Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Your quick reasoning has saved you, and it could help others, too. You don't have to be a super hero to have a profound effect on the world. All it takes in your case is more cold logic.

The week begins on a great note. Everything is happening the way it should be and your desk is tidy. You are at the top of your game when you're organized. Put that momentum into starting a new project. The next couple of days see you splashing out in unusual ways, taking more risks than you usually do and connecting with coworkers on an unusually deep level. It's a pleasure to be in your shoes. And to get to have the kinds of conversations you're going to have on Thursday and Friday. The professional world is clearly yours for the taking. You'll spend the weekend thinking about work too.

Reveal talents and reap rewards in July. Take the opportunity to put your skills to the greatest possible use. Synchronously, on July 5, the sun trines fortunate Jupiter with the former in your sector of hopes and dreams and the latter with a focus on what to do about them. The next four days are exceptional. (Look beyond what’s near.) You’ve seen the goodies of July 5, and on July 10, generous Jupiter turns direct, also nudging you in the right direction.

You find change in unexpected places on the eleventh, when supportive Venus trines Uranus (planet of windfalls). The solar eclipse the next day emphasizes friends, associates, and helpers who are on your side, especially in the next 30 days.

Sunday, July 15, is a lucky day to search if job hunting. Send out resumes and schedule interviews and meetings on Monday, another lucky day.

On the twenty-fifth, Mercury turns retrograde in your sector where you seek finer meaning. Listen to inner voices whispering the wisdom of how to transcend limitations. They are important now. They tie into the lunar eclipse on the twenty-seventh highlighting memorable career events taking place that show you a right direction.

Next month, you have influence over co-workers and immediate supervisors.