Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

You've got a stellar opportunity for a deep and meaningful investigation into the love arena. Consider consulting a respected friend. The conversation can give you new insight into your values and your path.

If your love life isn't moving at the desired pace as the week begins, don't point fingers – whip it up a bit! You're in charge of your romantic destiny, so move on down the road toward it. Around Wednesday and Thursday, it's coming to you, too, and if you meet it head-on with your passion and enthusiasm, it'll be a gorgeous collision indeed. Groundwork you've laid can come to sweet fruition now. This weekend, something different isn't an occasion to freak out. Embrace it (or them!) instead, and see what happens.

Warning: You might not be able to contain your curiosity during the Gemini new moon on June 3. Whether you want to know more about a secret your partner is keeping or just stalking a crush’s social media posts, you can’t wait to find out more.

Your home planet Mercury teams up with the shy Crab on the fourth, causing emotions to run high and making you moodier than usual. If you’re worried about making a bad impression, hold off on planning a first date until you’re feeling more confident.

The sun is also taking a journey through Cancer’s caring sign starting on June 21, causing your compassionate side to really show. If a partner is used to you being practical and logical, this will be a welcome change. Single Virgos are more understanding of a date’s or crush’s excuses, but don’t be naïve.

Expressing yourself becomes much easier when Mercury enters outgoing Leo on the twenty-sixth, and you’ll want a lot of attention whether you’re on stage or not. It isn’t a partner’s or date’s job to compliment you endlessly, Virgo. Use the Lion’s high-ego energy to turn yourself into someone who’s confident, not needy!