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Oct 23 – Nov 21

You usually don't worry about silly little things like the small print when it's someone else's money on the line, but today you go so far as to take out your reading glasses. You'll be glad you did, too, because the person paying is not what they seem. Be as careful as you would be in any business situation.

You love business intrigue, and at the beginning of the week, some information could fall in your lap that makes your work world suddenly very exciting. Handle it with care. Wednesday and Thursday are more about ideas than action. The time you spend now carefully strategizing puts you way ahead of the game later – even as soon as the end of this week. Your confidence in your projections and planning is unmistakable, and everyone wants in on the action. Share the wealth, but ensure that you get credit where credit is due.

Your inquiring mind wants to know, and this month the information pipeline is vast. Your most valuable instrument is a filter that ensures that you retain key data yet give the unimportant less priority.

On March 1, fortunate Venus transits Aquarius, your sign of beginnings and endings. Enjoy good luck with starts and finishes in the next few weeks.

The Mercury retrograde from the fifth through the twenty-eighth is in Pisces, your sign of creative expression. The reverse motion offers opportunities to tweak previous ideas.

Intriguing and quirky Uranus begins a seven-year transit in Taurus, your partnership sign, on March 6. Taurus is a bit of a speed bump for the planet and indicates unusual partnerships with unexpected events ahead. If anything, it gives your inquiring mind some food for thought.

Take the lead and influence others when the confident sun sextiles forceful Pluto and squares fortunate Jupiter starting on the thirteenth and over the next four days.

March 23 and March 24 make a lucky weekend. Search and send out resumes if you are job hunting. Brainstorm without the usual preconceptions and see what your inner information pipeline is about.

Gemini Mars transits your sign of shared resources starting on the thirtieth. Next month is about team spirit while performing at the top of your game.