Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Give yourself extra time to think things through. Even a screaming deal is not what it seems. In fact, there's almost no way to see the big picture, because it's still forming.

Monday and Tuesday are perfect for meetings. You'll get more than you expected and leave a feeling of goodwill behind. The board or some high-level boss might present thorny problems midweek, especially if you've been bucking for a raise or promotion. Try sidestepping them for the time being, then hitting a home run later in the week. You might be called in to help with negotiations over the weekend, and your opinion will be valued highly by all parties.

There are a lot of big decisions you need to make this month for your visionary sign of the Centaur. The evolution you've been undergoing this year, in general, is almost unworldly at times.

There is a sense of déjà vu occurring with career opportunities around you. You might even feel like you’re connected more deeply than ever to your dreams and having moments of precognition throughout your daily affairs. Your home planet Jupiter is waking you up, which is hot and heavy through much of this period.

More pointedly, it’s cracking you open starting on July 13 through July 21 as the Cancer sun sends waves of love to Neptune in Capricorn along with magnetic oppositions to Pluto and Saturn as well. It is your time to shine and step into your power! Opening your mind to a new sense of being, and seeing your gifts is important. You are more than you once let yourself even fathom. This is why you’re going through this major change right now, so that both your personal life destiny and reality can meet.

The sun's entry into fellow fiery friend Leo on the twenty-second lifts your spirits and brings life to your ideas, leading you out of the month with an added sense of wonder and awe!