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Oct 23 – Nov 21

Research is mandatory, but doing it in a planned, well-thought-out way is key. Going about it willy-nilly won't get you the information you need. Do it right, though, and you'll unearth some surprising and profitable secrets.

On Monday, the boss is in a happy mood, which means everyone is in a happy mood. Tuesday is a great day at work, too, but trouble at home distracts you on Wednesday and Thursday. Why, you wonder, are your home life and work life never in harmony? Apply some hard-earned lessons from the work realm to the home realm – namely, the importance of being open to new ideas. Perhaps you should let someone you live in close proximity to have their way this time. On Friday, an opportunity to show off a rarely needed skill makes the workday all the more satisfying, and – bonus! – your weekend is romantic.

“I presume.” Yes, with your intuition, it’s a good bet it happens, yet there are glitches. You could talk yourself out of success. On June 4, Mercury’s Cancer transit broadens your outlook in your sign of expansion. The planet offers new avenues to think about. The future lies here (it’s where a solar eclipse happens in July).

The thirteenth is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. You dazzle with brilliance in interviews and meetings as Mars trines creative Neptune (also a trigger aspect through the end of the month).

On June 16, Jupiter squares dreamy Neptune. This benchmark influence is the epitome of defeatist presumption unless you apply the Saturn antidote on the eighteenth. Saturn is the cohesion that keeps Jupiter and Neptune from running amok sans realism and consistency.

Leo Mercury in your career sign on the twenty-sixth emphasizes your persuasive powers. When you talk, people listen, so be careful what you say because the effect lasts and lasts.

Looking ahead to next month, energetic Mars returns to your career sign as it does every two and one-half years. Before month’s end, take a trip down memory lane. What happened during the planet’s last transit?