Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

For you, romance always goes together with fun. Take that friendship to the next level by going out on a date that brings back positive childhood memories. Try the zoo, or go rollerblading in the park.

Dream on as the week begins – your subconscious is fertile now. Sleep in if you can and set aside time for musing during the day – your heart's sending messages if you just listen in. You'll be plenty extroverted again around Wednesday and Thursday, checking out everything (and maybe everyone) around you. The world's loving your attention, and you're getting some back for sure. This weekend, it's less about romantic philosophizing or ideals than it is the reality right in front of you – which may be sweeter than any abstract idea.

Commitment-focused asteroid Juno goes direct in your own fiery sign on August 2, which might increase your worry when it comes to infidelity and affairs. Even if you aren’t in a long-term commitment, your insecurity now can cause you to become jealous and insecure around someone you really like. Unfortunately, your intolerance now could very well be a relationship deal breaker.

Looking more on the bright side, there’s a new moon in fellow fire sign Leo to look forward to on the eighth. Although there’s a lot of drama surrounding your love life now, you secretly love the attention. Bring it on!

The stressful opposition between loud Mercury in Leo and your ruler Jupiter in offbeat Aquarius on August 10 puts you in the mood to embellish the truth, but doing so won’t win you any points with your partner or the person you’re interested in. Resist the urge to make a story more exciting by exaggerating or straight-up lying about the details.