Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

If you ever wanted to be an Olympic diver, now's your chance. Sort of. You get to dive into an issue suddenly, deeply and gracefully. Taking the initial plunge is just the beginning of the adventure.

You spent last week getting all your ducks in a row. Now, at the beginning of the week, you're ready to cross the street. Think of your end goal as a pond. There are a number of ways to get there, and the fastest route isn't always the best. In the middle of the week, you'll be getting advice from all sides. Be experimental rather than rigid in your ways. But don't exactly throw caution to the wind. Your systems might need some updating, but your values haven't changed. The lesson on Friday is: Everyone moves at their own pace. You could stand to slow down a bit. Enjoy the journey.

Don’t stand still. Don’t look back. Look forward in September. On September 3, present your ideas when a sextile between ruling Mercury and fortunate Venus encourages others’ receptivity. Two days later, your ruler Mercury begins transiting Virgo, synchronous when it comes to thinking of ways to make an impact.

Planets shake things up on the seventh. Messenger Mercury trines authority figure Saturn and Uranus, planet of change, while the sun opposes Neptune in your house of partnerships. Extraordinary things could happen in the next four days. Fortunately, the eighth is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Sunday is also a lucky day, and you’re highly attuned to the new Virgo moon, a phase to enthusiastically and optimistically begin something new. The theme is “nothing halfway” with beneficial Venus now in Scorpio.

On September 11, the sun sextiles generous Jupiter and trines powerful Pluto, and the trio signal four days in which you can take advantage of the opportunities that are offered.

On the twentieth, the sun and your ruler Mercury conjoin in Virgo for some especially effective communication. On September 27, the sun trines future-oriented Aquarius Mars to accent cooperation, a hint of its importance next month.