Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

You think of your financial mess as one of life's ambushes. But it's not an act of antagonism. In fact, it doesn't have much to do with you at all. Your money has just been caught in the net of someone else's making.

Exercise extreme caution as the week begins. Things might not be what they seem, and you need to demonstrate due diligence when assessing any new situation. Even in business, the devil is usually in the details. Toward the middle of the week, use your strong drive to get what you want. Wednesday and Thursday are both good days for scheduling big meetings and pushing your agenda ahead. Just make sure you're not pushing people around in the process. On Friday, you could face a challenge with your boss. You're prone to dig in and put up a fight, but this probably isn't a battle you can win.

You might have money on your mind these days, Scorpio. This is very much a month for you to be extremely careful when it comes to your spending habits and take care of those bills or debts. You might have to weigh your options regarding a job offer or opportunity that doesn't seem quite right yet. Maybe the offer is something you've wanted for a long time, but the circumstances just haven't felt right. Trust your gut on this. Only you know what is right for the Scorpion!

Mars retrograde influences your passionate self through this month, starting on September 9, and you could be pulled in several directions and feel inclined to act quickly. This is a trick! Take your time, and know that the long game is what you’re going for these days.

You get so much respect from your peers and colleagues that even if you casually step away from the limelight, you will still have a place to shine in the months ahead. Focus on pivotal steps that you missed while you were out hustling, and you’ll know why this is going to be such a beneficial lesson for you to tackle. Consider working with a business counselor or mentor to help you get an outsider's perspective at the new moon in Virgo on the seventeenth.