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Oct 23 – Nov 21

You have made it through radical financial conditions and you owe your emotional survival to your close family. Those who have stayed by you in thick and thin deserve a reward, and in this lifetime. A bit of acknowledgement is called for.

The troops are in place. The coordinates have been double-checked. The boss is happy. You're ready to proceed with this spectacular new business deal. Some of your colleagues may disagree about specifics, but everyone is impressed by the direction you're moving in. But at home, in the middle of the week, things may not be running nearly as smoothly. (Expect to be distracted for a few days.) By Thursday, you are all business again, in an exceedingly playful way. Work is a game to you at the end of the week. A mystery. A chance to pull some tricks out of your sleeve. Dazzle 'em.

In the beginning of February, your focus isn’t so much on work as it is on personal matters and love. Family issues might take you away from focusing your energy on your career because your brood needs you more than ever early in the month.

Saturn and Uranus squaring off on February 17 could create a lot of havoc in the romantic and personal sector of your chart, which could certainly shake things up professionally. The key to keeping up with work is to make sure that all your contracts are in place. There could be some backtracking by the people with whom you’re trying to forge an agreement.

By the time Jupiter aspects the nodes of destiny on the twenty-sixth, matters should calm down and any issues should be resolved. You might even walk away with an even more profitable agreement from this new alliance.

The sun’s move into Pisces on February 18 gives you more power to swim forward with ease, something you’ll feel when Venus lightens up your days when it moves into Pisces on the twenty-fifth.

Finally, the Virgo full moon on February 27 grounds your energies and calms professional matters before March begins.