Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Like a phantom limb, you still have an itch to redecorate the house in some way. Let that urge go and look for other ways to indulge your more creative whims.

Your interpersonal mojo is strong early this week – it's a great time to sign new agreements, cajole favors out of the boss, ask for extensions or just get things you need out of those who are ordinarily reluctant. All this goodness is balanced midweek with a little workplace tension, especially if you've been flaunting your recent good fortune. Supervisors will be especially touchy and unresponsive. On Friday you'll fly under everyone's radar to pull off a magnificent coup, possibly something you didn't even think you could make happen. Congratulations! Take the weekend to celebrate.

The sun is in Aries as you enter April, your house of work, health, and daily routines, suggesting a busy month at work. You’re laying the foundation for a new life. A situation that was peaking in January is gathering critical mass, leading to a total transformation. You’re focused on security matters, and this is a chance to set up your life so it supports you and your goals. A financial situation and partnerships are stabilizing, presenting you with huge opportunities. You don’t have total control, but you do have a say and a choice in how a situation plays out.

Midmonth brings a powerful turning point, but be honest with yourself. Choose based on your most optimistic vision rather than be attached to ideas of success or failure or what that looks like. You can have the support you need financially, logistically, and materially, but you have to ask and keep the channels of negotiation open.

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, and your partnerships are reaching a significant crossroads. You could be reevaluating a course of action or your stance on a situation. Whatever unfolds, trust that this is a breakthrough, showing you the partnerships you can count on and those it’s time to release.