Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Why torture yourself? No matter how much you shop around, nothing is within your budget. Take things slow. Consider this a time of saving, and know the time for spending takes some patience to reach.

You're usually content to inch your way up the ladder at work, but you might get impatient with your slow-and-steady strategy as the week begins. Don't give into impulse – just stick to your original plan. You're an excellent communicator all week – in person, over email or on the phone – but that goes double for Wednesday and Thursday. Use this spike in your communication charisma to inspire coworkers and make things happen. (This could be a good time for an offsite team-building lunch.) On Friday, don't get drawn into a power struggle. Rely on allies to smooth things over.

The keyword for May is “change,” and that means for the better. On May 7, communicative Gemini Venus squares Pisces Neptune, rather like butterfly-quick tricks. Be alert and ready to act.

On the eighth, the opposition between the sun and retrograde Jupiter exposes the trickster perps, btw. Signs Scorpio and Taurus are in protective mode. They - and you - can say “no more” as many times as necessary in the next four days.

Good news on May 13, when thinking and communicating Mercury enters your sign. It is also a lucky day to send out resumes and search if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings for Monday, another lucky day.

Uranus brings its abundance to your sign on the fifteenth. Unexpected but pleasantly surprising events begin mid-May with Uranus changing your world. However, it is the planet of the unexpected, so events may not be what you plan. Taurus determination seals the deal.

Also that day, active Mars brings new projects with its transit in Aquarius and your career sector, which happens once every two and a half years. This transit means you get the support you need.

Begin new projects under a fortunate new Taurus moon on May 29. Also, Mercury takes some productive Taurus energy to Gemini. You’ll be creatively impressive next month.