Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Do not let the arrogance of someone else get under your skin today—it won't help anything. You will get frustrated, but they will remain blissfully ignorant of how abrasive and annoying they are being. Instead of reacting negatively, use your sense of humor to help you through. Choose to see their behavior as amusing and entertaining, and you will get all the relief you need. In fact, you will look forward to their future outbursts instead of dreading them.

Look forward to getting caught up in daydreams that will be more vivid than usual on October 15 while communicator Mercury in your sign forms a positive trine to mystical Neptune in your fifth house of romance. You’ll want to open up to loved ones about these exciting visions and potentially draw inspiration from them as you lean into an activity that allows you to express yourself in a creative way (like poetry or another form of art). It’s also an ideal time to connect with a lover or your dearest friends.

Then, on October 20, the emotional moon in your ninth house of adventure forms a harmonizing angle to messenger Mercury in your sign, stirring you to research new ways to hone your skillset and acquire knowledge that truly speaks to your big-picture goals. You won’t want to invest in anything you feel even remotely lukewarm about!

When your co-ruler Pluto goes direct in ambitious Capricorn on October 3, your life can get back on track. Trust your gut feelings when it comes to making major decisions. You’re back in control and feeling confident!

Mercury, the planet of communication, pairs up with your mysterious sign, also on the third, so you’ll love keeping someone guessing even more than normal. Your idea of fun is having someone ask you 20 questions and then maybe answering half of them. You’re a tough one to figure out, Scorpio (and that’s just the way you like it)!

Mars, your other co-ruler, enters poised Libra, also on October 3, which might tame some of your aggression—in the best possible way. Being willing to reach a compromise with others doesn’t make you weak; it makes you more accommodating. And yes, there is a big difference.

The Aries full moon arrives on the thirteenth, making you focused on winning. What’s the prize? You might not even care. If you’re first across the finish line, you’re happy.

The sun partners with your magnetic sign on October 23, giving you a charming aura that people notice. Strangers might ask you what perfume you’re wearing or wonder if they know you from somewhere. “Perhaps from one of your better dreams,” should be your sassy reply!