Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

You'd like to be making money while you sleep, but you know enough to avoid being fooled by that kind of pitch. You can find your own way of accomplishing just that, though, and almost by accident. It's as if you stumble across a great idea while walking in your sleep.

Butting heads with your boss is a definite possibility on Monday, but think about how far you want to push this. Mutual respect is more important than this one issue. You're on top of both short- and long-term planning from Tuesday through Thursday, and you're finding a way to give a favorite coworker an advantage as well. It'll come back to you sooner than you might think. Be your own personal think tank on Friday, and if you're asked to get specific, get a little more time. The weekend's good for tossing ideas around.

Setting boundaries and clearing debt are essential parts of May’s celestial energies. Mars, your planetary ruler, gently connects with Uranus on May 11, making this an ideal time for you to reflect on any partnerships you’ve recently formed. It might be hard to be sure about the next steps in a relationship because Uranus is erratic and brings a different opinion on the situation every day.