Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Don't try to figure out why you're going through what you're going through. Anyway, you already understand the grand plan, you just don't want to accept the current part of it. As they say, no pain, no gain. Throw yourself into things with gusto, or at least don't fight too hard.

An unexpected perk could land in your lap at the beginning of the week. Though it's out of nowhere, you certainly deserve it; say thanks and accept. Midweek, your usual business optimism is tempered with some nitty-gritty reality; it may be time to tighten the proverbial belt and practice some risk management. This isn't your favorite mode, but from Friday and through the weekend, you can get away from it and engage your creative mind. Your lightning-fast grasp of new ideas – and ability to expand on them – makes you an incredible asset now.

August is lit for your career, Sagittarius. Mercury‘s movement into Virgo on August 11 gives you a big push toward setting the stage for your next professional move and advance. This is a time to discuss what you want to achieve in your career. You might find that opportunities are freely flowing or that there is talk online about an opportunity you’d be perfect for. Speak up when it comes to matters around the office, and ask for the money you deserve if you’re in the running for a raise.