Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

It's easy to stick to your philosophy when everything is going well. It's much harder to ride out your predicted storms. Even though this is a rough patch, it's all part of your long term plans. Stay on target.

They love you. They really do. And now that you're plugged in to the big picture, you know just how to focus their energy for the greater good. Everyone's taking their cues from you right now, so everything you say carries even more weight than usual. Make your wishes known. And when a tough decision comes your way on Wednesday, be as fair as possible. Thursday and Friday, you'll feel yourself slowing down a bit, turning inward, questioning everything. These are understandable developments. You have a lot on your shoulders these days. Spend the weekend with friends who know you well.

Although it might be tough to avoid competition, you don’t have to reveal your plans to others. On August 1, action-oriented Mars squares independent Uranus, and the next four days set you free to conjure a “stealth” future of your own making. On the sixth, Venus enters a fortunate place for dreams and wishes, and every moment contains possibilities. Get back on the path in case you stray now.

On August 11, a Leo solar eclipse is a positive one. Tension eases and opportunity knocks in the next 30 days. The next day, Mars retrograde is about second chances, just in case you underestimated something in May.

The eighteenth and nineteenth are your lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. The times are advantageous for meetings of all types, too. On Saturday, truth and wisdom come out as messenger Mercury turns direct.

On August 21, the Leo sun aspects business-oriented Capricorn Mars and the competition gets wise with the realization that they gain by helping you achieve your goals. Mars turning direct on the twenty-seventh gets a second wind while motivating your money sector. Limiting beliefs may have held you back in April. Go beyond your own limits.

Next month, follow your common sense, which proclaims the obvious.