Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

That funny feeling you've got—could it be a fever? Or have you been bitten by the love bug? In any event, don't plan on getting a lot done; you'll be busy daydreaming and meandering. It is fun and nothing serious.

Monday and Tuesday are banner days in the romance department. You're so excited you feel like a kid again. It's not an entirely unfamiliar feeling to you, but one you always welcome. Really lean into the gushy fun you have at the start of the week, because the rest of the week is a wash, lovewise. Wednesday and Thursday are nothing but functional. There are things you have to do, and you do them. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are more interesting – you have smart friends who make you think – but they're nothing compared to Monday and Tuesday.

Have you had a hard time interacting with your partner lately? Communication gets better now that Mercury, the ruler of information and technology, has stopped spinning retrograde. And single Archers can once again rely on dating apps now that misunderstandings and technical glitches are few and far between with Mercury direct in emotive Cancer.

Expansive Jupiter goes direct on the eleventh, giving you reason the enthusiasm and optimism to take something to the next level. Fate might have determined where you are now, but you can change your destiny going forward if you desire.

Romantic Venus isn’t comfortable when she meets up with logical Virgo on August 21, but on the plus side, you’ll be able to clearly see what is and isn’t working in your love life. You might be criticized for taking such a dry approach, but why waste time on a relationship that has no chance of going the distance?

The sun enters Virgo’s critical sign on the twenty-third, causing you to look at people with a very discerning eye. Single Sagittarians might decline an invitation from someone simply because their outfit doesn’t match. Attached Archers can be overly analytical, which can get old. Accepting your partner for who they are will make you happier.