Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

To say you need to be careful is an understatement. It's time to start walking on eggshells. Anything related to making money grow is worth treating like a hothouse flower.

The week begins quietly. A friend is going to call you with a secret and the thrill of having inside information will put you at ease. You thrive on knowledge. And you're in a knowledge-gathering mode these days. You're in less of a decision-making mode, but a decision will have to be made (by you) in the middle of the week. Rely on someone whose expertise you admire to help you. And then be patient. Thursday and Friday you'll come across to everyone else as powerful and confident, which are always good things to project. The weekend has you thinking big.

Welcome to “focus and strategy” July, when responsibilities and iron-clad commitments are key. Fight the feeling of laid-back contentment starting on July 5. For four days the trine between the home-loving sun and Scorpio Jupiter tempts you to make yourself comfortable and stay put. Ignite your power drive, especially when previously retrograde Jupiter turns direct on July 10.

The solar eclipse on the twelfth (aspecting your ruler Pluto) occurs in your sector of expansion and freedom to develop. This adds to the above, only it’s about your future mission, which is just as important as current responsibilities.

July 20 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if job hunting. This is an opportune time to schedule interviews and meetings. On July 25, retrograde Mercury takes a turn in your career sector and convinces you to reconsider. Don’t be surprised if the planetary transit points out other options. For example, combined with the Aquarius lunar eclipse, notice your feelings, the stir in determination at the roots as the moon lays a path to a sense of freedom beyond words on July 27.

Next month, you regroup, renew, and recycle in the light of exciting new factors. These are your forte. Go for it.