Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Time's a-wastin'. You can sit around philosophizing, but it will only get you deeper into trouble. Try not to think about it. With finances like yours, you're better off working.

Someone in an authority position is cramping your style on Monday. The best way to deal with it isn't to be upfront. Keep your head down and get as much done in spite of their intrusions. You can communicate your feelings on Tuesday and Wednesday, when the energy is better for candid conversation. (Expect Tuesday and Wednesday to be great days all around.) Thursday and Friday, all you can think about is the big picture, the long term – and necessarily you might find yourself moving slower than usual. Break out of the daydreaming spell by spending time with great friends this weekend.

Concentrate on what you’re doing. The focus leads to step-by-step progress. Think and plan your moves. On July 5, the people-friendly Cancer sun trines Jupiter of increases. Take advantage of the temporary non-distracting help that others freely give now. Don’t delegate, however. Work with them and make sure they understand what needs to be done – your way.

Life takes a 180-degree turn and it’s a very diverting four days beginning on the ninth, when Mercury squares Jupiter. The two erect barriers between you and accomplishment. In this light, call on Virgo Venus - the organizer (dialing in from your career sector) - with her drive to handle responsibility. Get busy.

Take note on July 12, when the solar eclipse highlights the essential things you need to be comfortable and productive. (Compare with basic requirements 19 years ago!)

The twenty-second is a lucky Sunday. Search if job hunting. Monday, the twenty-third, is fortunate for sending out resumes and scheduling interviews and meetings.

On July 25, Mercury turning retrograde makes you think twice over the next few weeks. Two days later, the Aquarius lunar eclipse offers a change of perspective in your communication sector.

Next month brings part two of July’s story. Shhh! It’s best to keep some of your ambitions secret.