Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

When did you come up with all this good advice? Your phone is ringing off the hook and everyone wants a piece of your mind. And why not? You've lived a full and interesting life. Go ahead and share it. Offer others a piece of what makes you so incredibly wise.

Go in deep on Monday – even if you just met! That could mean probing family or relationship history, bringing up spiritual issues or just revealing a lot more than you usually do. It's worth it! Force yourself to engage for the next few days afterward, even if you feel emotionally exhausted. You need to keep up with the search or your mate's activities, and you can pull it off if you stay focused. Things start to click on Friday, and you can feel your good energy flooding back into you and helping you aim in a new, more ambitious, direction.

There’s an uplifting sun-Mercury conjunction on January 10 that raises your hopes about a certain romantic situation. If you’ve been waiting to get word about whether someone likes you or is going to accept your invitation, you might hear good news around this time. If you’re currently partnered up, communication is good between the two of you. Reveal a secret you’ve been keeping.

There are some complications to hurdle during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction on the twelfth, but your mental capabilities are strong. You’re great at figuring out your next romantic move and good at expressing your desires, too.

The emotional moon encounters some confusion as it enters your practical sign on January 13, but you aren’t the most emotive sign around. Should you speak up and say what’s in your heart or shouldn’t you? You’ll know what to do when the time is right.

The Aquarius new moon arrives on the twenty-fourth, helping you experience new things, meet new people, and be more open-minded than usual. The possibilities seem endless, and you’re excited about what might happen next. You aren’t the most spontaneous person, but the more willing you are to let things just happen, the more fun you’ll have.