Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Work (or money) is uppermost in your mind right now and, while romance is definitely more exciting, it's vital to get your life back in order so you can create a better personal foundation. Sort it out!its

Prepare for a week full of romantic intrigue and intensity, which, knowing you, you'll totally love. Meet a challenge to the state of your heart with boldness right off the bat on Monday or Tuesday; some heat's likely to be generated! Midweek, however, you'll want to rein it in and assess the situation further before reacting. No big romantic risk-taking now. Friday and Saturday are all yours – figure out what (or who) you want, apply your fine-tuned instincts and go after it. Watch for some surprising – and possibly hot – tension on Sunday. Will you break it?

The bright sun joins retrograde Pluto in a trine on May 11, making you even more curious than you already are. Imagine that, Scorpio. This transit has a hint of darkness to it, however, so your curiosity may be piqued about things that could be unhealthy or dangerous. Your passions run deep, and that will never change, but be wary of exploring taboo topics and letting yourself be persuaded by negative influences.

When Mars, your guiding planet, moves into quirky Aquarius on the sixteenth, your romantic experiences can be hit or miss. Sometimes the more you try, the less you succeed, and then out of the blue something wonderful will happen for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The Water Bearer’s energy is hard to predict, so while you’d prefer to be prepared rather than wing it, you’ll try to just go with the flow whenever possible during this transit.

There’s an upbeat trine between the sun and Mars on May 23 that puts you in a passionate mood. You naturally want to make the first move, and your aggressiveness can be sexy with the right partner. Don’t continue to try to take the lead if your partner doesn’t want to follow, though, because being strong-willed isn’t always seductive.