Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

You don't have to go off the deep end philosophically to get where that new person is coming from. Mention some meaningful current event and let them elaborate to see what they've got to say.

You are definitely in the mood for love at the beginning of the week. The stars are pretty much gift-wrapping whatever it is your heart desires and expediting it to your door. Wednesday and Thursday could bring a little bumpiness when it comes to a significant other or prospect for one; a little patience is all you need, though. By Friday and all the way through the weekend, it's peace, joy and (with you around) lots of laughter. Have the best time!

There’s an intense opposition between the sun and retrograde Jupiter, your ruler, on May 8, causing you to become a tad overconfident when it comes to testing your luck. “Pushing” your luck might be a better term for what you’re doing, because you’ve gotten so used to things going your way romantically that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to work for what you want. This transit puts you in your place and serves as a reminder of what can go wrong when you start to assume that everything will just go your way.

A Mercury-Jupiter opposition on the twenty-third is another reminder not to get too comfortable, this time more in relation to your goals and prospects. Jumping from one interest to another might be fun, but it won’t get you anywhere in the long run. Settling down isn’t the first thing on your priority list, but it’s good to have the pieces in place in case you do ever want to take things to the next level (whatever that means to you).

The twenty-ninth brings a full moon in your adventurous sign, signaling good things on the horizon. The universe may be trying to guide you via your optimistic outlook, so your happiness is the biggest indication that you’re moving in the right direction.