Sagittarius | Horoscope Expert


Nov 22 – Dec 21

People who have a lot of power over your life are going to be out in force, so it's time to look your best and act your best. Of course, they're going to like what they see, and it won't be hard to impress them, but you can't get too cocky about it or take their approval for granted. Double-check your work just in case, and make sure you've finished everything perfectly. Your relationships with these people are good, but why not make sure they get even better?

It's okay to be moody on Monday and Tuesday. Try not to be moody around other people, if you can help it, but don't beat yourself up for your feelings. And besides, by Wednesday, everything will go on the upswing and stay that way. Thursday will be a jovial day, too. Bringing your lunch to work on Friday is a smart idea – as the week winds to a close, strategies for financial shrewdness figure into your thoughts – and Saturday, even though you want to go shopping, not doing so is a much better plan. Communication and creativity define Sunday.

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