Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

There is no routine set in stone yet, and yet you already have certain expectations for the rhythm of your days. The only thing you can predict is how much you spend because you control your own wallet. Everything else is still up in the air.

You've got logical matters down cold as the week begins, but your communication skills could use a little honing. The best way to make sure your message is getting across is to ask to have it repeated back to you. After midday Wednesday, think teamwork. Rather than you carrying the weight for the less organized in the group, you should all find a way to complement one another's skill sets and make great progress. This weekend, keep your plans and your attitude flexible when it comes to working. Pitching in at the last minute may be a pain, but it'll net you unanticipated rewards.

Risk-taking or effectiveness. Which? You always possess the latter. The former means something more when the time is right for taking strategic gambles. On January 3, the trine between Mercury and imaginative Uranus stimulates quick thinking and lots of ideas. The next day, Capricorn Mercury adds even more organization to your thinking and is an opportunity to focus on anticipating problems (be prepared for them early on).

On the eighth, ruling Mercury aspects courageous Mars. Loosen up and share those thoughts. Flaunt your knowledge.

January 20 is a supermoon lunar eclipse that reveals where the future lies, and it isn’t in someone else’s hands. Can you say “strategic risk” now?

On the twenty-third, to your amazement, Mercury squares surprising Uranus and then begins an Aquarius transit, telling you there IS something better around the corner. It’s also a lucky day to schedule meetings. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

On January 29, the Aquarius sun conjoins Mercury in your routine and co-worker sector, and cooperation is the foundation for success in the next four days. Your sincerity inspires others to work with you. Saturn and Neptune refine receptors on the month’s last day, keeping you sensitive to others’ vibes well into next month.