Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Try to fit more physical activity into this day. Take the stairs, park at the far end of the lot or maybe just dance around the kitchen. Getting your blood pumping will serve as a great outlet for all the energy that you might not know what to do with. Getting active with your body also encourages you to get active in your brain. And who knows? That extra half hour in your workout could stir up a bevy of new ideas in your mind and give you a strong sense of possibility.

You wake up on Monday feeling like a character in a romance novel. Your entire life seems oriented toward the prospect of love. (Or perhaps you're already in love – lucky you.) Flattery and sex appeal figure strongly on Tuesday as well. Wednesday you're too busy thinking about your wallet to spend much time thinking about your heart, and Thursday finds you crippled with indecision about your work life. But worry not: The weekend returns you to the realm of red roses and boxes of chocolate. If you're single, Saturday's your chance to do something about that.

Not everything is as it seems in November, Taurus. The new Scorpio moon on the seventh shows you what’s possible, but are you patient enough to wait for the results of your hard work? There are many mysteries to unlock, and you can’t wait to find the keys.

When powerful Mars enters gentle Pisces on the fifteenth, it may feel like the universe took its foot off the gas and it’s now hovering over the brake. Getting sidetracked is a given, especially if someone you care about really needs you. Is finishing what you started more important than lending a hand to a flailing loved one? Almost never.

Venus, your power planet, goes direct in Libra on November 16, so compromises are easier to reach than at other times of the month. Your stubbornness rarely allows you to see other people’s perspectives this clearly, so take advantage of Libra’s enlightened viewpoint.

Neptune also heads direct in dreamy Pisces on the twenty-fourth, giving you the urge to retreat into a fantasy land when things get difficult. Is there anything wrong with taking a break from reality? No. But don’t stay too long, Taurus, because the longer you avoid what’s really going on, the harder it will be to face the music.