Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Put your routine in park, and make this day a turbo one. You've got the potential to supercharge your personal energy and the more different stuff you do and new people you meet, the hotter things can get!

You and you-know-who are either taking a road trip together on Monday or Tuesday or you're talking about taking a road trip. In detail. What CDs you'd bring to listen to, where you'd want to go, when you could do it, etc. You two are really enjoying each other's company these days, and you just want to enjoy each other's company in a new setting. Wednesday and Thursday, you might hit a snag in the communication department – an email might be misunderstood, one of you might show up at the wrong time – but Friday through Sunday are easy-going and social. Women are prominent.

When your power planet Mercury joins forces with penetrating Scorpio on October 3, nothing goes unnoticed. You’re zeroed in on the details when you’re with someone you really like (or love), and you take everything personally. There’s no sense in advising you to be a little less intense, because you have little choice under Scorpio’s powerful influence!

Loving Venus enters Scorpio’s passionate sign on the eighth, so you’ll be doubled up on intensity. You aren’t interested in trivial facts. When you ask questions of your current love or someone you want to get to know better, you want 100 percent soulful honesty. Watch your use of sarcasm to mask your disappointment now.

An uplifting Mercury-Saturn sextile on October 14 clears your head and helps get you ready for some serious decision making. This energy can be especially useful in helping you unclutter a box filled with old mementos. Now that your mind is clear, you can logically sort through what you should keep and what it’s okay to finally let go of.

The stressful Mars-Saturn square on the twenty-seventh throws some unexpected news at you, and it wouldn’t be shocking to hear that you were caught totally off guard. You can’t always plan for romantic disruptions and disappointments, so lean on a friend for moral support if necessary.