Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Communication is a bit strained today, and you definitely run the risk of being misunderstood. It's not a good time to have that "talk" with your latest love interest. Keep everything light for the next few days, and later in the week you can tell them what's really going on.

It’s a beautiful week to dabble in the dating world or spend time with your social circle. On February 23, the moon in your eleventh house of community will trine Neptune in your seventh house of partnerships, spreading kindness and warmth across your interpersonal relationships. Who knows? You might just meet someone who knocks your socks off and makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

Passionate energy is swelling until it reaches a peak on February 24. Mars in your expansive ninth house will form a trine with Pluto in your romantic fifth house, pushing you to try something different in the bedroom and connect with your lover carnally. One thing’s for sure—if you want someone, you might feel like doing whatever it takes in order to make them yours. Your powers of persuasion are so strong, you better be careful with how you use them.

You might have trouble seeing your lover clearly by February 27. This is when the full moon in Virgo will rise, causing revelations about who you are and what’s going on with your life to rise to the surface. However, this full moon will also oppose Neptune, which might encourage you to see a lover as you want to see them, but not as they actually are. Focus on the facts.

When romantic Venus partners with unpredictable Aquarius on February 1, you have three weeks of excitement to look forward to. As a steady earth sign, you do tend to like your routines, but love-related shake-ups can be a good thing, Virgo. Be open to new possibilities and suggestions.

The tenth brings a Mercury-Mars square that causes communication issues, especially if you insist on having your own way. If you find yourself arguing with a current or potential partner who also likes to take control of the situation and have the last word, your conversation might not end well. If neither of you is open to compromise, you’ll have to agree to disagree.

Honest thoughts and true feelings are hard to keep secret during the Mercury-Venus conjunction on February 13, and why would you want to anyway? It’s best to get it all out there now and deal with the consequences later.

The full moon is in your critical sign on the twenty-seventh, so you might not be able to hold back any negative comments. Of course, in your mind what you have to say is constructive, but look at it from someone else’s perspective. During this matter-of-fact lunation, it’s easy to accidentally hurt your partner’s feelings or dash an admirer’s hopes.