Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

You might feel like doing nothing at all, but your energy exchange can be amazing – even shocking – now. Even if you simply ring up an old pal or chat online with a new hottie, make sure you get in touch.

You love to be busy, but you're so busy on Monday that you can't get a good look at anything. Maybe, instead of being so dogged and driven, you should go for a more relaxed approach – be flexible and curious. Tuesday and Wednesday see you settling into a more sensible pace. You have time to notice the birds chirping on high branches. Romance is not necessarily in the stars right now, but toward the end of the week you'll make a major purchase with someone else. Over the weekend, you two will have lots to discuss, so listen like crazy.

There’s a forceful Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5 that can help you express your feelings if you’re willing to take a laid-back approach. You want to act instinctively, but remaining poised and patient will pay off.

A square between Mercury and Jupiter retrograde on the ninth makes it difficult to focus, and your attention may be drawn away from important romantic matters (if only temporarily). If you have someone in your life, he or she won’t like your inattention to detail. And single Virgos trying to make a good first impression could find it difficult if your eyes are constantly scanning the room for other attractive singles. This scattered behavior isn’t like you, but you might not get another chance to show who you really are.

The moon spends time in your logical sign on July 15 and July 16, so your emotions aren’t easily detectable. You consider matters of the heart to be serious in nature, and anyone you spend significant time around will have to accept that.

The sun-Uranus square on the twenty-fifth injects a sense of uncertainty, and you have no choice but to navigate spontaneous events as best you can. Bravely take the next step even if you feel unbalanced and on edge.