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Apr 20 – May 20

You and a friend are getting closer and closer, and it seems like each of you is the other's biggest fan! But this mutual admiration society the two of you are getting started is big enough for a few more members, so be careful that the two of you don't send a message that no one else need apply. Having a good connection with one other person is good, but you can't let it close you off from connecting with more people. Widen the net and let everybody join in.

On October 15, when communicator Mercury in your seventh house of partnership forms a harmonizing trine with dreamy Neptune in your eleventh house of friendship, you’ll enjoy spending time with your lover and friends. This transit isn’t exclusively social, though—it’s also prime for getting caught up in an escapist pastime, like seeing a play or working together on a whimsical, creative project.

Then, on October 20, the emotional moon in your third house of communication squares off against aggressive Mars in your sixth house of daily routine, stirring up tension in conversations with family members or colleagues. You might very well be at the end of your rope and inclined to repress these heated feelings, but expressing them now and letting the steam out serves you best.

The energy is a bit uneven between powerful Mars and fair-minded Libra on October 3, but there’s also an upside to this duo. You get excellent results when you push your agenda forward using tact instead of force.

Loving Venus enters intense Scorpio on the eighth, so love affairs become hot and steamy. You get jealous easily if you’re feeling insecure, but acting on negative emotions does more harm than good.

An opposition between your ruler Venus and unpredictable Uranus on October 12 calls a lot of things into question, especially when the situation involves love and/or money. Sudden changes and surprises can be exciting, but the effect they’ll have on your future is hard to predict.

The need to be wanted and/or needed increases during the Venus-Saturn sextile on the twentieth, but you aren’t interested in just anyone’s attention. You can tell the difference between when someone truly loves you and when they’re just pretending, and you aren’t interested in the latter.

The pairing of the sun and passionate Scorpio on October 23 begins a month of intensity and truth-seeking. Trivial knowledge on any subject doesn’t interest you now. You want to get to the bottom of it, no matter what “it” is. Missing person cases are particularly intriguing.