Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

If you've got a romantic prospect (or two), it's possible that some issues will crop up now. You may want to just back-burner it and get back to it later when the situation clarifies a bit.

Any potentially romantic plans you have for Monday or Tuesday should be rescheduled to Wednesday or Thursday. Monday and Tuesday are good for nothing except bickering and being upset, whereas Wednesday and Thursday's primary themes are compatibility, great food, expressing yourself well and connecting on a deep level – all the things you want from romance. Friday and Saturday you're working like a dog, either at your job or around the house, but Sunday offers you some semblance of weekend relaxation.

Can you feel it? You’re on the verge of an emotional breakthrough now that your ruler Mercury is direct in caring, compassionate Cancer. Letting your feeling flow doesn’t come naturally, but as communication improves, expressing what’s in your heart feels like a weight’s been lifted.

Hardworking Mars enters your neat and organized sign on August 18, so you should be on top of things for the next several weeks. Your social calendar is completely in order, so the chances are slim to none that you’ll miss any scheduled dates. If you’re late, your date or partner can guarantee that it was something unavoidable that held you up.

Loving Venus also spends time in your sign starting on the twenty-first, so you’ll show your love by being practical. You’re much more likely to show your feelings in a constructive rather than romantic way now, and doing a sink full of dirty dishes equals romance to you.

The sun jumps on board the Virgo train on August 23, bringing out the very best of your personality. You know you aren’t the most romantic sign around, but your dependability and attention to detail make you an excellent catch. And you don’t have to advertise your particularly precise talents. They’re obvious to everyone.