Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Before you can enjoy spending time with anyone else, you've got to take care of your own needs. Catch up with your inbox, maybe, or clean up the bathroom. Do whatever it takes to get things back in order.

You've got charm to burn as the week starts out, and your own stability also means you can see through to the core of others – who may not be exactly what they're trying to portray. It all gets you thinking about your own romantic ideals, a philosophical state that occupies you from around Tuesday to Thursday. After that, someone (Your honey? A new acquaintance? An intriguing stranger?) comes along to further challenge the comfy status quo of your heart. Yes, it's a shake-up, but it may be a very, very good one. Share it all with a friend on Sunday for an added bonus.

Venus, ruler of love and your sign, has a busy month ahead! The Venus-Mars square on September 8 causes tension in an existing relationship, especially if you’re competing against each other in any way. Single Bulls will feel additional pressure to pursue their crushes before someone else does, but being overly aggressive won’t work.

Venus spends some intense time in deeply emotional Scorpio starting on the ninth, and while sex can be mind-blowing, it’s never a “no strings attached” act. You’re looking for a profound connection before you get down to business, and anything less won’t hold your attention for long.

The mood lifts when the sun enters lofty Libra on September 22, and you connect well with this aesthetic-focused energy. You know that there’s more to love than appearances, but you can certainly appreciate the physical traits of your current partner or an attractive stranger right now!

There’s a sun-Saturn square on the twenty-fifth that has you struggling with confidence issues, so it might be hard to ask your partner for what you really want or ask someone out. This is where you need that trademark Taurus determination. Why let anything stand in the way of your desires?