Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Someone is driving you crazy, and it's an important someone. Ask yourself some brutally honest questions. Is it really them, or would you chafe under the authority of any boss? You already know the answer; now do something with it.

Maybe it's time to raise some eyebrows. Maybe it's time to play some music during a staff meeting. Maybe there's a song you think everyone in the office should hear. In short, don't reject wild ideas on Monday and Tuesday. Art and music are inspiring, and your colleagues could use a boost. On Wednesday and Thursday, your personal inspiration comes from people you barely know – people who make you think you should consider things in an entirely new way. There's tremendous value in that. Value aside, Friday is a struggle, mostly because the only thing you feel like doing is sleeping in. Look alive!

You enjoy a lucky bounce this month. On June 3, the Gemini new moon in your sign of partnership offers tremendous potential for new growth attuned with others in the 30 days following the phase. On Tuesday, Cancer Mercury enhances financial gain with said others.

The sun opposes ruling Jupiter on the tenth. Uh-oh! We don’t agree! Someone could promise more than they deliver. Saturn is a saving grace as far as following agreements and adhering to responsibilities.

On June 14, it’s time to renegotiate duties when Mars aspects Jupiter. Things changed and you need to put things in their proper places.

Saturday and Sunday, the fifteenth and sixteenth, are lucky days to schedule meetings. You’ll be under the influence of the square between Jupiter and Neptune, an awareness-broadening connection.

A full Sagittarius moon on June 17 ensures your special realization about what is needed and gives you the instinct to fulfill it. The next day, Saturn comes to the rescue, gets things back on track, and helps you take the lead.

On the twenty-sixth, if you need to be more convincing, Leo Mercury is also here to help into next month. You have a second chance at your lucky bounce with the latter’s retrograde.