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Apr 20 – May 20

Without intensity, life is hardly worth living. Oh, the drama! Whether you're flush or broke is not as important as whether or not you're feeling deep emotions. If you don't care, just don't bother.

The week begins with talk of travel. If it's a work trip you're looking forward to, do your homework now so you're prepared for any eventuality. If it's not a work trip, well, you'll need to spend the next couple days working hard, to make up for your coming vacation. It's an intense week, and the intensity might result in a bizarre head-to-head on Thursday. The disagreement may be less about the issue at hand and more about the personalities of the parties involved. Ask a friend for some advice on Friday and figure out a solution to this awkward situation.

If complex strategies make you nervous, how about making effectiveness (more comfortable for earthy Taurus) a priority. Knowing what you want from the situation is the start. September 1 is a lucky morning and early afternoon to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

Communicative Mercury sextiles fortunate Venus on the third, and the two offer opportunities to commit to a project with others (keep the above in mind about your goals). Saturn, in direct motion, heightens effectiveness even more, beginning September 6.

On September 12, a sextile between Jupiter and Pluto ushers in ten days of destiny at work - in a good way. Ruling planet Venus aspects Uranus and sextiles Saturn to highlight luck when it comes to making changes that help fate in a positive way.

Action-oriented Mars squares Taurus Uranus on the eighteenth, and it’s a connection that could divert you from your original plan (which could be the right direction). September 27 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. It’s an opportune time to schedule interviews and meetings. Next month’s theme is about nurturing your network. Don’t have one? It’s time to take that step.