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Oct 23 – Nov 21

When you get that familiar urge, you know it means something more profound than the immediate subject at hand. The desire to move your furniture or redecorate your house is just a red herring for the real changes you long to make. Don't let yourself be fooled by it.

A little voice is telling you to proceed with caution at the beginning of the week. Listen to it, because your insight is one of your best business tools. Investigate backgrounds, read the fine print and avoid endeavors carrying more than minimal risk. By Wednesday, the stars give a green light to your goals and ambitions, and getting what you want is as easy as asserting yourself. Your ability to make others see what's in it for them doesn't hurt, either. This weekend, your boss or another higher-up could make waves, but you'll ride them out with style and grace.

January’s transits break you out of routine when anything that isn’t boring attracts you. On January 1, the cautious and disciplined Capricorn sun conjoins serious Saturn in your communication sector, suggesting important decisions. The solar eclipse on the fifth calls “time” for choices within the 30 days following the phase. You aren’t hurried. You can use logic.

On January 7, Sagittarius Venus is both generous and optimistic in your sector of money and how you earn it over the next few weeks.

The sun conjoins transformational Pluto on the eleventh, and current happenings can be life-changing. On Sunday, Sagittarius Jupiter squares Pisces Neptune, adding to the above equation. The good news is that fortunate Jupiter introduces reorganization to your affairs, in a good way.

The lunar eclipse on January 20 shines a light and future-oriented awareness on your career sector. This is a Leo supermoon shining on center stage. Got any plans?

The twenty-seventh is a lucky day. With all the positive transits occurring, this is an opportune time to research your options – see what piques your interest.

Career authority Saturn sextiles prophetic Neptune on the month’s last day to illuminate fantasies. Both day and night dreams hold keys to what is missing. The answers help you work on unfulfilled goals next month.