Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Where others would abandon all hope, you dig in your heels. This dedication benefits you in all sorts of ways, but it's most useful when it comes to romance. You recognize a good thing when you see it, and if you meet a few obstacles, you're more than willing to ride them out.

Monday and Tuesday are probably all about getting work, or maybe financial matters, organized. If you're stressed, be sure you don't take it out on your honey or your friends. By the middle of the week, you should have stuff squared away and be ready for a little romance – and it's ready for you, if your remarkable compatibility with someone is any indication. Talk about clicking! A little tandem soul-searching can also happen, making for lots of bonding. Watch what you say this weekend, though; it may seem logical to you, but someone else could be mystified.

Nothing is routine when it comes to love in November. Uranus retrograde enters aggressive Aries on November 6, challenging you to take a much more forward approach to love than usual. If you’ve been comfortably passive lately, step up your game.

Sexually driven Mars forms a sextile with progressive Uranus retrograde on the fifteenth, so romance becomes somewhat more adventurous and experimental. Virgos with partners will want to chat about various romantic options, while single Virgos should try out new pickup lines to see what works (and what doesn’t). This is a very “if you don’t try, you won’t succeed” transit, so step outside your comfort zone and see what happens.

When the full Gemini moon on November 22 makes you chattier than usual, flirting works in your favor. So does talking things out with an ex. The full moon is the perfect time to get closure on one thing so you can move forward with another.

Struggling Mercury retrograde forms a conjunction with thoughtful Jupiter in Sagittarius on the twenty-seventh, so expressing yourself and your feelings is even more difficult than usual. Try putting an intellectual spin on things instead of an emotional one. Sometimes your brain understands things your heart can’t process.