Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

It's time to stand up for yourself, which has never been something you've shied away from. Right about now, however, you'll be more determined than ever to ensure no one takes advantage of you. Your mission is to resist letting your feelings show in the meantime. It might not be easy, because your feelings go very deep. But if you want to emerge victorious, remember, a little bit of sugar goes a long, long way.

One way to figure out what to do at the start of the week is to consider what someone you admire might do in your same shoes. Or, better yet, find someone you admire and just ask them. The advice you get will be good, but you may not necessarily be ready to implement it. Wednesday you're torn between sprinting ahead and taking the slow route – a somewhat disorienting state to be in. Then, Thursday, you find someone else who totally relates. On Friday, sex appeal, luxury and enjoyment are big themes. No wonder the weekend finds you shopping.

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