Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Live by a higher set of principles for the time being. That empty life is taking its toll. Instead, identify what's important to you. Who do you love? What do you live to do? Figure out at least one dream and pursue it. You'll meet some interesting people that way.

Monday and Tuesday are all about flutters in your chest, inexplicable nervous energy and a feeling of inner conflict and excitement. Relax and breathe deeply. By midweek you're feeling confident, energetic and attractive – now is a good time to begin, or rekindle, a romance. Don't make heavy, long-term plans, and pay attention to your special someone's gestures – the twitch of an eyebrow, the pursing of lips. Before the weekend is out, have at least one relaxed, leisurely meal with them, and say something that proves you've been listening.

When loving Venus enters nurturing Cancer on July 3, you have an instinctive ability to protect the people closest to you and make them feel safe and secure. If you’re single, you might be attracted to needier people than usual.

A stressful Mars-Uranus square on the eleventh highlights financial obstacles, which can be a difficult time for all committed Bulls with partners who like to spend a lot of money. For single Bulls, your perfect match is someone who has solid long-term financial goals.

There’s a full moon and partial eclipse in hardworking Capricorn on July 16 that could cause frustration if you try to move too far ahead. It’s tempting to want to move quickly when you aren’t satisfied with your current love status, but you can’t rush matters of the heart.

The tense opposition between your home planet Venus and intense Pluto on the twenty-first tends to create emotional stress, but don’t let bad news and/or social media gossip deter you. Staying on target now is tough but possible.

The sun-Uranus square on July 29 throws some uncertainty into a romantic situation, but this is where your patience comes into play. If you don’t like what’s happening one minute, stick around, because the situation might be totally different the next!