Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

As you well know, life is a series of extended vacations that we're fortunate enough (hopefully) to take alongside a number of carefully chosen, well-suited travel companions – aka our friends, family members and select strangers that don't stay in that category for long. You're due to meet someone new and wonderful now – at least one new someone, that is – who'll want to go along for the ride on the next leg of your trek. Ready?

You are feeling a bit slow at the beginning of the week, most likely because the weekend was exhausting and you're still stuck in a sort of dreamland. But starting Tuesday you'll be bounding out of bed every morning. You may even be bouncing off the walls. You are a true original, and when someone asks you for your opinion on Thursday, you are going to give it to them, no holds barred. People love you for your directness. Continue to communicate in bold ways over the weekend, even with people you barely know. You make friends quickly.

Love is the focus during the Venus-Saturn trine beginning on April 7. Commitments and long-term partnerships are favored over flings, but single Archers can benefit from this union as well. Try looking outside of your normal circle or going someplace new to meet potential love interests. Meeting new people is always advantageous even if it doesn’t end in a love connection.

A Venus-Jupiter opposition makes things appear just slightly better than they are on the seventeenth, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. When was the last time you were disappointed in the results after giving something 100 percent of your dedication and effort? There are many reasons to be proud even when you don’t attain the level of success that you or others expect.

A Mercury-Saturn square on April 25 makes paying attention to details essential, and you may not be able to rely on anyone else to help you get the job done. That’s why your thoroughness is absolutely imperative, especially if you want all the credit after you complete an assigned task.

A potentially destructive Mars-Pluto combo warns you to avoid standing in the shadows on the twenty-sixth. If you stay in the light, you should be able to avoid unsafe situations and dicey dilemmas.