Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Your love advice is sought by a friend who could use some inspiration. Being influential is an awesome responsibility, so don't be glib with your comments.

Yes, you're hot stuff, but at the beginning of the week you get your best results by modestly letting them figure it out for themselves. You also want to find a way to de-stress; it's taxing being so across-the-board splendid. Wednesday and Thursday are calmer for you, and time laughing with friends is in order. Bonus: A romantic plan you make now is smiled on by the stars. This weekend, if you've got a choice to make in your love life, it ain't gonna be easy. Take time to think, and be patient with yourself.

A square between your co-rulers Mars and Pluto on February 1 creates power struggles and other control issues between you and a lover, partner, or date. Your romantic goals are obtainable, but trying to micromanage everything will most likely end in frustration.

The emotional moon drifts into the dreamy realm of Pisces on the fifth, so your dreams are vivid and foretelling. The Fish’s intuition is as strong as yours, so take advantage of the perceptive energy you’re graced with now.

Your home planet, passionate Mars, moves into patient Taurus on February 14, which could have an interesting effect on your Valentine’s Day. What happens when you slow down long enough to listen to your partner or date? Very good things, Scorpio. The less of a rush you’re in, the more the anticipation builds.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction on the twenty-second makes you still more attractive even though no one thought that was possible! Prepare to get compliments on your mesmerizing eyes, Scorpio. They’re arguably your best feature!

The moon in your sign intensifies your curiosity further on February 23 and February 24, driving you to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Try not to be too disappointed when you find out a little more than you wanted to know.