Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

You need to take a risk, though you may have to force yourself to do so. Start out small, like wearing an outfit that really stands out, or chatting up a cute stranger. Make sure to keep working your way up to bigger and better challenges!

Romantic matters should come first and foremost on Monday and Tuesday – just because it's not the weekend anymore doesn't mean you can't flirt like mad or go on a hot date. Blame it on the stars! Your usual way of looking at matters of the heart may get a much-needed shakeup midweek. It could be unsettling at first but keep an open mind (and heart). Relationships are where it's at from Friday through the weekend, but 'it' could be anything and everything – positive, negative or just plain mysterious. Don't forget that your attitude plays a key role.

Your power planet Mercury is retrograde as it moves into Scorpio’s emotional space on December 1, making you evaluate past choices and question your romantic decisions. The more you examine things under Scorpio’s intense energy, the more you might regret, but you can’t change the past.

Most of your major communication worries should be over around the time Mercury leaves retrograde on the sixth, but its shadow period still puts certain things in question. Be vigilant about following up on texts and DMs because electronic methods of communication still aren’t foolproof.

You get some odd yet interesting romantic ideas under the eccentric Aquarius moon from December 10 to December 12, but you might not have the nerve to turn your thoughts into actions. Will you break free from your routine and finally make your move? Go for it, Virgo!

A dreamy Venus-Neptune trine on the twenty-first highlights romance and tenderness, two things with which you aren’t always very comfortable. You have a compassionate side - it just doesn’t always show. You do choose a good cuddle over a passionate encounter right now, though.

However, it’s a totally different story when passionate Mars powers into aggressive Aries on December 31. Your confidence is unrivaled!