Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

It's a good day to get what you want. Don't put off an important request for later. Taking a risk today could pay off more than you anticipated. All you have to do is ask.

Something's stressing you out on Monday – not the most conducive state of mind for love. But some sweet energy's in store from Tuesday through Thursday. It's not wildly passionate, but there's definitely something to be said for cute, considerate and tender, all of which you're wearing very well now. Making a romantic decision may have you stymied this weekend, but a wait-and-see (and talk-it-over-with-a-friend) approach works wonders. And Sunday finds you radiating a very sexy confidence – and ready for a hot transformation.

Is it important for you to be able to communicate clearly and effectively for your love life to thrive? Unfortunately, when Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, things get complicated. Hold off making irreversible romantic decisions until after Mercury heads direct on March 28. If you can’t stall, use your intuition to guide you.

Your co-ruler Mars forms a sextile with mystical Neptune on the tenth, so all eyes will be on you. You exude a magical, alluring energy that people can’t quite identify, and the result is intoxicating. There’s no denying you have that special something, Scorpio.

The sun sextiles your co-ruler Pluto on March 13, increasing your need to succeed. You can capitalize on your attractiveness now, but you also have what it takes to get what you want without it.

The sun enters driven Aries, also ruled by Mars, on the twentieth, so you’re comfortable with the power this transit exudes. Your take-charge attitude is mostly a turn-on to others, but be sure to respect everyone’s boundaries.

Mars enters flirty Gemini on the thirtieth, so your interests might vary. You’re still a committed partner, but you could lose some of your trademark emotional intensity. Single Scorpios have lots of date options, but flings and one-night stands still aren’t really your style.