Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Work doesn't have to be a romantic dead zone, and the odds are quite good that you meet someone through your job today. Look your best and offer everyone the sparkling treatment your best clients get!

Overcome a little romantic tension on Monday. The loosening up sets the tone for the whole week – for instance, from Tuesday through Thursday, when possibilities are opening up all over the place in the love department. Make a date with your sweetie if you've got one, and if you're shopping around, now's the time to try speed dating (it's so efficient that it's got to appeal to you!). Keeping that open mind about all sorts of new intellectual ideas from Friday through the weekend gives you an undeniable spark – one that others find hopelessly sexy.

Virgo Mercury leads you to some interesting places this month. The sextile between your power planet and Venus on September 3 boosts your charm factor, makes you flirtier than usual, and makes it easy for you to get what you want.

You may hear some unexpected gossip during the Venus-Uranus retrograde opposition on the twelfth, and you don’t always do very well with surprises. Maybe it’s best not to respond (or try to defend yourself) until you’ve had more time to digest it.

And just when you could use a little more luck in your life, Jupiter comes through with a sextile to communicative Mercury on September 16. Your brain can focus easily during this transit, helping you process events in your love life quickly and accurately (and leaving behind the guesswork).

Your confidence in how you express yourself gets a boost during the Mars-Mercury trine on the twenty-third, making this a great time to get something off your chest. Saying exactly what’s on your mind can help clear the air with a partner or secret crush, especially if you must defend yourself verbally.