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Oct 23 – Nov 21

You need some time alone to think. Tossing ideas back and forth will only get you so far. When this amount of money is in the balance, nothing but the thinker's pose will do.

If you’ve been waiting for creative inspiration to strike, look out for lightning at the beginning of the week. Get to know who you are, and express what you have to say without apology. The creative genius will be flowing through you with complete ease and the sparks will transform into a flame. By midweek, you’ll be able to take your ideas and make a plan. This will give you stamina when it comes to crossing items off your to-do list and staying committed to your routine. However, you might start to burn out by late in the week, and you’ll have a better understanding of your limits. Make sure to prioritize self-care over the weekend.

Finding structure in your daily routine has been affecting your work projects. This is due to the simultaneous retrograde journeys of Mercury and Mars. When Mercury turns direct on November 3, a project could return to you, and several opportunities that seemed gone could come back your way.

The thirteenth ends the havoc and brings calmness into your life. Not only that, but November 21 offers you the chance to ask for a raise, due to Venus gracing your sun sign.

Your bank account could be filled with money (something it’s been lacking) when the sun shifts into Sagittarius and galvanizes your house of finance in your chart, also on the twenty-first.

Be cognizant of how you spend your money at that time. Don’t take any unnecessary risks because the lunar eclipse on November 30 could leave your bank account empty and you yearning for more ways to make money. Try to create a budget this month to ensure that you stay on point. While you might receive a seasonal raise, it may not be enough to sustain any spendthrift ways. Be careful of your finances now to avoid a situation that could deplete your bank account.