Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

Avoid anything you feel with intensity. Even if you're sure you can make a boatload today, you're better off having nothing to do with it. The kind of lifelong ramifications that are hidden in the price tag makes it just not worth it at any price.

If there's been talk of a business trip lately, it will come to fruition on Monday or Tuesday. The destination is decided, the ticket is bought and the thrill of anticipation settles pleasantly in your chest. You intuit that a trip is going to do wonders for your perspective. Speaking of perspectives, Wednesday or Thursday brings about a clash of them, in the form of an argument between two colleagues you happen to admire equally. It's an unnecessary squabble, although they'll need you to point that out to them. By Friday everyone will be on the same page again, so capitalize on that cohesiveness.

Get it said. Be a solid force when communication is a focus in May. A good start is when assertive Aries Mercury sextiles competitive and glib Mars on May 1.

The fourth brings a lucky new Taurus moon for a solid beginning and the beat goes on for 30 days following the phase. Set new goals with helpful Taurus Mercury, arriving on May 6.

Expect changes that highlight opportunities two days later when Mercury conjoins Taurus Uranus. Some are unorthodox, so zone into your creative channel.

Venus trines Jupiter on the ninth, in the event that you need complete and passionate absorption for your new moon venture.

On May 15, Taurus Venus contributes plentiful and fruitful growth in her earthy sign, and Cancer Mars is moody in your communication sector. Watch impressionability and irritability in the wrong place to the wrong person.

The sun and Mercury highlight your inner goal to shine when they activate your sector of money and how you earn it on the twenty-first. You gain by investment and dealings with others.

On May 30, Taurus Venus sextiles Pisces Neptune under a lucky moon, creating positive influences through the end of May.

Next month, the theme is freedom.