Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

If a problem pops up with a friend or associate today, don't turn it into a mountain—see it for the molehill it probably is. This is not the beginning of any sort of trend, so stop worrying about increased tension between the two of you. All in all, your relationships are working well, and you may see an overlap of two of your social circles. This might result in a new love connection, and you may end up being a matchmaker without even trying. Expect some grateful lovebirds.

You have responsibilities and you're dedicated to seeing them through – even when, on Monday and Tuesday, you have a perfect excuse to let yourself off the hook. This is admirable of you. And fate will reward you: Wednesday and Thursday are a postcard of romance. A postcard with swans on it. And cute buildings. The great thing about love is you can take it anywhere in the world with you. Friday and Saturday you're itching to do some spring-cleaning. Blast the radio and get out your sponges. Sunday, some confusion about your relationship with you-know-who requires your attention.

When your home planet Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, things get messy. And you hate mess. Staying calm and coming up with alternate solutions to the problems this transit creates is your best line of defense against it, Virgo.

Mercury retrograde squares off with expansive Jupiter on the fifteenth, so while you might try to express far-reaching ideas and reach lofty goals, you could fall just short of them. It will be frustrating, but don’t give up.

Mercury is still retrograde when it forms a sextile to powerful Mars on March 17, so while things will feel like they’re speeding up, you might struggle to maintain a steady speed. The will is there, so it can be annoying when your efforts don’t quite measure up.

Venus enters Pisces on the twenty-sixth, which puts you in la-la land at times when it comes to what’s happening around you. Daydreaming as an occasional escape is okay, Virgo, but you must face reality eventually.

Mercury finally goes direct on March 28, ending almost a month of misfires and malfunctions. Get things back up and in working order so you’re ready to face what April has in store!