Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Feeling frumpy? Maybe it's time to hit the gym. It's easier to get a workout routine going if you have a gym buddy, so recruit friends, co-workers, or a certain crush to join you.

You're all charm as the week begins – if you can stay off your soapbox, that is. Find a way to express your opinion in a way that leaves room for debate – debate that, with a certain someone, could heat things right up. Around Thursday, somebody's there to help you look at your love life in a different light – maybe a relative who you haven't before thought of as someone to confide in. Think about whose relationship you'd like as a model and ask them some questions. Things may get just plain weird this weekend, and it could be unsettling. Then again, it could have interesting possibilities!

Are you ready for something new? Love has the option of taking a different turn during the Venus-Neptune conjunction on April 10, but if you’re not ready to take the leap, it could be a long way down.

Fateful Jupiter retrograde trines the sun on the fourteenth, so your mood is good if not a bit reflective. Is your love life where you’d like it to be - or thought it would be? Changes are possible, but think about them long before implementing them.

The relationship-focused Libra full moon on April 19 puts you in a compromising mood, mostly because you see the double meaning behind the phrase “all is fair in love and war.” Your search for equality in a love relationship is refreshing.

Lovely Venus moves into powerful Aries the next day, setting off a chain reaction. You aren’t used to being this direct, but you kind of like it. Once you get what you want, you might have a hard time going back to your old more passive self.

Goal-oriented Saturn goes retrograde on the twenty-ninth, so while you can appreciate a good game plan, it isn’t the time to act on it just yet. Practice some patience as you wait for the right time to present itself. It could be a while.