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Oct 23 – Nov 21

If you've got the day off, you'd probably be wise to check in with work. A mini-crisis is in the works, and putting off dealing with it could cause it to snowball into a major snafu. Not to mention that your boss – who in actuality may be part of this problem rather than part of the solution – will be highly impressed that you stepped up and stepped in, and they'll be amazed that you had the good sense to anticipate the issue.

You've got good instincts, which will be an important thing to remember this week. People will urge you to 'just go with the flow', but you know what's best, so listen to your heart. Ambition wears down your self-control as you move further into the week. You're working very well with an influential person in the office who's good at making empty promises, so proceed with caution. There's some negative energy around your home at the end of the week. A small home improvement or redecoration project could be the perfect antidote.

A trine between the sun and retrograde Pluto on May 11 takes your investigative curiosity to a whole new level. Not only do you want to learn all you can about current events and/or mysterious topics but you’ll also go to great lengths to cover up your research. You love to be the only one who knows whatever secrets you’ve managed to find, and you’ll covertly think of a way to use it to your advantage at some point in the future.

When Mars enters friendly Aquarius on the sixteenth, you’re much more group-oriented than usual. It’s fair to say that you aren’t typically the first person to step up and volunteer for group outings or events, but you benefit from a boost in social energy under the Water Bearer’s influence. You can do a lot when you’re less focused on personal gain and more dedicated to the greater good.

The sun-Mars trine on May 23 takes your sex drive up several notches, and you ooze sensuality and passion. Your charm is mesmerizing, and most people are powerless against it. If you’ve wanted to fulfill a certain fantasy, you won’t get much resistance now from a partner or wannabe lover!