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Oct 23 – Nov 21

Ask and you shall receive is an outdated motto. You're not getting everything you want, but you're still getting quite a lot. As long as the universe is covering your needs, consider yourself among the lucky few.

You'll bound into the workweek with energy and direction. Monday will be a great day to get things done. On Tuesday, take some time to do a favor for a friend at work who may not be having as good a time. As the week continues, you'll find you're having difficulty making a relatively simple decision. Use someone else on your team as a sounding board. It will help to hear your options out loud, and you could use the fresh perspective.

The month of May brings smooth and harmonious conditions.

On May 1, Gemini Venus aspects serious Saturn, and part of the harmony involves repairing relationships. You accomplish more with kindred spirits on your side.

It’s a matter of proper timing between the eighth and ninth as the sun and Venus aspect generous Jupiter. Don’t underestimate the importance of small chances, because you’re waiting for the epic opportunity to arrive. In this light, it is something seemingly small that liberates you.

On May 15, unpredictable Uranus begins a long Taurus transit (to 2026) in your partnership sector. Today’s new moon makes it an auspicious time to start something new. And productive Aquarius Mars helps you make progress through early November. No positive step goes unused or unrecognized.

Make a wish as Scorpio Jupiter trines Neptune on the twenty-fifth. You have a very fortunate ten-day window with this one.

On May 26 and May 27, search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting during the two days of your lucky weekend.

Mercury starts a transit in Gemini and your sector of shared resources on the twenty-ninth, helping you strengthen networks and friendly ties that you’ll find very helpful next month when you might have to go back and reconnect.