Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

If it was always fun to make a living, it wouldn't be called work. You can't focus exclusively on the parts you enjoy. If you are an idea person, then coming up with great ones doesn't mean a thing unless you do the grunt work that goes with it.

You have a deeper understanding of what you're doing than you've ever had before. You might even get to take a business trip in the near future. Work goes well until the middle of the week, when a difference of opinion changes the social dynamic in the office. Wednesday and Thursday, you slink in and out of the building, trying not to be noticed. But the end of the week is no time to be flying under the radar. You need some advice, and the best person to give it is someone who sits near you. Treat them to lunch. Then make them do the talking. Your weekend is charged with a new sense of possibility.

At last! Liberation from pressure and tension, the better to actualize your potential, dear Taurus.

On June 4, Mercury activates your communication sign, and the focus amplifies individuality already sparked by the Taurus transit of Uranus. On the eighth, ruling Venus, in her financial hat, rewards you with sweet success in your money sign now.

Cast your creative net in safe waters when Cancer Mars trines Pisces Neptune on June 13. Your net is secure, even in a brain “storm,” thanks to Sunday’s square between lucky Jupiter and inventive Neptune. Jupiter offers rewards in your sign of contracts, change, and other people’s money.

A Saturn sextile with Neptune on the eighteenth incorporates practicality with visioning. Saturn, aka the great gatekeeper, illuminates and simplifies the future and goals. The days between June 16 and June 18 send a message: Go outside your comfort zone and achieve your dreams!

On June 27, the sun in your communication sign sextiles Taurus Uranus in the role of nonconformist. Planets intensify the urge to shine in innovative ways. You’ve got quiet persistence (soft power, and that’s a rarity). It is a gift you should learn to use to your advantage.

Next month, while it sounds odd, embrace problems and think your way to your desired outcome. Well, of course, you can!