Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

You're getting a good vibe – and some extra sex appeal is coming your way. Your ability to figure out what's up with others is also enhanced, so though you've got the urge to lounge, don't waste that energy!

Get in the mood at the beginning of the week by being extra tolerant of – and sweet to – your mate and/or the world at large. An argument is nowhere near as fun as coming up with a creative compromise. Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for love this week; any parties should be a treasure trove for singles, and the coupled up will probably find themselves stealing away for secret kisses. The variations from your usual routine this weekend are very refreshing.

You don’t see your love life for what it is when your guiding and love-centric planet Venus squares off against cloudy Neptune on May 7. Despite what you want to believe about a current or potential love interest, the reality of the situation could be a real disappointment in contrast. Hold on to hope, but don’t move ahead blindly.

When messenger Mercury spends time in your reserved sign beginning on the thirteenth, your senses come alive, but you don’t show your love through words as much as actions. You’re often referred to as the strong, silent type, and this transit doesn’t do much to alter that reputation. When you do speak your mind, however, the words you use are carefully thought out and deliberate, so there will be no mistaking your true intentions.

The dazzling sun leaves your steady, stable sign for versatile Gemini on May 20, shifting your focus from romantic security to a lighter take on love. If you’re committed, you want your space, and if you’re single, the urge to play the field is strong. This more casual outlook on love may take some getting used to, but loosening your grip doesn’t have to mean letting go completely.