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Oct 23 – Nov 21

You're always the one friends come to for favors. Be careful, because you're on the verge of being tapped out. It's time to make a list of those who would be there for you in a pinch, and put it in a safe place in case you ever need to refer to it.

The troops are in place. The coordinates have been double-checked. The boss is happy. You're ready to proceed with this spectacular new business deal. Some of your colleagues may disagree about specifics, but everyone is impressed by the direction you're moving in. But at home, in the middle of the week, things may not be running nearly as smoothly. (Expect to be distracted for a few days.) By Thursday, you are all business again, in an exceedingly playful way. Work is a game to you at the end of the week. A mystery. A chance to pull some tricks out of your sleeve. Dazzle 'em.

October’s theme is second chances but with different approaches. In this light, it’s about utilizing more patience because impatience wastes time. Remember this when rational Mercury squares your ruler Pluto on October 2. Strive to turn irritants into something useful.

On the fifth, Scorpio Venus turns retrograde, a condition lasting through the end of the month. Old issues return for more patient reevaluation.

Scorpio Mercury accents dedication to a mission on October 9, providing both willpower and mind power. The next day is lucky for searching and sending out resumes if you’re job hunting. Take the opportunity to schedule interviews and meetings when the tide is in your favor.

Mercury conjoins Scorpio Venus on the fifteenth, helpful if you need to go back and try to persuade people to change their minds. Better to talk today than on October 23, when the Scorpio sun opposes unpredictable Uranus. The emphasis on fixed signs tends to be rather stubborn and illogical (Scorpio is also a fixed sign!)

Mercury conjoins lucky Jupiter on the twenty-ninth, and change is good - even big change - in case you want to try again.

On the last day of the month, Venus leaves Scorpio and retrogrades to Libra, and next month’s “skeleton” pops out of the closet.