Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

When it comes to what it takes to make money, you still have all the basics – the ability to connect with others, an open mind and an interest in exchanging ideas. Consider this a time of rest.

Every business has money troubles, but early this week you'll have to think your way out of a doozy. The answer will lie in redefining values in one way or another, and you'll look good when you come out the other side. Midweek you can practically feel sparks of social energy flying off of you. It's a great time for picking up new contacts and meeting new partners or clients. Friday will feel like a Monday to you as you drag yourself into work and fight inertia to get anything done. You might want to take time to think strategically. You can make up for lost time on Sunday.

Over the past two and a half years, you’ve dealt with a difficult financial situation that has asked you to dig deeper for your self-esteem, values, and worth. You’re in a new chapter now, and old restrictions are lifting and bringing lucrative opportunities.

This is an extremely creative phase. Even if an idea seems like a creative or financial risk, have more faith in yourself and your skills, talents, and abilities. Partners believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself, too. This is a chance to negotiate arrangements that can pay off tangibly as well as reward you in intangible ways, expanding your self-esteem.

A powerful turning point arrives midmonth, drawing you to take a chance and invest in yourself. By April 19, the sun enters your work sector, taking a creative project or idea to the next phase. For some, this might even mean a new job, a change in routine, or other sudden adjustments in the workplace, or perhaps transitioning from a full-time to freelance position, or vice versa. It will call for making difficult choices, perhaps restructuring your time and life. But trust that this is a breakthrough that will allow you to enjoy a better quality of life, more freedom on a daily basis, and build a life that gives to you as much as it gives to the world.