Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Your words have extra weight today, so be aware that your feedback will be respected and adhered to. Make sure you offer constructive criticism instead of being just plain critical about a coworker or team member's presentation. Give concrete examples of where they fell short—and don't forget to let them know the ways that they blew you out of the water! Be sure that you communicate to them how much you know they are capable of. They need to hear it.

If you’ve been feeling burned out by work and the daily grind, you’ll get an opportunity to take a backseat and focus on resting, recovering, and, most importantly, meditating on where you’ve been and where you want to go from here, thanks to the confident sun’s move through your twelfth house of spirituality from July 22 to August 23. You can enjoy being in planning mode during this time, tuning into your intuition to guide your exact next steps.

On July 28, the emotional moon in your tenth house of career squares off against dreamy Neptune in your seventh house of partnership, and you might feel like you’re speaking a different language than a close colleague. This could create frustration if you want to get ahead on a joint project, but hold off until you’re on the same page.

When your home planet Mercury goes retrograde while in the Lion’s fiery sign on July 7, your pride is on the line. Your worst nightmare is looking bad in front of an audience. Preparation and rehearsal can lower those odds significantly.

The sun is in sensitive Cancer when it opposes deep Pluto in practical Capricorn on the fourteenth, which could create behavior bordering on obsessive-compulsive. Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to change the circumstances you’re in, and if the answer is no, find a way to let it go.

Mercury is still retrograde when it enters emotional Cancer on July 19, so you might give off a defensive tone without even meaning to. You can’t help taking negative comments personally, but there’s no reason to hold on to them longer than necessary.

It’s tempting to tell someone how you really feel about them during the Mercury-Venus conjunction in the Crab’s emotional sign on the twenty-fourth, but it might not go exactly as planned. When the results aren’t what you hoped for, you can’t hide your sadness. Being emotionally vulnerable might be one of your least favorite states of being.

Loving Venus enters big-hearted Leo on July 27, opening your world to love and romance. If you’ve been closed off recently, this will feel great.