Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

With your busy life, you don't have time to get bored! Things should continue at this manic pace for at least a week. The sweetest part is that you could meet someone who can actually keep up with you!

What you’re craving is emotional depth and understanding this week. On February 23, the moon in your eighth house of intimacy will form a trine with Neptune in your warm fourth house, pushing you to fall for someone who makes you feel comfortable with your feelings. You don’t care about superficial small talk or shallow dating preferences. This week, the cosmos is showing you how amazing it feels to date someone who has a strong grasp of empathy.

On February 25, you might feel like canceling your lofty plans and getting domestic. With the sun in your fourth house of home and hearth as it forms a sextile with Uranus in your sixth house of service, it’s a beautiful time to stay in and get things done around the house. Who said cooking dinner together and organizing your bookshelves couldn’t be totally romantic? Don’t forget to light some incense and candles to set the mood.

However, the full moon might pull you away from your cozy space by February 26. Landing in your tenth house of public image as it opposes Venus in your private fourth house, you may feel torn between keeping up with appearances and lounging in the wonderful dream world you’ve created with your lover.

The sun is matched with intelligent Aquarius early this month, making you search for fellow knowledge seekers for partnership and adventure. A deep philosophical discussion can lead to a lot more now, and you’re quite taken by anyone who can keep up an intelligent conversation with you about current events or politics.

The conjunction between romantic Venus and your home planet lucky Jupiter on February 11 puts you in a great position to find true love, especially when you aren’t looking for it. Magical things just seem to happen to you, and your friends are in awe of your amazing luck. If you’re already in a great relationship, it will be especially rewarding now.

The powerful sun leaves offbeat Aquarius and moves into watery Pisces on the eighteenth, highlighting your selfless, charitable side. You’ll have a knack for knowing why your partner is hurting now, or why your crush needs you to be understanding as you get to know them better. Your willingness to lend a sympathetic ear is one of your greatest traits now.

A full moon in health-conscious Virgo on February 27 gives your love life a healthy boost. If you’re single, meet potential new dates while walking at lunch or shopping for organic produce. If you’re taken, commit to getting in better shape together. Do a juice cleanse or plan to run every night after dinner.