Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

There's really no point in getting all philosophical about your financial situation. You'll never get deep enough to reach an epiphany and you're just wasting valuable time. What you need to do is keep busy, one way or another. The rest can only fall into line if some action is taken on your part.

The daily routine is usually your least favorite part of work, but you're digging into it with gusto on Monday and Tuesday; in fact, you're so efficient that you'll beat a deadline or get ahead on a recurring task. Look for business inspiration from unusual quarters midweek. Something you experience in your personal life has synergistic implications for your world of work as well; all you have to do is make the cognitive leap. On Friday or this weekend, you're giving some thought to the broader meaning and course of your career. Make a long-term plan that gets you fired up.

Old relationships seem like new again as you bring projects and connections back to life. The energy begins with the new moon in Aquarius and your communication sector on February 4. Reach out and get in touch in the 30 days following the phase.

On the seventh, the sun sextiles expansive Jupiter in positive Sagittarius, and hooray for the big jolt of energy, resourcefulness, and opportunity during the next four days.

On Valentine’s Day, Mars stimulates your work routine and co-worker sector in action-oriented, problem-solving ways when the planet helps locate a glitch’s trigger and you locate what happened. The transit happens once every two and a half years. How did it work for you the last time? Make it better!

On February 19, a full Virgo supermoon helps you perceive what it takes to create career fulfillment. Pay attention to the insight. On Friday, Mercury squares large and impressive Jupiter, adding motivation to the above search. Again, note current events for review when Mercury turns retrograde in March.

The twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh are lucky days to schedule meetings and interviews. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

Next month, try, try again. You’ve got an investment in the past, and you deserve a second chance.