Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Turn down your analytic engine and stop thinking so hard about things! There are a lot of details around you, and if you take each one into account, you will never have enough time or energy to act on your conclusions. Timing is everything, so keep one eye on the clock while you go through this day. Be mindful of deadlines, but don't panic. Gathering information is always a solid strategy, but it can also bring in a paralyzing amount of irrelevant information.

It's healthy to have the jitters before traveling; the prospect of unfamiliar territory provokes that response in many people. An open, philosophical approach – rather than a strictly practical approach – is the way to go during the first half of this week. You are the master of your destiny. Thursday in particular has the potential to be a great or terrible day, depending, in large measure, on you. On Friday, if your energy is flagging, ask your friends to rile you up (they'll be happy to oblige). Saturday's a good day to spend around others as well, although Sunday's a stay-at-home sort of day.

You love routine, but why not branch out a bit in November? Uranus is retrograde when it enters powerful Aries on November 6, but that doesn’t slow down your progress too much. When you face an obstacle, look for the most unusual way around it. The direct approach isn’t always the most effective one during this strange transit.

Aggressive Mars forms a complimentary sextile to Uranus retrograde on the fifteenth, increasing your need for fun and excitement. It’s out of character for you, but right now you’re drawn to unusual and innovative ways to solve problems, and taking an out-of-the-box approach works almost across the board. You’ll encounter lots of people who are put off by your newfound odd energy, but so what? Stick with whatever’s working for you, Virgo.

A full moon in air sign Gemini on November 23 intensifies your curiosity and increases your mental activity. Reading, learning, and connecting with other intellectuals are your favorite full moon activities!

Mercury is still retrograde when it forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter (also retrograde) in Sagittarius on the twenty-seventh, which could put a slight damper on your efforts to learn something new. The desire is there, but so are the distractions. You’ll have to really focus to stay on topic.