Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

You not only have all the intense energy you will need to get something good started today, but you'll also have enough energy to finish everything up! Like the good organizer you are, you've done the work necessary—now all you need to focus on is the follow-through. This won't take much time, so be prepared to have something to do with all the extra time you'll have in your day. Why not visit an old friend or relative who would love to hear all the details of your latest adventures?

A burst of confidence makes you want to open up about your sexiest desires on September 18 when the emotional moon in your sign forms a harmonizing angle to go-getter Mars in your fifth house of romance. Being assertive and self-assured comes more naturally, so make a point to open up to your significant other or a potential partner now. The direct communication can be followed by sultry, sparks-provoking action.

On September 20, the moon in your second house of income forms a positive trine to artistic Venus and communicator Mercury, both currently in your sixth house of daily routine, offering you a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues, brainstorm, and pitch passion projects that could lead to a new stream of cash.

The Venus-Saturn trine on September 1 is perfect for recommitting to something or someone you’ve lost focus on. Dig in deep and remember what you can do when you put your mind to it.

The Mercury-Saturn trine on the fifth isn’t particularly social, but it is a good opportunity to spend some time on your own so you can make an important decision or have a serious conversation. It’s obvious that you mean business now.

The Mars-Saturn trine on September 9 is a hardworking one, so if you have chores and projects you need to finish, get started on them now. If you’re looking to do a DIY project, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, because although you’re fully dedicated to the cause, you could lose focus easily now.

Loving Venus enters Libra, the sign of relationships, on the fourteenth, making you somewhat idealistic when it comes to expectations. If a friend or relative has been letting you down lately, what makes you think they’ll change anytime soon? It’s wonderful to be hopeful, but are you being realistic?

You’re easily drawn to the unknown during the Mercury-Pluto square on September 26, when you might want to spend hours discussing conspiracy theories and investigating unsolved murders. Don’t get lost in the dark, Taurus.