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Oct 23 – Nov 21

Use your imagination to solve a financial mystery once and for all. If you never knew you had it in you to be a Sherlock Holmes, consider it one of your new talents. What other talents remain hidden inside you?

The social structure of the office – the mechanics, the way certain people work well together, the interpersonal jams – is all you notice on Monday. Certain interpersonal relationships don't affect productivity, but others create all kinds of hassles. By Wednesday, you're not interested in any of it. Your focus is on a certain time-consuming project. It isn't until Thursday and Friday that your schedule loosens up. You look down at your appointment book and see plenty of time for a coffee break followed by a leisurely afternoon stroll. Take advantage of the free time, because this weekend could be crazy.

Change is good, they say. Sometimes, however, it isn’t what we would have chosen. Then, dear Scorpio, it is fate, with a touch of magic. It’s a Scorpio Pluto thing dealt to you because you can handle it.

October 1 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under lucky stars. Then Pluto turns direct. You won’t feel so restricted! That’s nice. Probe. Scrutinize.

Say it like you mean it (and you do) with Scorpio Mercury on the third. The more creative you are the better, which is the direction when Venus joins in on October 8.

Libra Mars, warrior of the outer ego, is in your sign of inner needs. This is an auspicious time for quiet “me” time when silence is powerful for listening to your inner teacher.

On the twenty-third, the sun in Scorpio says you have a birthday in the next 30 days. Set goals and objectives for the next twelve months, and launch one or two during the Scorpio new moon on October 27. Party on during a lucky Sunday evening. Monday,

The twenty-eighth is a lucky day when an unexpected opportunity could surface. November is for second chances to make a first impression. See? Magic does happen.