Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Whether you have a good or a bad day is unfortunately out of your hands. But how you respond to the events on the horizon makes a big difference in your future. Do your best to keep yourself positive even if things look dire. Your bottom line will eventually thank you for it.

You're so super-organized as the week begins, you can beat deadlines, get ahead of schedule and still have time left over to help out colleagues. This kind of performance gets noticed. If you're in charge of purchasing any equipment on Wednesday or Thursday, be sure you do your usual round of research – reading reviews, asking around and so forth. You'll want to reassess your goals, both in your current position and in terms of your overall career, at the end of the week. Perfection's a nice idea, but set some achievable benchmarks and be realistic.

Spring brings new challenges and opportunities that make your life satisfying. A focus on partnership starts the month on March 1 as the Aquarius transit of Venus brings good fortune when you work in concert with others. The air is lighter and the skies are brighter thanks to the planet of love (and money).

On the fifth, Mercury turns retrograde (through the twenty-eighth) in Pisces and your partnership sign. If you’ve ever wished you could just go back and undo it, get ready because you can now.

On March 6, Uranus is a game changer in Taurus and your sign of expansion and wisdom. The planet adores freedom, and for the next seven years you resonate with the energy. It is independence just a bit beyond your comfort zone. The surprise is that you cope and learn to enjoy it.

Determined Mars trines patient, rock-solid Saturn on the fourteenth, so give yourself a little authority and do it your way (four-day advantage, whatever “it” is).

March 19 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. The moment is most auspicious for scheduling interviews and meetings to gain backing. Luck is yours for the asking - but you have to ask!

On the thirtieth, Mars starts a transit in your career house. Go alpha next month.