Scorpio | Horoscope Expert


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Take a look around your home today and identify the rooms or areas that could use some improvement, either structurally or decoratively. Your creativity is bubbling over right now, and working on sprucing up your environment would be a great way to exercise that energy. This is a wonderful day to start on any new projects that involve painting, cooking or sewing. Anything that requires you to express you own aesthetic is going to be a fun project that yields impressive results.

You could feel like it’s finally time to set solid boundaries on the job in order to achieve more work-life balance around August 15 when the full moon is in your fourth house of home life. While pinpointing the best way to do this—and then actually getting it done—might initially feel intimidating, your motivation is high, as you know you’re on the brink of physical and emotional burnout if you don’t make concrete changes now.

Then, while go-getter Mars moves through your eleventh house of networking from August 18 to October 3, you can anticipate your calendar being packed with client meetings, happy hours, major social events, and casual hangouts with friends. You’ll want to hit them all, but prioritizing can keep you firing on all cylinders.

Mercury is direct in fellow water sign Cancer when the month begins, opening the lines of communication again for the first time in weeks. You’re more willing to share personal things now, but only with the people you feel closest to. Trust, as always, is a key issue.

Eccentric Uranus goes retrograde on August 11, which challenges you to question what you believe. If you’re like most fixed-sign Scorpios, you have firm opinions on most topics, but looking at things from a new perspective could change your mind.

Your home planet Mars visits detail-oriented Virgo for a few weeks starting on August 18, so this is a great time to do some cleaning and purging. Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore, Scorpio. Letting go of things that have sentimental value isn’t always easy, but the memories will still be there even though the stuff attached to them is gone.

The sun enters Virgo’s practical sign on the twenty-third, so you have the next month or so to thoroughly clean the house or office or organize files. Take advantage of the Virgin’s structured energy to make your living space neat and tidy. You don’t love the work while you’re doing it, but you do love the results.