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Apr 20 – May 20

There's nothing you can't stand more than being preached to. You can put cotton in your ears today but you can't avoid someone else's long sermon. Don't they realize you don't need any lessons in money, moral or otherwise? Apparently not. Sigh.

Loyalty from your coworkers is the most important thing to you on Monday, and it's also one of the hardest things to find. But you're a lucky duck: You're surrounded by loyal types. On Tuesday, happiness, energy, flattery and trust figure strongly. It isn't until Wednesday that work really seems like work. Thursday is sheer drudgery – you may have to stare at spreadsheets of numbers all day long – and Friday you're unable to see an hour into the future, much less figure out the projects you need to be planning. You don't get any perspective until the weekend. But when it comes, you feel much calmer.

July is for innovation, often the surprising by-product of difficulties. There’s an injection of confidence and courage from Leo Mars beginning on July 1. While we’re on the topic, refresh your memory. The last time Mars transited Leo was two and one-half years ago. How did that work for you (handling difficulties, for one)?

On the second, the Cancer solar eclipse reboots your communication sign with insight and new perspectives over the next six months. Cosmic synchronicity occurs on July 3, when harmonious Cancer Venus accentuates smooth dialog. Ask ever so sweetly and who could say no!?

The week of the eighth, thought-provoking retrograde Mercury conjoins wired Mars and megawatts of sunshine meet “teach and learn” retrograde Saturn (between eclipses). Heads up because innovative ideas will flow.

The Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 16 is the next plane to parts unknown in your sign of fortunate expansion. Lucky Venus aspects even luckier Jupiter, and choices result in sheer financial luck.

The twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth are lucky days to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings now.

On July 29, the Leo sun squaring Taurus Uranus supports big plans through the end of the month. The Leo new moon on the month’s last day sparks a “stop thinking and fly” influence next month.