Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Forget about your "type" or what you "usually" do when it comes to love. For right now, abandon those old habits. Try something new instead. You might like it so much that you make it a new habit.

A philosophical approach to romance is highly fruitful as the week begins. Look at things in context rather than in isolation. By Tuesday (and through the middle of the week), your logical side is in control, but remember when you're voicing your thoughts that the listener may be more emotional. Gentle, now! Friday and Saturday look super, with the possibility of a sweet stolen moment with a certain someone. Keep your plans for Sunday loose. There's lots happening, and something spectacular could suddenly come up.

Your love communications are direct and practical when Mercury is in your earthy sign to start the month, but when the informative planet moves into poised and gracious Libra on September 5, things take a more romantic turn. Libra is in love with love, and your words and language change (even if slightly) to reflect that.

The new moon in your practical sign on the seventeenth reminds you that it might be time to tidy up some of the romantic messes that have gotten out of control lately. You aren’t in the mood for clutter now either, making this a good time to return some clothes an ex left at your place or delete a bunch of photos that no longer have special meaning.

The sun enters Libra on September 22, and it’s also the official beginning of fall, also known as the fall equinox. Things should start feeling a lot more balanced now, which is welcome if your life has lacked equilibrium lately. Obtaining harmony between your love life and the rest of your daily priorities takes work, but it’s so worth it.

Communication becomes intense as Mercury enters determined Scorpio on the twenty-seventh, but controlling negative emotions like jealousy and mistrust might be difficult. Jumping to conclusions without letting the other person tell their side of things is a mistake.