Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Looking for love in the usual places to no avail? Taking a risk may do the trick. Go to a brand new hangout or agree to let your pals set you up on a blind date. Chance is on your side.

Doing something active on Monday gets the ol' heart racing and elevates the emotions – just the kind of preparation you'll need for a racy, heightened Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when it comes to love. Your allure is undeniable, your passions are flowing, and duets are extra-sweet (and hot!) now. Of course, there are good times to be had on Friday and Saturday, too, but your favorite moments may be those spent solo. Sunday brings a powerful emotion (or several of them) – make plans with a friend and you can talk it over together.

Love takes an interesting turn when your ruler Venus squares eccentric Uranus on March 1. As someone who prefers tradition, new and unusual romantic ideas can thrill you – and scare you slightly. Don’t worry, though, Taurus. There’s no rush to make any permanent changes.

Mercury goes retrograde on the fifth, which could lead to heartache. When you can’t communicate as much or as well as you’d like, signals get crossed and feelings get hurt. Be as calm and patient as possible until Mercury goes direct on the twenty-eighth.

Freedom-seeking Uranus enters your conservative sign on March 6, resulting in confusing romantic energy. You seek security, yet you’re still being drawn to an unusual person and/or situation. If you decide to change anything up right now, it will most likely be temporary.

Venus squares independent Mars on the twenty-first, so you’re less needy. If you’re single, you appreciate the freedom of your current status. If you’re in a committed relationship, you realize that you can enjoy the moments apart from each other while still looking forward to being together.

You keep your emotions in check while the moon travels through practical Capricorn from March 27 through March 29, but you’re not made of stone. If someone tries hard enough to get you to crack, you probably will.