not stretch it out into tomorrow?

You might get a bit teary-eyed when a friend you admire makes a special effort to show you how much they admire you! It's going to be that kind of week – lots of warm, fuzzy feelings. If you feel it, say it – that's your mantra. Money, or your lack of it, is on your mind as some big bills are due. A small adjustment – making your own lunch, for example – could make a big difference. By the time the weekend comes, you might feel a bit emotionally exhausted, but that shouldn't stop you from getting out and painting the town red. There are many people who want to meet you.

With the sun opposing your power planet, Jupiter (retrograde), on May 8, things seem to fall into place in an eerie way. You know that feeling when everything seems a little too good to be true? Yup, this is the one. The problem is, if you get used to that lucky shadow following you around, you won’t know how to act once it’s gone. It’s nice to have some good things go your way, but try to make your own luck, too.

There’s a Mercury-Jupiter opposition sending out mainly positive energy on the twenty-third, but again, everything isn’t always as it seems. Making assumptions and skipping over details can lead to some big mistakes, and do-overs aren’t very likely if you neglect to follow directions or skip certain steps. You might want to consult a professional if the job isn’t something you think you can take on yourself.

A full moon in your farseeing sign helps bring the month to a satisfying close on May 29, and you can be happy with your current accomplishments, as well as look forward to future endeavors. You don’t know what the future holds, but it looks promising.