Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Your deep sense of purposefulness reveals itself. Watch out for new clues and see what happens. They might seem cryptic at first, but soon everything is clear. Share your inspiration with someone new and cute.

Restless much? When it comes to romance Monday and Tuesday, your moods may be driving what you do. It's an interesting state of the heart, but just make sure you hear what's being said to you too. Your love challenge midweek is to take things as they come and let yourself respond organically – less control is more now. Friday and Saturday are stellar for dates, smooches, fresh love interests or dear, devoted ones. Be demonstrative and let love know how much you like it! Expect – and enjoy – a little change-up in your usual Sunday schedule too.

You have responsible earth energy to rely on during the harmonious trine between Venus in your practical sign and unpredictable Uranus in sturdy earth sign Taurus on August 3, which should help you take things to the next level in a love relationship. Because you aren’t in a big hurry, you pay attention to the details and that makes all the difference.

You’re more comfortable communicating with a crush or partner as messenger Mercury, your leader, exits bold Leo and partners with your logical sign on the eleventh, and while flirting isn’t your biggest strength, you still make some very witty verbal contributions to most conversations. Focus on being original.

The confident sun also partners with your logical sign for a month starting on August 22, bringing out your critical side and causing you to look for other people’s flaws. You also have an intense urge to be helpful, which is why you offer constructive criticism so generously. Just try to remember that others might not take it with the good intentions with which you deliver it.

When Mercury moves on into gracious, beauty-loving Libra on the thirtieth, your words flow remarkably well, and your texts and other communications read like poetry. This is the perfect time to send lyrics from your favorite song or lines from your favorite novel to a crush or partner.