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Oct 23 – Nov 21

Communication is a two-way street, so if you don't feel like you are in on the real story behind what is going on right now, why don't you ask? You have every right to explore this topic of conversation, and if it would help to play dumb about it, play dumb. If all you want is information, you pose no threat to anyone. Knowledge is power, and it's what you need to gain peace of mind today. To get it, you just have to ask. Not so hard, is it?

You’ll be craving lighthearted, joyful interactions with loved ones on July 10 when the emotional moon pairs up with spiritual Neptune in your fifth house of romance. Allowing yourself to get swept up in the moment and connect on a more spiritual, magical level with others can be truly healing and fulfilling.

At the same time, you’ll do well to guard yourself against taking on other people’s negative emotions as your own. Instead, staying centered regarding how you feel while showing compassion can preempt stress and burnout.

And on July 12, communicator Mercury in your ninth house of higher learning ends its retrograde, moving forward until August 4. You’ll be able to get back to the business of learning and expanding your horizons, perhaps signing up for an online class or making travel plans for the future.

There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in conservative earth sign Capricorn on July 4, so you might not be in a very celebratory mood. When your mind is on the future, it’s hard to live in the moment. Relax, Scorpio. There isn’t a lot you can do now to change things.

Chiron in fire sign Aries goes retrograde on the eleventh, bringing a lot of unpleasantness to the surface. You aren’t exactly the best when it comes to dealing with confrontation, but haven’t you avoided this issue long enough? The sooner you get it out into the open and deal with it the better.

Communication expert Mercury is in intuitive Cancer when it comes out of its retrograde period on July 12, making it easier for you to figure out not only what went wrong these last few weeks but also how you can fix it. Apologies aren’t the easiest thing for you, but when you’re wrong, you admit it.

You might be thrown into the spotlight when the sun moves into dramatic fire sign Leo on the twenty-second, but now isn’t the time to retreat. Are you comfortable in front of all those people? Probably not. But is this a good time to show the world your hidden talents? Absolutely! You deserve all the applause you get.