Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

That tiny voice in your head is speaking more clearly now and with good reason. The problem is that you're not sure you like the message. That's fine – you should reconcile it sooner or later.

Keep your heart engaged and your eyes open on Monday and Tuesday, and you could be surprised by the sweet things you observe. Show your confidence, too – it looks terrific on you. Money matters could demand your attention around Wednesday; don't plan a big-spending date. But from sometime Thursday through Saturday, you can afford to be generous – with your great sense of humor, heartfelt feelings and lovely gestures, if not with swanky dinners and big-ticket gifts. They'll love you just the way you are (if they're worth it). Sunday looks sloooow – sleep in.

The month doesn’t get off to the most exciting start as Mercury lands in Virgo’s very sensible house on September 5. You’re better at getting right to the point than charming or flirting to get your way, although you’re pretty good at showing you can be a responsible, dedicated partner when paired with the right person.

Things pick up when Venus meets up with Scorpio’s passionate energy on the ninth, especially in the bedroom. You don’t take things lightly now, though, so one-night stands and casual relationships aren’t likely.

A quick-thinking Mercury-Jupiter sextile on September 16 makes you appear even more clever than you already are, but using biting sarcasm, obscure vocabulary, or over-the-top innuendo might not come across the way you hope. Find ways to show off your wittiness that won’t make your partner or date feel inferior to you in any way.

Chatty Mercury enters refined Libra on the twenty-first, and the way you communicate once again takes a different turn, this time toward very proper yet still flirty territory. It would be unlikely for you to engage in dirty talk right now, but you find plenty of other ways to let your spicy intentions be known.