Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

There is no reason for you to take anything too seriously right now, so lighten up! Every argument has two sides, and you should accept the fact that everyone has his or her own perspective on things. There isn't always only one right answer. If you take another look at complicated situations right now, you will be able to separate the good parts from the bad easily and adjust your opinion to take more people into account.

Around June 17, when the full moon is in your second house of income, you could be reflecting on how much time and energy you’re giving to your hustle, as well as the rewards that are coming with that—or not. You’ll want to work on finding peace and balance around these issues, given that being emotionally present in and enjoying your work is integral to success. From June 21 to November 27, dreamy Neptune will be retrograde in your fifth house of romance, requiring you to take a more pragmatic look at the ways you’re seeking pleasure and fun. If you’ve been engaging in a bit of magical thinking related to a relationship or a creative project, you may have to face the fact that it’s not exactly what you thought it was. It may not be easy, but ultimately owning this truth can have you feeling more empowered in the long-haul.

Most Scorpios like the energy coming from Mercury in Cancer on June 4, mostly because you can identify with the Crab’s “keep to myself” nature. If you want to share a secret, your trusted BFF will be the first to know.

The fourteenth brings a sensual Mars-Neptune trine that has you feeling some type of way. Your sultry charm works on practically everyone, but you’re only interested in seducing one special person. If someone is fortunate enough to have you as their lover, they’re truly one of the lucky ones. Your expectations and demands are high, though.

The Sagittarius full moon takes you out of your comfort zone on June 17 and helps you explore new worlds. As a fixed sign, you’re comfortable in your steady routine, but going outside it every once in a while provides you with thrilling memories to last a lifetime.

Your co-ruler Mars opposes your other ruler Pluto (in retrograde) on the nineteenth, creating quite an interesting environment for you. Will you be forced to side with one ruler or the other when they go up against each other? No. Even though they’re on opposite sides now, you can figure out a way to use these two powerhouses to work to your advantage. Victory will be yours!