Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Would you go on a date feeling hopeful or already defeated? Of course, you would go with a spring in your step. That's exactly the way you should be approaching your finances. A little bit of flattery and sex appeal goes a long way toward boosting your chances in life. It's time to give your attitude about money a makeover.

Instead of getting stuck in the middle of office politics on Monday or Tuesday, play the diplomat. Your trustworthiness and mediation skills make you a natural. Midweek, teamwork goes extra well, with everyone pulling their weight and then some; at the same time, you've got a golden opportunity to strengthen some one-on-one bonds. Be ready to handle some public relations on Friday or even Saturday. Be sure to check in even if you're off the clock – some spin-mastering may be required. Avoid financial risks on Sunday.

March offers added concentration and subtle insight to your already impressive strengths. You are so on top of things that if it seems right to you, it is good.

On March 1, your ruler Venus brings the sweetness of success to Aquarius and your career sign for the next few weeks.

Mercury is retrograde from the fifth through the twenty-eighth. Yes, it’s that time again, and the good news is that you can go back for encores. Why not give people a chance to change their answers!?

On March 6, Taurus Uranus is one of the big changes this month. The seven-year transit focuses on new opportunities while assorted surprises keep you alert.

The tenth is a lucky Sunday to search if you are job hunting. Send out resumes and schedule interviews and meetings on Monday, another lucky day.

Spring arrives on March 20 with a full Libra moon along with futuristic positive solar and lunar aspects, also thinking Mercury, focused Taurus Mars, business-oriented Saturn, and transformational Pluto. All point to a personal mission and support system to help you make things happen.

Mars enters resourceful Gemini on the thirtieth, your sign of money and how you earn it. In this light, take all of the good stuff to the bank next month.