Taurus | Horoscope Expert


Apr 20 – May 20

This is a day of opposites—what you think is significant is really trivial, and the tiny ideas you are relegating to the back burner are the seeds that could create a critical turning point in your life. You've been given this hand to play, but you need to shuffle those cards and look at everything differently! There's a gem in your possession, but you don't yet realize its value. Talk to people about what you're working on—verbal communication will reveal your treasure.

As tantalizing as the potential payoff may seem, taking a risk at the outset of the week isn't going to pan out the way you want. Rather than directing your energy toward schemes of world domination, direct your energy toward other people. Your charm gets you more midweek than you might expect. Thursday is a day of enlightenment, but Friday and Saturday are, frankly, weird. Rather than attempting to understand, just try not to take anything personally. On Sunday, be around people who make you feel comfortable.

When your ruler Venus squares eccentric Uranus on March 1, you get some unusual ideas when it comes to love and money. It isn’t like you to veer too far off the path, but innovative ideas catch your attention now.

Mercury goes retrograde on the fifth, creating its usual share of headaches. Communication mix-ups and technological glitches might be your biggest problem, especially if they affect your job or love life. Put that infamous Taurus patience to good use until Mercury heads direct on the twenty-eighth.

Uranus enters your conservative sign on March 6, shaking things up even further. You’re drawn to stability, but you can’t help but notice that other people are doing things differently – and with wild success. Will you change your ways? Maybe temporarily.

Venus squares ambitious Mars on the twenty-first, so go after what you want romantically and/or financially. You’ll have to live with any major decisions you make right now, but you rarely make a move without being sure of yourself.

The practical Capricorn moon on March 27 through March 29 keeps your emotions reined in tight, and it will take a very special person to knock them loose. You don’t gain anything by letting down your guard.