Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

What can be learned from your financial circumstances? Don't waste time philosophizing or getting deep about it. The important lessons are still the basics, like living within your means to name just one.

Your mood (or is it moodiness?) as the week begins may have less to do with that irritating work factor and more to do with a misalignment in your larger career picture. Are you feeling appropriately challenged? Is your passion engaged? Are your values in play? Starting Wednesday, you're better able to make some objective observations and start some serious explorations. Someone else plays a key role – your boss? A coach or mentor? And with the weekend comes the opportunity to create and commence enacting a practical plan. Seize it.

Happy New Year! You’re between eclipses as you enter the year, in a new cycle and growing in material and emotional security. You could be negotiating important business contracts and financial arrangements now. You have a lot to gain and a lot to offer. It’s important that you know the value of what you bring to the table.

Over the past 18 months, you’ve been in a phase of transformation that has taken you to the edge, feeling like you’ve touched rock-bottom in a financial situation. As you’re discovering, you’re worth a whole lot more than you imagined or have given yourself credit for. Indeed, this is one year when you have the Midas touch. But with that, it’s important now that you dig deeper for your self-esteem and values rather than just focus on material gain. Then you can stabilize a financial situation as well as grow in self-esteem.

On January 10, the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse mark the end of this 18-month phase of transformation, highlighting your partnerships, finances, and shared resources. Be flexible. If you bend, you won’t break. Everything is negotiable, but it isn’t worth compromising your values or integrity. Stay true to them. Then you can deepen connections and solidify commitments that offer you the material, financial, and tangible security and support you need and deserve. You’re worth your weight in gold.