Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

A family situation that's been on simmer for a while now stands every chance of boiling over today. Your job is to use every little bit of your famous patience and reserve to keep that from happening. It may not be easy, especially if you're emotionally attached to one or both parties, and even more so if you can see both sides of the issue. Still, someone has to be the grownup here, and as usual, that job will fall to you.

The wonderful energy of your fun-filled, romantic weekend will carry over into the start of the week, bringing positive feedback and good times for your work and personal life. You deserve this happiness, so savor it. Mid-week, things might start to feel routine, so to perk things up, why not check out a Pilates class or try that new Brazilian restaurant? As the week comes to a close, one of your closest relationships will grow more intense. You'll find yourself talking about passionate issues, possibly even your thoughts on marriage. They really want to know what you think, so voice your true feelings about everything and don't worry – they won't think anything but good thoughts.

Venus, your passionate home planet, gets into it right away with hazy Neptune, and their square on May 7 puts out some insecure, distorted energy. What you see in the mirror isn’t reflected in other people’s opinion of you, but your lack of confidence could cause issues regardless. When you receive compliments, say thank you even if you don’t necessarily believe them.

Vocal Mercury enters your conservative sign on the thirteenth, so your communication is reserved and you tend to hold back your true emotions. You believe that manners and decorum come before full disclosure, so you hold your tongue in certain situations.

The sun leaves your sign for restless Gemini on May 20, shifting your sometimes-stoic energy to a more easygoing vibe. Your attention span is scattered at best for the next month, so even though you’re interested in a lot of different topics, you don’t really explore any one of them in depth.

The Venus-Saturn (retrograde) opposition on the twenty-sixth keeps your love life and/or finances from advancing the way you’d like them to, which causes you great disappointment. Keep your head down and work hard. You’ll get what you deserve eventually.