Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Things are starting to gel. You can see now just how far your efforts have gotten you, and what you need to do to continue making progress. Staying organized and on point is your biggest challenge.

If you're single, well, Monday is your day. Unexpectedly, through work, you'll meet someone who makes your heart skip a beat. If you're already taken, romance still figures strongly. Professional ambition is a driving force right now. You're constantly trying to strike new deals. Take things to the next step. Broaden horizons. It's hard to get anywhere at all when your desk is a wreck, though. Find a new system for organizing yourself later in the week. And, while you're at it, recognize that everyone has a different work style and moves at a different pace. Not everyone is on a roll like you are.

Gather people together when cooperation is not only easy but also important in October. You begin the month on October 2 with Mercury squaring Pluto, forcing changes. This transit is key as far as courting cooperation, something that works better and is more beneficial than competing.

The evening of the fifth and Saturday the sixth are lucky times with the moon in Virgo. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Tentatively schedule meetings under good vibes.

On October 9, get in touch and strengthen bonds during Mercury’s transit in Scorpio and your communication sector. Make new and sudden connections when the planet aspects unpredictable Uranus. Don’t be surprised if some of your new associations are in higher places and have more clout than you think. Wisdom is in getting wired into this communication network.

On the fifteenth, think twice and give simple and direct answers as Scorpio Mercury conjoins retrograde Venus. Once again say no with no regrets, and say it like you mean it.

On October 22, stealth research uncovers important information when Mercury sextiles probing Pluto.

Mercury is perceptive during a Sagittarius transit, starting the thirtieth. The next day, retrograde Venus attracts you back to something you missed and need to know to avoid being led off track next month.