Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Why hire or ask someone to do something for you when you can do it yourself? Sure, it may be more convenient to send your laundry out, have a restaurant chef cook your meal, let a maid service clean your home, or pay someone to walk your dog—but is it necessary? You run the risk of isolating yourself from your own life right now, and that could cause you to feel disconnected from others. You need to get back to the basics, roll up your sleeves and expel the energy it takes to run your life.

You’ll be looking back on any money-related lessons you’ve learned over the past five months after September 18 when taskmaster Saturn ends its retrograde and moves forward in your second house of income. You might very well have your priorities more in check now than you did back in April, so bear that in mind as you push ahead on your most ambitious hustles.

And you might be compelled to plan a special get-together with loved ones or want to dive into an involved project related to your home on September 21 when lucky Jupiter in your sign forms a harsh square to mystical Neptune in your fourth house of home life. But your tendency now is to take on more than is realistic at the moment and to potentially fail to see specifics that can make or break the end result. You'll do well to wait until you have more clarity before plowing ahead.

Have you been working hard without having enough fun lately? The Venus-Jupiter square is here on September 2 to change all that. Don’t get so caught up in partying that you forget about all your other responsibilities, though. Balance is still important.

A stressful Mercury-Jupiter square on the sixth makes you question past decisions, especially if you felt distracted or pressured into them. It might be too late to change your mind, but you can still fix the situation. Avoid putting the blame on others.

A sun-Jupiter square on September 8 is a double-edged sword that can make you feel extremely confident and proud one moment but then pay for being a little too full of yourself the next. The key to this transit is moderation, especially if you have tendencies to go overboard and lose control easily.

An embarrassing situation can be a test of how seriously you take yourself during the Jupiter-Neptune square on the twenty-first, so don’t worry so much about saving face that you make an even bigger spectacle of yourself. Cut your losses and move on without making a scene whenever possible.