Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Your ability to not take things personally is something you should rely on heavily today. There are some emotionally charged things going on in your life right now, and you need to stay objective about all of them if you want to prevent a stressful day. If you can keep your sensitivities toned down, you'll see things accurately—apply caution in any conclusions you make, and don't assume that everything always has to be difficult.

Largeness is a theme on Monday. 'The bigger the better' is your mantra. Your reasons are philosophical, but the effect this outlook will have is financial. By Tuesday, you might find yourself the proud and somewhat embarrassed owner of an incredibly expensive piece of art. Or furniture. Or even jeans. Midweek, practice self-control. Instead of eating out, make yourself a sandwich. Focus on non-material things – your future, for example. Define a path. Friday and Saturday your problem-solving skills are needed at home, and Sunday will tax your imagination in pleasurable ways.

Communications master Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, bringing complications you don’t need. If you have an important work deadline, ask for an extension until after Mercury heads direct on the twenty-eighth. If you can’t get one, focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t.

A Mars-Neptune sextile on the tenth creates mystically alluring energy, attracting you to people and things without knowing why. Does there always have to be a reason? Sometimes “because I want to” is good enough.

The sun sextiles your co-ruler Pluto on March 13, giving you a powerful feeling of purpose and fulfillment. Relying on others to help make your dreams come true isn’t your style right now. You’re determined to shine on your own or not at all.

The sun enters driven Aries on the twentieth, so you attack things enthusiastically for the next month. Spontaneity can lead to some unexpected (and not always positive) consequences, but that’s all part of the ride you’re on right now.

Co-ruler Mars enters Gemini on March 30, giving the month a somewhat scattered sendoff. When you’re having a hard time focusing on just one thing, do something to calm your mind. Meditating or listening to white noise might help.