Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Keep your daytime dates simple, like wandering outdoors, people watching, or just a walk and a snack. Later tonight, your curiosity isn't killing any cats. In fact, it's downright charming!

Luck's on your side from Monday through Wednesday, and your imaginative style of communication makes for all kinds of romantic possibilities. Why say it with flowers when you have so many more unique ideas? A challenge may present itself around Thursday or Friday, when you want to think big and a certain someone (or the world in general) seems hopelessly small-minded. Be sweet about it, rather than sour, for your karma's sake. This weekend, your romantic ideals and aspirations are favored – and your path toward your hopes and wishes is all kinds of fun.

Taurus hosts the sun early this month, ensuring that you take your romantic duties very seriously. There’s still room for fun (mostly in the form of luxurious pampering), but the overall tone for Archers in relationships is committed and forward focused. Single Archers, it’s time to show what a great and dedicated partner you could make someone someday!