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Oct 23 – Nov 21

Problems at home don't give you the right to explode. You may not have spent a fortune on therapy but you should know enough to stay calm. Money is a particularly dangerous topic of conversation.

This person you're up against on Monday and Tuesday may be more sure of their opinion than you are of yours. Their opposition is frustrating, but the way to overcome it might be, paradoxically, to give in. When all is said and done, the record will reflect where you stood. Wednesday and Thursday, when it comes to contracts and details (and, especially, other people's money), be as careful as possible so as not to miss anything. On Friday and continuing into the weekend, things will finally start to go your way. No need to be controlling, what with the world aligning so well with what you want.

August brings golden opportunities to be at your personal best and able to recognize opportunities. The latter is an added bonus for leaving your comfort zone. The challenge is, are you too independent and proud to set materialistic stuff aside and see what the universe has to offer?

The best days to have a go would be on lucky days August 6 and August 7. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting (there could be a job offer). Schedule interviews and meetings under lucky stars.

The eleventh represents cosmic shifts starting with fast-moving Mercury’s enhancement of communication in your career sign. Jupiter’s direct turn stimulates foresight, not hindsight, in your money sign. And progressive Uranus turns retrograde in your sign of competitors. It could slow their advancement while giving you an edge (think element of surprise). ?
On August 17, Virgo Mars activates your goals and mentors sign. The last transit was two and one-half years ago. Anything sound familiar?

Inner planets in Virgo, including Mercury, help you get your game on as of the twenty-first. A week later, Mars trines independent Uranus to present you with four days in which to command attention, take control, and wake everyone up.

The August 30 Virgo new moon fuels directions to apply to next month’s progress.