Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

It's a little-known fact that you are an expert caretaker. It's not just because you can make anyone laugh at any time, although laughter, after all, really is the best medicine. You're also quite intuitive and know immediately what your charge needs, oftentimes before they do. So when a dear one comes to you, obviously worn out and in need of a helping hand, you'll be more than happy to do whatever you can to help.

You and your best friend are attached to each other – at least by phone – at the start of the week. Communication is key. How else are you going to get everything done? You see the value in having a trusted pal, and so does your trusted pal. By Wednesday, though, you start wondering if less talk and more action is in order. (It is in order. You're right.) Thursday is not a boring day, and neither is Friday. In fact, what with everything going on, there's a chance you'll lose sight of the bigger picture. And what is the bigger picture? Where are you headed? That's a question for the weekend.

The sun is in technologically gifted Aquarius to start the month, which can help you in a lot of different areas, Sag. Download trendy apps, play just-released video games, try a startup streaming service, or upgrade your home computer. The more willing you are to embrace innovation, the more you are rewarded.

You find yourself in the middle of a lucky streak during the conjunction between Venus and your ruler Jupiter on February 11, which can open all kinds of new doors. Try not to question why something is happening and just be thankful that it is. Think you don’t deserve all of this incredible luck? Think again.

When the sun enters caring Pisces on the eighteenth, you get a whole month to pay someone back or just pay a good deed forward. This is a very selfless energy, and doing things for other people makes you feel incredibly good. Treating others with compassion and understanding is your main goal now.

The Virgo full moon on February 27 gives you a chance to get things under control in a very literal sense. Clean your house. Organize your office space. Get a better handle on your eating habits and start exercising. A more successful future depends on the changes you make during this lunation.