Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

You come across as somewhat gruff right now – and that's fine! You don't have time for fun and games now, and people who don't understand your efficiency don't get very far with you. Fly underneath the radar – you should gain altitude in a few days.

Beauty's only skin deep, and you're looking for loveliness through and through, aren't you? The beginning of the week is an excellent time to go beyond the obvious surface stuff with your honey or a potential one. By Tuesday or Wednesday, a new level of understanding can give you a better idea of your own heart's future. Then, if an oddity throws you for a loop at the end of the workweek, you won't feel the need to get bent out of shape. It's all a learning experience. This weekend, you and a certain someone are definitely on the same wavelength – and it could be a hot one.

When Venus turns retrograde on October 5, it puts the brakes on starting new romantic relationships or furthering existing ones. Engagements, weddings, or anniversary celebrations planned for this time aren’t ideal, but you can make them work if you’re aware of the potential pitfalls.

There’s stressful energy in the air during the Venus-Mars square on the tenth, which can tip a relationship over the wrong side of the emotional cliff if it’s been teetering at the top for some time. Avoid playing the blame game. It’s probably just as much your fault as it is theirs.

The sun experiences Scorpio’s passion starting on October 23, and your jealousy intensifies. You feel everything very deeply during this transit, so not taking something personally is almost impossible.

Tension from earlier in the month reappears with the Venus-Uranus opposition on the thirty-first, throwing you outside of your comfort zone but providing a valuable learning experience at the same time. You may not have chosen to be in these awkward or embarrassing romantic circumstances, but the lessons you absorb now can really help you in future relationships.