Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Watch out for hotties during your workout or while running errands. They're watching out for you! Say hello to someone special you always run into while you're out and about and see what happens.

Your natural modesty is far more alluring to potential sweeties than tooting your own horn would be. Early in the week, let others feel your warmth and find out about your greatness in good time. That quality of veiled sensuality you have isn't so veiled from Thursday through sometime Saturday – in fact, you're pretty much burning hot. Plan your social calendar and make dates accordingly! The remainder of the weekend might find you indecisive about a certain situation. Try examining the deeper values at the heart of the matter – a conversation with a friend can help your thinking evolve.

Your communicative leader Mercury is in conservative Taurus to begin the month, which is a comfortable place for you to be. You definitely don’t feel the need to call attention to yourself now by blurting out anything inappropriate in front of your partner or crush. Some say you’re too predictable, but, honestly, you take that as a compliment.