Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

The stars are giving you a chance to go back into the past and perhaps right a wrong. Do some deep soul searching before approaching an ex.

You're on a different wavelength than your partner or someone else significant in the realm of romance on Monday, and it's a little mystifying. Talk it out. This could take you to interesting new places. Love smiles on you from Tuesday through Thursday. These are great times for your trademark adventures. Friday and Saturday are more low-key, perfect for mellow moments with someone sweet or friends. Sunday kicks off a couple days when the world loves you more than ever!

If you’ve got any plans on July 4, the full moon and lunar eclipse in responsible Capricorn could spoil them. Is it possible to ignore your sense of duty in exchange for a good time? Yes. But will you sleep well knowing there are things left on your romantic to-do list? Probably not.

The new moon in creative Cancer arrives on the twentieth, giving you all kinds of new ideas to implement to improve your love life. Because there is a lot of energy surrounding family and home now, be sure to focus on those topics and how they affect your current love life. Buying a new home could be in your and your partner’s near future, or if you’re single, a cousin or sibling might be instrumental in finding you a match.

The energy is charged when the sun is welcomed in Leo, the sign it rules, on July 22, so get ready for some fireworks. The coming month should have enough fun, drama, and passion to boost even the most boring love life!

A Mercury-Jupiter opposition on the thirtieth makes you falsely confident, which could result in some awkward romantic moments. A badly timed comment or move is hard to overcome, and pretending it didn’t happen probably isn’t an option. Laugh it off if possible.