Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Making someone laugh can be the quickest way to their heart, and you're extra funny now. Deploy your favorite joke at an opportune moment or just point out the hilariousness of the world.

A secret or a surprise may be on the way as the week begins. What are the romantic implications? You're looking good and feeling good, so sort out the sweet stuff. A conservative approach may be out of character for you, particularly when it comes to your love life, but you might want to take it slow on Wednesday and Thursday. Do what feels right, and don't let anyone rush you. Interpersonal matters go great this weekend, and sharing ideas could get you and a certain someone all heated up. Have a brainstorming (and heart storming!) session.

You love to make big romantic plans during the new Gemini moon on June 3, but will you follow through with them? Not always. You’ve got a lot of thoughts swirling through your head thanks to the restless energy of the Twins, but finishing what you start isn’t your greatest strength now.

Destiny is calling during the lucky sun-Jupiter retrograde opposition on the tenth, reminding you that some things are meant to be. Have you experienced love at first sight? Do you feel a magnetic attraction to the stranger you sometimes see in the elevator at work? Did you share an incredible story of coincidence with your partner? Fate is real.

You’re a creative soul during the Mars-Neptune trine on June 14, and this is what drives you midmonth. Paint a portrait of your lover, or write and illustrate a comic book starring you and your work crush. Find your favorite medium and express your love imaginatively and artistically!

There’s a full moon in your travel-loving sign on the seventeenth, so you could find love (or rekindle it) on a work trip or personal vacation. There’s something about being in a different place that lets you experience love in its purest form. You’ll have to get back to reality eventually, but for now, just enjoy the possibilities of your new surroundings.